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On America’s Most Wanted: Slain woman’s boyfriend recounts last hours

from – The boyfriend of Paula Sladewski said on Fox-TV’s “America’s Most Wanted” that the discovery of the former Garden City woman’s murdered and burned body in a trash bin in North Miami, Fla., on Jan. 3 was “the worst day of my life.”

Police investigating the disappearance of Paula Sladewski from outside Club Space and the discovery of her body some 14 hours later went onto the show seeking public help with the investigation into the homicide. Police initially focused their investigation on her boyfriend, Kevin Klym, but authorities report his explanation for his whereabouts seems to have checked out, said the show’s host, John Walsh. Klym and Sladewski are originally from the metro Detroit area.

Police said Sladewski — a 6-foot blonde who had appeared in a Playboy video — and Klym arrived at Club Space about 5:30 a.m. the day of the murder. Sladewski was on the dance floor and started dancing somewhat provocatively, drawing a circle of men, police said on the show. Klym apparently went over to get her off the dance floor and an argument ensued, police said.

Security escorted Klym out of the club around 7 a.m., police said. He told police he waited for a little while outside the club, then left in a cab.

“She was striking. She was the center of attention,” Klym said of Sladewski in general, adding that “she likes the attention.”

At some point, police said, security later escorted Sladewski out of the club. Her body was found later that day, severely burned in a trash bin.

A detective in charge of the investigation told “America’s Most Wanted” that “there was planning involved” in Sladewski’s murder.

Klym said on the show that when he was informed Sladewski was dead, he was “just in shock. I mean, I’m bawling.”

Klym has cooperated with authorities investigating the murder. “Of course, I don’t want to be thought of as a killer,” Klym said. “I know I’m not a killer.”

Police also have interviewed the bouncers and security employees at the club, and reviewed footage from 21 surveillance cameras there. Three security people who escorted her out early that morning said that was the last they saw of her.

Louis Puig, Club Space manager, said his employees have cooperated with police and been at their “beck and call 24/7.”

Police are investigating a tip from a witness who claims to have seen Sladewski outside the club with an unidentified man. The witness told police the man seemed to be having a friendly conversation with Sladewski and there was no force involved as the pair was last seen heading toward the parking lot.

Klym said Sladewski was the kind of woman who when she walked into a room “everybody turns their head. You mean you’re gonna tell me she walks out in broad daylight and nobody saw anything? C’mon.”

Police previously released an artist’s rendering of the man last seen talking to Sladewski and are hoping he will come forward for questioning. “America’s Most Wanted” also showed pictures of the distinctive designer dress Sladewski was wearing the day she was killed and of one of her earrings that was missing when she was found.

Walsh urged anyone with information about the case to call “America’s Most Wanted” at 1-800-Crime-TV.

“We gotta find out who murdered this beautiful woman,” Walsh said at the end of the segment.


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