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Miss Nude Canada Day 4 or 2

Toronto, ON, Canada – Tony Batman, reports:

The shows have been going on since Monday night and the last of the preliminary rounds was last night. Before we go to the club later tonight some of the girls will be cut, someone will not make the semi finals; some girl’s dream of becoming the next Miss Nude Canada will be gently crushed for a full year.

It sounds harsh and seems unfair since all of the girls have performed great shows and done a great job all week long, but this is the life of competition the old adage of “If you can’t take the heat…Get out” applies very nicely. The girls know going in that they might not make it past the first round, but that does not stop the tears from falling down their faces. I am only glad that I am not the one who has to tell them they did not make it; I would not want that job.

Last night was night four for the pageant and night two for me at the popular Canadian strip club the Whisky Go-Go, We were a bit more organized on this night and DJ Ed was hurrying around before the start of the show drawing graphs and writing notes on our schedules that Chris the owner of the pageant had printed out for us. “I’m and organizational freak” Ed tell us I kind of envy and feel bad for him at the same time. I wish I was that organized like that but after all these years it’s just not to be for me. I will just get married again once I need that kind of boxed calm.

DJ Dave and I were the guys on the floor, the ground troops if you will, with DJ Ed up in the sky box controlling everything that happened. The crowd was good for it being so early when we got to the club and we had the feeling it was going to be a pretty good night for the club and the Miss Nude Canada Pageant.

Instantly noticeable besides all of the beautiful girls that work at the Whisky Go-Go was the set of bartenders that they have amassed at the club. I don’t think you could travel the world and find an equally sexy set of barmaids in one club. I bet your already guessing that they took care of me very well all night and oh by the way, Canadian beer, much stronger than the beer in the United States.

Before we are to go out on stage and get the show going with the beginning walk of the contestants, I am in the back area talking with the man who owns the Crazy Horse in Australia, they run the Miss Nude Australia as well, I would love to host that one just one time, seems like a bunch of fun and their girls are incredible.

We are talking and one of the contestants comes up and starts telling a story about fetish and bondage, her name is Kaos and she fits her name to a T, anyway I am only half listening and I hear something about sacrificial chickens and pentagrams and I begin to wonder if I belong in another country where I could just disappear. I am sure I heard just half the story there and Kaos seemed to be a really nice girl, I still think she needs a last name though.

After the opening walk it was time for the strip off again just like yesterday and then we went right in to the big elaborate shows. If you like to watch stage production people set up shows and clean up afterwards then this was your night. We did everything possible to kill time in between the set ups and the clean ups on the stage.

We had three couples at the stage that we picked on, flirted with, all night long. It seemed like it was girl on girl night at the Whisky Go-Go and we were not complaining at all. The red head and blonde haired couple were smoking hot and even after us putting them on the spot, flashing the lights on them and saying everything possible to make them submit to us, they still had a good time and even talked to us in person, Amazing the power of words broadcast over a PA system.

Love Lee was the first girl to hit the stage and after setting up a farm full of props she came out and just kicked ass, Love is a little petite, under 5 foot tall beauty that you just have to love. She came out and did some rolling around in the hay and everyone seemed to like it a lot. I was just looking at hot she was for such a petite little girl.

Kaos came on stage next and rocked out the house, she is a nice girl and I think she did well.

Ashley Tyler went on next, I just can’t get over how absolutely beautiful she is. I liked her show and hope she makes it to the next round; I think she is a good fit for the pageant. She just has that look.

Cali N Taya which I am presuming means fiesta, came out with a slower show and really captured the crowd with her sexy performance. I liked it a lot I am almost sure she made it even though I don’t see the scores. I just have a feeling she did well.

Katia Klein did a great show as well; all of the girls really put a lot of thought and work into their shows.

Sandra Katz made the biggest mess I have ever seen on stage, snow machines, confetti, bubbles, water, colors, she threw everything out there.
Ice Devine came next, I have nicknamed her booty girl because you just can’t stop staring at her ass when looking at her. Maybe it’s just me but my goodness she has a nice bum on her.

I took liberty with my drink tickets from the management at the Whisky Go-Go club, and it seemed to work, I had a great time running around and talking smack all night long. My friend Tom came in and hung out with me most of the night, he lives in the area but I met him at last years AVN show in Las Vegas. That’s the great part about traveling the world hosting events. You get to meet some fun people and make some great friends in almost every city. On the way back to the hotel I got my first shot at Tim Horton’s. It’s a must stop whenever your in Canada at least that’s what all the locals tell me.


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