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Mike South: “Xbiz spineless, gutless, chickenshit mother fuckers”

> Euphoria writes on ADT: Ever wanted to be more involved in the movies and not just watching them? Now you can be investing in Euphoria the new adult production and distribution company from Europe.

You can now get your shares in Euphoria XXX on Ebay at Ebay Euphoria Be part of it and always enjoy the feeling!

>pornlaw responds: This is actually a violation of the Securities and Exchange Commission rules. Gotta be a US registered company to sell stock here in the US, Michael,

> Mike South writes on Hymes and XBiz proudly announced last night that they would be giving us the “priviledge” of letting us find out exactly how ICM Registry and Stuart Lawley plan to fuck us, not IF but WHEN, .XXX passes.

Thats right XBiz is throwing in the towel and almost sounding like they now support the .XXX Top Level Domain.

Tom and XBiz I am going to call you out right here and now. You are spineless, gutless, chickenshit mother fuckers. If you really wanted to do something for this industry you would have Stuart Lawley stand up and face us at the “XBiz (Sold to the highest bidder) Awards” and make him explain why he keeps trying to ram this down everyones throat when we have made it very clear that we do not want it. (I will give you the truth it’s money)

Cock Roach Lawley tried to buy the FSC and he almost succeeded…the price 8 dollars per domain sold in exchange for the FSC’s support. Fortuneatly Bill Lyon saw it for what it was an blocked it, even though ICMR had bought enough memberships to rig the vote.

So tell us Tom Hymes, How much did ICMR and Stuart Lawley pay YOU to sell us out.

Mother Fucker.

> McKenzie Lee writes on MySpace: life has been a little crazy lately,christopher and i moved state to a new house… that took a while to get oganised again……. and we are still trying to get there….

so as you guys know im currently 32 weeks pregnant (8 months) and we are super excited waiting for the arrival of our little girl….. pregnancy is actually alot harder than it looks….. especially when you can’t see yout feet anymore when you stand up right…lol…….. apart from that everythings going great,she moves around all the time…..i tell christopher she’s gonna be the captin of a cheerleading team one day…….

christopher has been great he’s sooooooooooooooooo excited to be a dad,he talk’s to my belly more than he talks to me…….im very lucky he’s super involved goes to every doctors appointment and wants to video record nearly every moment…….yeah she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl……our little girl’s name is gonna be Tessa Isabella,daddy’s choice!!!! he’s into italian name’s…… he actually thought of this name from the get go and then as the pregnancy got further along Tessa Isabella just stuck….. it just seem’s right!! im a very lucky girl to have christopher and i love him with all my heart….

we have been looking for a photographer to take some pregnancy nude black and whites so hopefully we will have some pics to post soon…

so that’s about that for now…im just going day to day…..bump’s getting bigger,im in love and happy!!!

Hope everyone’s well and happy : )

> Fayner Posts on “Jason Bateman Jerks Off to Barrett Blade-directed scene”. That’s right! In the new movie Smokin’ Aces, Jason is spankin’ his meat to Finders Keepers, a movie Barrett directed for Adult Source Media a few years back. In the trailer we see Jason pause the flick on Keri Sable’s ass (above pic) so some dudes can rough him up.

Very cool for Barrett, who despite not being nominated for his directing skills this year at the AVN awards obviously did something right if his work is featured in such a star-packed film such as this.

Way to go!


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