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More About Brittany Andrews’s Role as a Mainstream Movie Producer

from – Adult film actress Brittany Andrews has tried her hand (and maybe some of her other body parts, too) at more aspects of the film industry than she gets credit for.

She began as a stripper, but soon rose in the ranks to become one of the porn industry’s most famous starlets. Now, the bombshell entrepreneur owns both adult film company Britco and mainstream film production company Discipline Filmworks.

In a recent phone conversation, she talked to us about Discipline’s new film, Crumble, opening this weekend at the New York Film & Video Festival at the Village East Cinema, her upcoming reality show and, to the delight of teenage boys everywhere, her comeback to the porn industry.

New York Press: Why did you opt to produce Crumble?

Brittany Andrews: I fell in love with the script. When we were casting for another film, I was reading the script and just couldn’t stop. The director is fabulous, really a force to be reckoned with and puts 110% of herself into it. We were filming a scene in Brooklyn at some bike shop, and the director is eight and a half months pregnant and at one point she was so exhausted that I finally said, ‘I’m the producer, damnit, and you’re taking a nap!’ She worked so hard. I loved having the opportunity to work with her.

The press release said you were drawn to the film by its strong statement about empowerment of women and exploitation of their sexuality. Do you feel like the adult film industry is empowering, or does it exploit women?

Andrews: I believe there are both. For 16 years, I had multiple companies, and owned and managed everything myself. I had the opportunity to do that because of the industry, and there’s content that is made that I do believe is empowering. However, I do feel there are other types of content that are humiliating, which I don’t particularly care for myself. There’s this other portion that’s very degrading and unfortunately quite popular.

When you read the script, did you have any desire to play the role of Lorna?

Andrews: I’ve never wanted to play any role. I started producing at 22 and really took to the business side of things. It’s an inside joke with my family and friends; they say ‘You just pretend to be a porn star so you can be involved in the other aspects of business!’ I didn’t want to be in Crumble at all, but I got looped in because some girl got sick and I couldn’t find a replacement, so I was in it for a small amount of time on the camera. In my two seconds onscreen, I’ve got someone snorting cocaine off my breast, and that was enough for me.

What kind of films is Discipline Filmworks looking to make?

Andrews: It’s kind of whatever my gut is telling me. The films run the gamut. I’m hoping the different projects will reflect the different aspects of my personality. Discipline’s next film is called Blindfold, about a father and daughter coping after the mother dies in 9/11. It’s a lot different than Crumble.

They’re a lot different, but they both take place in New York. Do you plan to continue using New York as a backdrop, or will you move to a different locale?

Andrews: I lived in L.A. for a long time, and owned a huge studio there for 10 years. But I was feeling very uninspired in L.A., and I felt that moving here has, as an artist, really added character and depth to the projects I’m drawn to doing. Everything I’m doing has a New York feel—I like the grit, the style and energy of the city. And it’s also really fun. I recently shot a reality show pilot called True Cougar Life, which is shot gorilla style, and New York was such a part of that. I’ve been here for two and a half years, and I definitely haven’t gotten enough of it. I’ve only gotten a taste of it and I want to keep developing the way I bring that into films.

Do you plan to stay retired in the adult film industry?

Andrews: I just recently unretired! I did my first movie coming back in front of the camera, where I play Samantha in Sex and the City: A XXX Parody. It’s sticking with the New York theme, I guess. Basically, when I left the business, I was bored to death and I really needed to challenge myself and do something new. I didn’t leave because I had some bad experience or because I became a Christian and then hated the industry. I just needed to grow. Once I got comfortable doing these mainstream films, I was ready to say, “okay, where are the latex and stilettos?!”

> Crumble premieres July 24, Village East Cinema, 181 2nd Avenue, 212-529-6799; 6:10, $12.


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