Over 20 years of post and 55,332 hand written blogs on Adultfyi.com

You know Adultfyi.com is one of the internets first ever porn news websites and even wayback machine did its first index copy of this site back on Oct 3, 2003 but the site was started several years before that.

This blog is known by the best and most famous of people inside and outside of porn. Gene Ross would go around porn movie stuido’s interviewing porn stars with his tape recorder back in the 1990’s and write blogs on this site about his encounters.

This site was sold to Rob black and Tom Byran many years ago and the two ran it into the ground and pulled it offline where it sat offline for several years. The database was recovered from a old server and put back together and then converted to wordpress which took countless hours day in and day out for over a year. Now here we are in 2019 and nobody has really been running it or posting on it because I just dont have the time. How valuable is this site? Post your thoughts in the comments below!