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Newcomer Nikki Adams

Porn Valley- Newcomer Nikki Adams was welcomed to KSEX, Friday night. Adams is repped by a new agency, Monach Models, which does adult and mainstream work. Adams has been with the agency two weeks but says she’s done adult work prior to that – webcam shows for about a year. Wankus mentioned the possibility of interacting with weirdos that way and Adams is all for it. “Something to push the limit,” she said. Adams said she’d been on shift 8 hours at a studio. But when it came to giving plugs to her former employer, Adams took a pass.

Adams said many of her requests involved strip tease or talking dirty. “Or people would make requests for certain kinds of toys. You’d go in with different looks and tell them what you were doing nexy. Every hour, half hour you’d mix it up and start over fresh, new. But Adams also mentioned that the pay was not good. Wankus noted that his girlfriend Daisy used to work for and would make bank with them. “There were nights where she’d make a couple of grand.” Wankus said it was something like $3.99 a minute and the girls would get to keep 60%. Adams said where she was they didn’t get commissions.

Adams, who just started in the video end of the business, mentioned she had just shot a boy-girl scene with someone named Dirty Harry. With her being new, Wankus assumed that Adams hasn’t had a back experience yet but urged her to call him when she does. “You will,” he leered. “There will be some scenes where you call up you agent- look, I’m not going to work with him again- ever.” Wankus suspected that as long as Adams’ agency is in the loop she’ll be fine. “Sometimes the rules change when you get there. But if Monarch stands up for you it’s all good.”

Adams, 20. was asked if she liked girls or if she was gay-for-pay. She said she was into girls in her personal life. For the time being, Adams said she was playing things by ear and was giving consideration to a website but hasn’t taken steps in that direction. Wankus urged her to get one, if for nothing else, an opportunity to chat or communicate with her fans. “Fans love that.”

Adams, from San Diego, was born and raised a Mormon. Wankus assumed that to mean Adams’ mother doesn’t know about her career. Adams said he assumed correctly and guessed that her parents would freak out to know. Asked how she got to LA and porn, Adams said it was a rebellion against Mormon culture where here was always a church to go to. But, byu the same token being very horny, Adams felt she needed to make a break. “You’re hanging around Mormons, people don’t talk about it [sex].” Wankus noted that the same conditions prevailed for co-ho Katie Morgan whose family is super religious.

“The only reason that they don’t know what she does is they think the TV is the devil and there’s no TV, computers- nothing like that.”

Adams said it was pretty much the same for her- that there was no cable in the house and they weren’t allowed to watch TV except for news. Wankus also pointed out that restrictions like that generally prompt people to take it to the next level. “Do porn.” Adams said when you discover other things. “That it’s normal and it’s okay to express what you like.” For her part, Adams said she enjoys raw fucking and could do it all day long. Wankus said under those conditions he could do the warmup then turn to ESPN while someone else finished Adams off.

Adams said she does anal in her personal life but hasn’t tried it on video yet. Returning to the parents isue, Adams suspected that her folds would categorically disown her if they found out about her career. “I’m married, too.” Wankus asked if that was for convenience or to get someone in the country. “We totally wanted to get maried,” he said. “We moved in together and they told me they would disown me if I was living with him and no married.” Adams said neither does her husband know what she does.Morgan asked Adams what happens when she goes to work and comes home smelling funny. “How do you explain that?” Adams said he thinks she does nude modeling. According to Adams, her husband isn’t Mormon but his family is.

“It worked out well with my family because they think we’re into that and being a good little Mormon couple.” Wankus asked what would happen if Adams’ husband were a KSEX listener. Adams said she knows her husband. “He thinks he knows you!” Wankus roared in response. “Good point,” said Adams, announcing that she loved her husband. Wankus didn’t think there was much of a difference between nude modeling and getting it on for a living. Adams pointed out with one there’s a physicality involved and the thought that someone might be pleasuring you more.

“But half the time you’re faking your orgasm,” Wankus noted. “But sometimes you work with the right person- it’s actually kind of fun but i’s not like you go home dreaming about him. At least for the most part.” In any event, Wankus suggested that Adams tell her husband before he finds out for himself. “When he finds out, it’s ugly.” Morgan suggested that Adams bring it up as if it were a new idea and see if he agrees. Adams said she tried it. “He’s really pised off when I bring it up. But he loves the idea of me being with girls.” Adams said that also extended to film. So Wankus suggested that Adams tell him she did a girl-girl porn and break him in that way. “Let him fuck you while watching it- get him in a zone. Then tell him I can make more money, honey, with penis. At that point you got to hit home- who’s paying the rent.”

Wankus asked if it bothered her to be looking at some other guy’s face while she’s getting railed. “I get into it but it’s almost like work for me,” Adams replied. “It’s different kind of fucking when I go home to him.” Adams was also asked if she was worried about bringing something home in the way of an STD. “You’re tested but it does happen. You will come home wih omething an he’s going to have to ask you where you got it.”

Adams was asked if she were freaky growing up and blowing guys in a rectory basement. “I as very shy,” she answered. “It wasn’t until high school that I started fucking guys like crazy and stuff.” Adams was 14 when she first had sex an 16 when she first swallowed. Wankus asked if she enjoyed it or did it mke her sick. Adams said it depends on the guy. “A lot of guys taste different. If it tastes good, it’s good. But if it’s bad I gag.” Adams’ first time with a girl was when she was 18.

“It started with me and a bunch of friends ditching school,” Adams continued. “We were playing strip poker and after we were all naked, we were playing Truth and Dare and stuff after the guys left.” Adams said it was hard to say who made the first move. “Somebody started touching the other and the next thing you know you’re eating roast beef sandwiches,” Wankus ventured to say.


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