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Otto Bauer: I Hate to Sully Jules Jordan’s Name Through This Moron Roger T. Pipe

Porn Valley – After careful deliberation, Otto Bauer’s elected to enter porn’s equivalent of the steel cage. In a preface to an e-mail which he sent me this motning, Otto explains basically what gives.

“This is my first foray into the land of bloggers, ADT, XPT and all this,” Otto explains. “I guess about two years Roger T. Pipe,, reviewed this movie of mine called Triple Threat- the first one in a series of six. He didn’t like what we were doing. Like another movie back Stage Pass the whole movie was breaking down barriers and the camera was the viewer in all senses.

“And the editor was instructed not to cut, to leave everything in. The idea was the viewer was present with us in the making of the movie. We leave everything in there so the viewer hears things like, come on baby, you can get that extra finger in there. Girls rarely show up to the set ready to get a fist up their ass- you really kind of have to pull that out of them; and, usually we edit that pulling process. But in this movie we didn’t.”

“Roger didn’t like it and that’s fine,” Otto continues. “Some people like to see the smoke and mirrors. It’s a genre, it’s a thing and God knows I’m not saying I invented it.”

“And Roger’s saying he don’t like all this jabber jawing and all this guy [Otto] talking over the girl. And I forgot all about this, but Skeeter reminded me recently. Roger also added that the scene at the end, this boy-girl-girl scene I did with Selena Silver and Tiffany Holliday- we were simply fucking in Skeeter’s kitchen and there was a bar stool, why not fuck on it? Well, Roger T. Pipe claims and I’m paraphrasing, he said something to the effect that, well, it looks like Otto lifted a scene right out of Jules Jordan’s handbook. Like Jules Joradn invented fucking on a bar stool.”

“Well, that’s just silly and it really didn’t bother me until Skeeter brought it up again,” Otto continues. “At the time I was just happy folks were watching my movie because I was a new director. Then, when Skeeter brought it up again, it kind of irks me, because now I have a little more experience, it seemed like Roger was making a little self-serving comment to name-drop Jules Jordan. Like Jules needs that and Jules will perceive some kind of love fest with Roger. It’s obvious.”

In other words, T. Pipe was doing a ball-suck.

“I’ve met Jules a bunch of times,” says Otto. “And Jules is by no means foolish or arrogant enough to imagine that he invented the bar stool. On the one hand, I hate to sully Jules’ name through this moron Roger T. Pipe. Why choose Jules as the vehicle to say that bar stools are an unusual thing to fuck on? Then comes the totally unrelated Mike South. I guess he’s reading from the little interview I did with AVN online about Chanta Rose’s scene where I choked out Audrey out and fucked her hard.”

[Adultfyi did a similar interview with Otto at least a week earler than the AVN one:]

“Mike South on ADT is calling me a moron and shit,” states Otto.

“Apparently the thread is about ATM and hepatitis, health risks and how about when you’re choking someone out they’re having a miniature stroke and cumulative effects. Which may or may not be true. I’ve always heard when you sneeze you’re having a little stroke, a little heat skip.”

“Well, he’s calling me and girls who do this, we’re all just a bunch of stupid morons because we engage in auto-erotic asphyxiation, rough sex and shit like that. We’re just fucked up stupid wrong morons. So I take a little exception to that. And I’ve prepared some comments.”

Otto’s statement reads as follows: “Hello Gene,

As you know I am leaving for Trinidad this week. SuperCore begins
shooting, on location, this Thursday for our biggest budget movie yet!
I have a ton of stuff to do. However, I want to take a few moments to
clarify a few issues that have popped-up in the press over the last
week or so.

“I recall reading Roger T. Pipe’s review of my movie Triple
Threat a couple of years ago. At the time, I didn’t really care about
his review one way or the other. I was fairly new to the directing end
of the business and I was pretty happy that folks were watching the
show at all. I guess there were a handful of reviewers who didn’t
really ‘get’ what we were doing and that’s okay. We shot the entire
movie with no ‘barrier’ to the viewer. That is, the camera represented
the viewer as an entity on the set.

“We talked, gave direction, steamrolled, and basically, shot the whole movie with a behind-the-scenes or backstage-pass approach where the viewer sees and hears everything. Of course, that can be a bit jarring to those who imagine that porn scenes are smooth events with no smoke-and-mirrors.

“We made no effort to edit the talking, cajoling, and general brow-beating that it takes to get a really hardcore scene. It is definitely not for everyone. I have no problem with a reviewer’s exception to that style or format. Roger didn’t like it, found it unsettling to hear and see all the extra stuff that is typically edited and tossed over to the BTS chapter.

“That’s okay, Roger. However, a little bird reminded me recently that there was more to Roger’s observations than his dislike of the movie’s forthrightness. Roger seems to indicate that the last scene, a Boy-Girl-Girl-Anal scene shot on a barstool, was somehow lifted from the Jules Jordan Porno Handbook.

“That’s the part I have a problem with. I don’t recall if I’ve ever met
Roger T. Pipe but, I have met Jules Jordan several times. He is
extremely bright and intelligent. He does not strike me as the type of
guy who imagines that he invented ‘sex-on-a-barstool.’ In fact Jules
seems like the type of guy who appreciates the work of our porno
forbears. I’m not positive about that but, Jules appears far too
reasonable to make such a silly statement. So, why would Roger T. Pipe
make the assertion?

“Is it so that Jules will think that Roger is cool? I don’t know. I do know that the only exposure to any of Jules’ material that I have had was at various trade shows where I wander around and check-out people’s booths. Jules has his thing, he’s very successful and I doubt he thinks he originated anything. You see, Roger, the barstool is a piece of furniture and men have fucked women on barstools since the dawn of the stag reel. Get with it.

“In fact, I have fucked more than several girls on barstools for a variety of other directors. As a performer I have a few influences: Rocco, Nacho, T.T. Boy for raw energy and geometry and then guys like Herschell Savage and a few others for acting and delivery. As a director I also have a few
influences: John Leslie and John Staliagno for breaking barriers and
Sidney Niekerk, Michael Ninn, and a few others for film-making and

“Roger T. Pipe would serve his readers well by familiarizing himself with some of these guys stuff. It’s awfully naive for him to suggest that Jules or myself or any other director stole a sex position or camera angle or set-up dialogue from anyone. Men have been posing naked girls for a lot longer than any of us have been around. I have stag reels that I got from Hans Rolly in Milan of stuff from the 1920’s. Anita Berber, Betty Page, all the way up to Nina Hartley and then SuperCore’s very own Audrey Hollander; all of them on barstools at one time or another. And all of this in spite of Roger T. Pipe being unaware.

“I am reminded of an occasion that might interest Mike South. He’s a guy
who is very concerned about the health and well-being of all of us
dirty porners. Mike doesn’t like choking, spitting, hair-pulling,
slapping, ass-to-mouth cocksucking or any of this type of SuperCore
sex. He claims that girls who engage in this type of scene are morons
and so forth and that guys like me prey on such stupid people.

“Wow, he would be surprised to know that non-morons all around the world engage in rough-sex everyday. In fact, demographically, the BDSM community
represents a fairly professional class of people. I am not claiming to
be such a sophisticate as Mike South but, clearly there are folks a lot
brighter than either of us who enjoy this type of play. Mike South
mentions that when a person is choked-out they suffer ‘mini-strokes.’ I
am curious to know if these are the same type of mini-strokes that
people have when the sneeze or is the type of mini-stroke that Mike has
when he snorts coke off of some guys dick.

“Which is it? \

“Dr. Mike South also seems unaware that there has been a hep vaccine available for people who can’t get enough ass-taste-on-the-cock. Moreover, most of the girls that I book for rough scenes have called me or have had their agents call me. They are not stupid morons, Mike, they enjoy rough sex in a safe environment. I am merely a facilitator in the grand game of
mini-stroke orgasms. You see, Mike, rock stars are dropping dead every
day from unsafe sex practices.

“They, like you, are unaware that rough sex is not always safe for amateurs. You are right to caution the general public on the dangers of autoerotic asphyxiation. It must be performed with a partner in a safe and educated environment. Anyway, I digress.

“I am reminded of a scene that I performed in for Metro. It was directed by Bridgette Kerkove. Bridgette had tied-up Deja Daire (sp?) on one barstool and Cytheria on another (did Bridgette invent barstool sex?). It was my job to fuck Deja up the ass and then to have Cytheria suck my cock fresh from Deja’s ass. Most of the time anal girls are very particular about having a clean ass but, on this day is was rather drippy. I brought it to Cytheria’s mouth, dripping in poo, and I shoved it down her throat. She gagged, she puked, she ran off for half an hour.

“I mention this scene because it seems to have all of the elements that would interest Rog and Mike. After that, there were no more ATMs in the scene. Cytheria said no. It was that simple. Truth is, though, it was still an awesome scene. The point is that all the talent involved were aware of the nature of the scene. We all consented to the acts, and then, when consent was withdrawn we changed the rest of the scene.

“That’s how it works, at least in my experience. Mike South may assume that all porners are stupid morons but, there are many of us who are informed of the health risks of our occupation and who are responsible enough to attempt to mitigate those dangers with proper healthcare. Most of the girls I work with have impeccably clean asses.

“They are obsessive about it because it’s their job. They are, for the
most part, very bright girls who are culturally deviant enough to experiment with rough, agressive, consensual, and safe sex. Being
choked-out and sucking dick from one’s ass seems to turn some girls on.
Who am I to judge. I am only here to facilitate their choked-out ATM
cocksucking dreams.

“By the way, Roger T. Pipe will not be writing the ‘SuperCore History of
Sex’ pamphlet that I am considering publishing since he is so
uninformed as to imagine Jules Jordan invented sex on a barstool if
only so he can name-drop on behalf of Jules in a review of someone
else’s movie. I hope Jules doesn’t take offense to that. I totally
respect his standing in the industry.

“Also, Mike South will not be in charge of entertainment at the SuperCore Holiday Feast. Since he is ashamed of the ATM choke-out I feel that his input would only be a buzz-kill. Most importantly, since Mike South is so resistant to tasting his ass, I must withdraw my offer for him to suck my dick.”


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