Jessa’s Got a Gun; Is The Next Bullet for John Stagliano?

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In a story that’s too bizarre to be believed, but true, porn performer Jessa Rhodes tweeted last month that HIV people should be shot and put out of their misery because they were going to die anyway.

With the Aerosmith tune Janie’s Got a Gun playing as accompaniment, Rob Black addressed the story and added a scenario in which Rhodes stabs John Stagliano in the neck with an ice pick.

“She’s the great Rhodes scholar,” said Black.

“When you talk about our business and responsibility and putting good steps forwards, we’re in the fight of our lives. If you’re not pro condom, you’re pro disease, pro HIV.

“When we’re trying to have an educated debate on this issue I look at a woman like Jessa Rhodes who’s running around on Twitter and you can’t make this up. She’s saying: “Can’t we just shoot these HIV fuckers? They’re gonna die anyway. Seriously way to fuck it up for the people who do their job responsibly.”

“That’s coming out of the Wicked camp. How’s that everybody? Look at her film resume and 70% of her work is with Wicked. She dates Barrett Blade and hangs out with Brad Armstrong.

“You have pro condoms and you have pro disease debates. I don’t even know what she is. Her entire money train is off a condom company, and she’s condemning people with HIV- oh it’s just Cameron Bay? So you have another girl telling another girl hey bitch I hope you die. I want to shoot you.

“Jessa Rhodes, while you’re at it, are you going to go to Evil Angel and put a bullet in John Stagliano’s head because we know he was being irresponsible fucking a tranny?

“Seriously, these are terroristic threats- she’s saying, hey, John Stagliano I’m going to shoot you; you’re going to die anyways. Jessa Rhodes, is John Stagliano put on that list because he lets a TS put their bloody penis in his rectum and John Stagliano performs in sex scenes with female talent and does not tell them he’s got HIV?

“Jessa Rhodes, when you are out with Barrett Blade and Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake doing the watch out- are you going to put John Stagliano out of his misery? Is that how it’s going to go?

“So Jessa Rhodes is waiting in the back seat of the Mercedes and Barrett Blade and Brad Armstrong go to see John at Evil Angel and Brad and Barrett go you’ve heard of Jessa Rhodes. Would you be interested in making her an Evil Angel Stretch Class contract girl? She wants to be the new, vivacious girl and take over the roles left by Brooklyn Lee.

“John is so excited. His penis is already erect. So John gets up very excited and Brad and Barrett are walking out with John talking about how beautiful Jessa is. Jessa is in the back seat of the car and John gets in the passenger seat and Brad gets in on the drivers seat and John turns to Jessa and introduces himself.

“They shake hands and John Stagliano says let’s go to lunch like I took Katie Summers to lunch and the next thing an ice pick goes right through John’s head, and Jessa says I wish they all could fucking die. She gets out of the car. Brad gets out of the car. They’re going we got to get rid of the body. They drive away. One dead HIV fucker down. Is that what’s going on, Jess?

“We all know now how Jessa Rhodes feels about people with HIV. They should die, they’re all dirty fuckers and should just go away. That’s someone with HIV. How about the HIV babies? They’re going to die anyway. What happens if you bump into her? Next thing you know their neck’s broke. Wow.

“Jessa Rhodes, it’s disturbing in a way and that makes people on the other side wonder exactly what kind of mind frame anybody in our business has when they talk about choice and responsibility and the fact that we can make all these choices about wearing condoms and seat belts and helmets and healthcare, you name it.

“You fucking name it, we as Americans every step of the way have laws. But our business says we can control ourselves better on the inside. We can’t even have real debate among performers because you have performers talking about people with HIV and they should die and we should shoot them. When somebody hears about a famous porn star saying what Jessa Rhodes is saying, you go WHAT?

“You’d think it was some low end Jim Camp flunky doing 15 load glory hole movies. One of them is saying these things, you’d think. And you find out it’s a Wicked girl, Jessa Rhodes who is married to the great Barrett Blade who directs for a condom company. She’s telling you to go out get a gun and kill HIV fuckers. That’s somebody that’s part of our debate? Really? Yeah.”


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