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Outback Doing D Theater

Porn Valley- Nicole London, had to chuckle over the Reina Leone story posted today on adultfyi because it brought back fond memories when London had tried out for the SFPD. Figuring that London was probably good at missing persons cases, I asked her what became of the EA Ski documentary which her husband, Robert Hunington shot last December.

Hunington, when he’s not directing for Outback, shoots camera for P.T. at Vivid and edits Vivid’s high-definition stuff.

“Nobody really knows how deep we go into the industry,” London laughs. “But it’s a change because the company goes in different areas. And we’re probably going to pick up two more HD editing systems because we’ve picked up a couple more clients who want us doing that all the time for them.”

London’s answer about the Ski documentary gets involved. Because it’s a mainstream release, London said a viewing is being scheduled in August for distributors with a release date set for November.

“Unlike adult I have to have my trailers done first, then the trailers go out. I have to print something like 200 trailers. After that I have to put together anywhere between 200 and 300 screeners.” According to London, the release will be available both on the DVD and D Theater formats.

“Then I have to manufacture product that’s 20% over pre-orders,” she explains, “and I have to have it sitting in a warehouse for three months before the due date. It’s amazing how it works.” London said she’s looking at a 120-minute running time. “The footage is amazing. We also lucked out because he’s had a few videos that have played on MTV,” she says.

“We have the rights to use two of them on the DVD as bonus material,” London goes on to say. “And we have the rights for all of the songs from two of his albums for the DVD; plus with the footage that we also shot at the same time, we have a video that we promised him which he’ll market to MTV. He’s a really talented guy. He’s been the ghost writer for all these people, and it’s amazing to me that he hasn’t come out big on his own, yet. He signed with Sony and Dreamworks at one point. And he felt like he was getting screwed so he walked away. He’d rather just handle everything for himself.”

London counts herself lucky with the girls that were hired as eye candy, though she was criticized for hiring some older ones.

“There was one in particular who had the look, a very beautiful girl” says London. “I saw the footage of her on video. I was SO right.” Another girl in the cast lives at the Playboy mansion. Boxcover layout is, likewise, scheduled for next week.

Off the topics of the CDC or PCR or HIV, but, getting back to the subject of HD, London’s feeling is that a porn company has to be versatile and on top of new technological wrinkles.

“We found our niche in the HD-stuff,” she says. “Robert [Hunington] did his research and the company couldn’t have done it without him but it’s working out great. Our stuff’s not even ready with screeners yet and they’re already earmarked for Playboy. That’s because of the HD. I was talking to someone the other day and it was interesting because they were talking about up-converting regular videos to HD. That’s not true HD. What happens is that your video is going to turn into watered-down coffee. You can’t fit a certain amount of lines and expand it into more lines. You lose something and it looks like you’ve used tons of filters on it, for one. Why would you do that? If you’re going to advertise HD, shoot HD. That’s the way I feel about it.

“I’ve already told my replicators to starting getting these decks in, because I’m going full bore with HD,” London avows. “The technology’s there but it hasn’t hit full surface, yet.

“I’ve been talking to my distributor because I want do my pre-releases of HD-stuff on D Theater,” she goes on to say. “And he’s totally lost as to what I’m talking about. I’ve been e-mailing him information back and forth. Now I’ve got all the people he buys for, e-mailing back, asking questions about it. But all of this is going to depend on how you can release it to the consumer. Not everybody can play and HD VHS tape which, I’ve got to tell you, is better quality than a DVD. So much better quality. People wonder how that can be. There’s so many more lines of resolution. You’re getting more put into a smaller picture.”

London talked to one mainstream distributor who handles D Theater for companies like Universal and Dreamworks but had yet to hear of a porn company doing D Theater. “There are consumer decks that they’ve been selling for two years now,” says London. “They don’t play regular VHS tapes. But D Theater tapes look exactly like a regular VHS tape but you can’t play them in a regular VHS player. I just want to keep up with the technology and be able to grow with it rather than letting it hold me back. I think people right now are afraid to try new things.”


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