News From the Twitter World: Jessa Rhodes, Humanitarian: Shoot People with HIV

On August 23rd, 2013, Jessa Rhodes posted the following then took it down [I’m holding on to the screen capture for now, it’s quite precious]:

Jessa Rhodes XXX@JessaRhodesXXX: “Can’t we just shoot these HIV fuckers? They’re gonna die anyway. Seriously way to fuck it up for the people who do their job responsibly.”

Rhodes who is engaged to Barrett Blade [according to Wikipedia] has been tweeting Cameron Bay trying to get Bay to admit that she got HIV off set. I’m not sure of Blade’s status now but he was once married to Wicked contract girl Kirsten Price and worked for Wicked himself. Recently Blade and Rhodes had dinner with Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake. Given Rhodes’ feeling about HIV patients, I’m sure it wasn’t to talk about the AIDS Walk.


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