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Sharon Mitchell Recounts Rape-Dope Episodes

Porn Valley- AIM’s Sharon Mitchell recounts the time she was raped, in a chapter from The Other Hollywood, the new porn book that came out this week. Mitchell says she was dancing at a titty bar that was run by some biker gang. There the bouncer would generally walk the dancers to their cars but on this occasion she had forgotten her “stash”.

“I was still using dope,” she says. Mitchell went back to the club to get it but declinded the offer by the bouncer to walk her back to her car. According to Mitchell, a guy yelled out at her in the parking lot asking if she wanted some money. “He thought I was a hooker. He knew my name and everything.”

Mitchell describes the guy as a wacko-crazed-fan and that he kept asking her if she wanted money. She told him no and drove away even though he put his foot out attempting to block her from doing so. Mitchell states that she then went to a 7-Eleven and that the guy followed her and approached her once again. Mitchell said all she could think about was getting home to get a shot of dope in her.

The guy apparently followed her back to her house, and attacked her from behind after she had parked her car in her garage. Mitchell says she fought the guy for fifteen minutes and that it was a real tussle. She tried to make enough noise to rouse neighbors to call the cops. It was about 3 am. Mitchell states that in the rape attempt, the guy strangled her and broke her larynx and nose. “Really fucked me up bad.”

The guy hit her again, according to Mitchell. She then passed out and woke up choking on her own blood. Mitchell thought she was going to die. “Then I thought, this is fucked up, man. After all the shit I’ve done, I ain’t going out because of this motherfucker.” In the struggle, says Mitchell, she was able to pick up a weight thinking if she hits the guy, fine. She conked her assailant on the head just as the cops showed up. “For once I was really happy to see them.”

Mitchell later offered testimony to discover that the guy had murdered two other guys. “He was a real serious nut. Just a bad, bad guy. A woman hater. Hated me. Told the cops that he was trying to kill me, but I was too hard to kill.”

According to Mitchell, the cops began giving her a hard time about the way she was dressed and one made the remark that she wasn’t in shock, she was a heroin addict, judging from her eyes. From the attack, Mitchell says she suffered posttraumatic shock and all that she could do was shoot dope and shoot coke. “I went nuts…I just sat there propped up against a couch in my house, with a gun and a bunch of dope.”

Mitchell said it was when she began dealing dope that an old boyfriend, just out of jail, called wanting to come over. She told him she couldn’t but he insisted and proceeds to OD in her bathroom. Mitchell’s first impulse was to get rid of the body by rolling him up in a rug and putting him in a dumpster. “They used to do that in shooting galleries in New York,” she states. “I had seen it more than once. And I was there, you know?”

Instead, Mitchell called 911 and attempted to revive the man in the meantime. The cops arrive and take the guy to the hospital to discover he had outstanding federal warrants. Then, according to Mitchell, he made a deal with them to turn her in for dealing. Mitchell’s arrested, taken to jail and borrows bail money from the Hell’s Angels. On the day she was scheduled to go to court her lawyer, who she doesn’t speak to well of, discovered that his girlfriend died and got all freaked out. At the courthouse, her lawyer advised her against coming into the courtroom, Mitchell noting that with this being her second strike, she was facing something like ten years.

That’s when she decided to play the flirt card with the D.A. who drops the case.


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