No More Swami Promo?

Adult FYI Editorial: It appears that the Sports Swami is stuck in the middle of the classic philosophical quandary- about the tree falling in the forest and no one being there to listen to it. Better yet, anyone being able to listen to it. And that’s the case for Swami’s host Cyberstation USA or Cameo Broadcasting or whoever the fuck these guys are. Way back when, it was easy enough to tune into the Swami on Fridays and hear him interview porn stars and digress in the same breath. It was a simple click on the Cyberstation USA icon and you were on. Nice and easy. Just the way KSEX makes their shows available for the home listener.

Keeping it simple, stupid is the basic tenet of the Web’s instant gratification ethos. But could Cyberstation/Cameo or whoever adhere to that? Of course not. They had to make it…well, involving. A couple of weeks ago, Cyberstation began making it necessary for you to have to download a lot of bullshit software. Then you could listen to the Swami but only at the risk of a hiccup that could knock you off the station with no clear way of getting back on. Then last week, Cyberstation started pulling the ol’ you got to register a password to get in. When I saw that, I said fuck this nonsense.

This week I spoke to the Swami and told him about it. He said the station’s been getting a lot of complaints but he was nice enough to give me what I assumed was a legitimate password and user name. Today I tried them and discovered they were invalid. That being the case, I took the time to register. And, what happened? Nothing. Figuring I had to reload the bullshit software, I did so- again. Nothing.

Now as much as we’d love to monitor Swami’s broadcasts for this site, the aggravation it requires compels us to pass along this exhausting byplay to you. Ironically, Swami also told me that Ann Marie got lost on her way to the station this week. That’s because she probably tried finding it on the Internet. And, until Cyberstation or Cameo or whoever starts becoming user friendly again, we’ll do what Ann Marie’s limo allegedly did- drive on.



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