Ode To Slap Happy Coffee Ron; Was Also The Go Fuck Yourself Guy

If you’ve been a fan of Extreme Associates, you’ve probably heard of Coffee Ron. He was a scary looking dude with a colorful past who took over the Slap Happy line for Brandon Iron aka Alek James Hidell and also created his own line called Go Fuck Yourself.

He had the menacing look of a shot caller in a prison gang, but underneath his tough demeanor was a teddy bear of a man with a big heart. Mind you, he was every bit as hardcore as he looked, but he was also a kind gentle soul who everybody liked.

He was briefly married to Gia Paloma when they were both at Extreme. In fact, the two produced a movie together called Domestic Disturbance. They were together when Ron’s house was raided by the LAPD because Ron was growing a little medical cannabis back in 2005. Gia and Ron divorced soon after and Gia went on to marry Tommy Pistol and have a couple kids.

Coffee Ron used to hang out with Griffin O’Neal, who was Ryan O’Neal’s son. Griff and Ryan had a troubled relationship, to say the least.

Sadly, Coffee Ron died of an overdose about a year ago. He was sober for many years and unfortunately fell off the wagon soon after he left Extreme. But the Coffee Ron legacy lives on with his work in Slap Happy and Go Fuck Yourself.

Enjoy these behind the scenes clips of the man they called Coffee Ron. A genuinely nice fella who just happened to look like a psycho killer.


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