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Monica Mayhem Visits KSEX

Porn Valley- Cherry Boxxx Pictures superstar and Australian hottie Monica Mayhem is in Seattle, Washington today, Friday and Saturday July 8th, 9th and 10. She appears at the Deja Vu, 1510 1st Ave.. For show times and more info, please call: 206 342 9160.

Meanwhile, Mayhem, was a guest of Selena Silver, on KSEX, Wednesday night.

Mayhem just got back from Australia where she was visiting friends and family. Mayhem said she was also in Tasmania for two days but was out of there quickly. Mayhem said her mother for some strange reason decided to move there from Brisbane. To put that in perspective, Silver explained that it was like moving from Miami to Canada.

“Canada populated by people from Mississippi,” Kent Silver added. “That’s quite a strange move.” Kent also contributed the bon mot that a virgin in Tasmania was someone who was faster than her brother.

Mayhem who also has the website, reported that she just upgraded for the tenth time.

“I know that there’s a lot of frustrated fans who lost interest because I’ve been promising big things. Now it’s finally come on and I’ve finally got a good company- I hope. Everything seems to be going well so far.”

Mayhem said someone coming on to her site will find everything they want. “They’ll get videos, stills- like you’ve never seen before; exclusive pictures. You get behind-the-scenes, schedules, diary, wall paper, video-on-demand, anything you want.” Mayhem said she’s been all over the country dancing, and she’ll also be in Sacramento, Colorado Springs and Honolulu. Besides that, Mayhem said she wants to start shooting again, too. “I miss that.”

Selena noted that Mayhem didn’t start out simply as a stripper then make a transition into the adult business. After another occupation which Mayhem described as about seven years of hell, she quit and started dancing in the Spearmint Rhino in London. “Two months later I met one of the owners who’s an American. We got drunk and I dared him to take me back to the states. He did and I never looked back.”

Selena was of the opinion that all the best decisions [and worst] in life happen over drinks.

Meanwhile, Kent Silver was advancing the proposition that Australian porn girls were much different than their American counterparts. For instance, Silver notes that Jodie Moore has three times for political office in her country. Mayhem worked in the financial market in futures for Smith Barney. Selena Silver, with a Marine science degree, was doing dolphin research. Mayhem was inclined to agree that there might be a few brains coming out of Australia. “But there are some smart girls here, too,” she was quick to point out.

It was also pointed out by Kent Silver that Jodie Moore has retired from the business. “She didn’t announce it,” Kent said. “Selena called the Moores when we were going to do this show to ask Jodie to come on the show. They said when the HIV-thing happened they quit.” Another two Australian girls, Elizabeth Lawrence and Sarah Jordan, according to Kent Silver have also disappeared from the scene. We think they’ve quit.” Mayhem speculated that they may have been deported like Bobbi Barrington.

Kent Silver asked aloud who the Australian girl was that got caught by immigration in Mexico. Mayhem said it was Barrington. “She had Polaroids from Mexico.” It was Mayhem’s opinion that when you’re a foreigner travelling in and out of countries you leave your stilettos and Polaroids behind. Kent Silver said he heard that customs found incriminating evidence in Barrington’s bags. Kent Silver also pointed out that Selena did the safe thing by marrying an American. Mayhem said she did that, too. “But now we’re divorced.” Mayhem alluded to some issues which need to be worked out in the courts.

It was pointed out that Mayhem was the all-time Australian leader in the number of porn movies shot with nearly 200, Jodie Moore being second and Selena Silver being third.


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