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Monique Alexander Signs for Outback

Porn valley- The last time we spoke to Monique Alexander was on the set of Spunn from Outback Productions in October. And that was the last time, according to Alexander, that she had done hardcore until March of this year. .

This weekend Alexander signs for Outback, at Erotica L.A, though she might be hard pressed to take a Stump the Juice quiz as to which Outback productions she’s been in. There are several.

Otherwise, Alexander’s still shooting girl-girl scenes, exclusively, the only exceptions being a couple of boy-girl layouts she did with Barrett Blade when the two of them were dating. “Other than that I haven’t done anything else,” Alexander states. Asked why she confines herself to the girl-girl sex scene genre, Alexander says boy-girl is something she’d rather not do.

“It was fun doing the boy-girl shoots with Barrett because he was my boyfriend at the time. It wasn’t a big thing. But I as a person, mentally, could not handle doing something like that. Then after the whole AIDS-thing I’m definitely never doing it now.”

I asked Alexander what was going through her mind during those frightening weeks in April and May. “I was very excited that I didn’t do guys,” Alexander replies. “The hardcore girl-girl that I do do is more upscale and it wasn’t something that I had o worry about. But it was definitely scary.”

Alexander has been in the business three years and has put up with a lot of pressure to do boy-girl scenes. “Definitely,” she agrees. “people always say it all the time. I’ve been offered contracts and money but in the long run it’s not worth it. I think the best thing that has kept me the kind of person that I am is I’ve never done anything I’ve regretted. I’ve never been forced into anything. I do my job because I like to do it. Not because of the money.”

It was noted that companies like Outback go out of their way to secure the health and comfort of its performers over monetary gain. Alexander said it would be awesome if she could work for them in the future. “I was really happy to hear from Nicole [London],” she said. “”I’m definitely excited to see her again. They’re a great company and I had a really good time.”

“I’ve also been doing the B movie-thing,” adds Alexander who talks about a really big production he was involved with last summer. “It was called Sex House. I was the main character on that. And people who were main characters on that couldn’t do B movies for awhile because Robert Lombard said that our faces were everywhere.”

Alexander notes that she’s just finished her first B movie since then, nearly a year later. “It was fun and had a fun cast,” she says. “Randy Spears was on it; Dee was on it. It was about Dee owning this boutique. She was in love with me and I worked at her boutique as a lingerie model. We’d have little rendezvous . And then there was this Private Investigator agency that would find out everything about a girl for man so that he could hit on her and get a date. They did that with me, and the person who looked me up was Dee’s husband. We started dating and Dee kills him because he went for me.”

Asked if she preferred the B-genre to XXX, Alexander said she likes doing the B-movies. “It depends,” she says. “Because if you have a good cast the days go really smooth- if you have a cast who can remember their lines and do their stuff right then it’s a fun day and it doesn’t drag on. But sometimes you get on those B-movies where some people are not well with dialogue and the days become really long and it’s not fun any more. And they don’t pay that well. The food’s not good. I always tell people you get fed the best on a porn set. So sometimes it’s a little irritating.”

Alexander continues to model and has a pretty busy week lined up. Today she works for a fetish company in Orange County. On Wednesday she’ll be on Night Calls and for the weekend has the convention lined up. And, besides, she gets enough girl-girl work to keep her busy.

“When I first got into the business I had a contract with Sin City to do the girl-girl and they really didn’t do that much with me,” she states. “So I maybe did only ten movies my first year in the business. When we split our ways, I didn’t have an agent at the time so I wasn’t shooting that much hardcore. Because to everybody I was still new. I went to another agent and he didn’t do anything with me. Then I just recently went to L.A. Direct in March. They’ve been wonderful to me. They’ve gotten me amazing work and that’s what got me more back into the hardcore. So I really haven’t done that much my three years in the business for doing girl-girl.”

Nonetheless, Alexander’s able to pay the bills from her fetish work, particularly foot fetish. “But now that I have L.A. Direct it’s a little easier,” Alexander notes. “And now that the HIV thing is over and it’s summer, work is really picking up right now which is good for me. But I’m also looking into getting a real job.”

Alexander explains that she’s tired of the inconsistencies of the business.

“I’m a little over it and I’m getting older,” she concedes. “There’s things I want to do with my life and with this business it’s hard to commit to school or anything like that because you never know when you’re going to work. You’ve got to take it when it comes.”

Alexander says she’ll look for a part-time job and do the adult stuff on the side. She’ll look for a receptionist’s spot or a job as an administrative assistant. “Before I got into the business I was a receptionist at an auto body shop,” she says. “And I enjoy a 9 to 5 job. I hate sitting at home and not working. I love to work. I’m a workaholic. Just sitting around drives me crazy and you can’t plan anything in this business. It’s very hard when one month you work every day and the next month you only work twice.”

Asked if she had to put up with male chauvinist behavior in the auto body shop, Alexander said she got enough of it. “I was the youngest girl there and probably the cutest,” she remembers. “Most of the women there were older and you were in the shop with all these men. I like to dress nice and I would get plenty of comments,” she laughs.

During the evenings, however, Alexander moonlighted as a stripper and that’s how she was introduced to the adult business. “An agent came into the strip club and he was like, hey, want to be in Hustler? I was already stripping naked so what was wrong with taking pictures?”

Alexander said she never had a problem taking her clothes off. “Being sexy for me was hard” she says. “I didn’t think I was sexy and I didn’t know how to be sexy. I was this little, tiny 19 year-old from Sacramento who had never seen a porno in my life or a dildo until the photographer handed me one. That part was hard. Now it’s very easy.”

Not surprisingly, Alexander describes herself as very shy growing up. “I had a lot of friends but very shy. I was a good kid until I hit my teenage years. Then I started rebelling like most of them did. But I grew up in a very small town and people know everything. For me to be doing what I’m doing is astonishing for people because I was the girl who was quiet and didn’t say much. I had the same boyfriend all through high school.”

However that’s not the guy Alexander lost her virginity to. “I started doing bad things a little sooner,” she explains. “I lost my virginity when I was in 8th grade. I was 15.” When I asked how many grades she was left back to accomplish that, Alexander explained that she started school later than most kids. “I was maturing before everyone else and went through things before everyone else.”

Neither was Alexander inclined to wild, experimental sex. “I was very timid in that, too,” she states. “I didn’t come out of my shell until I was probably 19. I used to hate sex. I couldn’t understand why people enjoyed it so much; and I never had an orgasm until I was about 18. To me it wasn’t enjoyable at all. It was, like, let’s get this over with.” Alexander said a guy, 24, finally helped her along.

What Alexander likes about the adult business is that it’s made her feel more comfortable with her sexuality. “That’s a plus,” she says.

The thing that Alexander doesn’t like about the business is the fact that it’s like high school.

“People are so catty in this business,” she says. “And it’s really irritating for me. People talk and create rumors. People are always so self-absorbed with your business when it’s none of their business at all. And I think the best thing for me is that I distance myself. When I’m at work I’m Monique Alexander. When I’m at home I’m me. I think the best thing for me is that I don’t get caught up in it like a lot of people.

“There’s too much drama. I had quit doing movies for awhile because I wasn’t getting any work. So rumors spread about me that I was on drugs. The thing is I wasn’t around because I chose not to be around. It wasn’t because I was doing drugs. I chose to have a normal life. And that kind of stuff bothers me, like, how dare you say things like this when you haven’t even seen me. If I wanted to be back in high school I’d move back to Sacramento and live in my home town and deal with all that.”


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