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Pamela Peaks Touts Cooking Show

Porn Valley- Pamela Peaks now has a cable-access nude cooking show on Wednesday nights. Peaks was on KSEX, Friday night on The Wanker Show to talk a little bit about that and other projects she’s in the middle of. Peaks is also involved in Xcon II which is this Sunday.

Wankus noted that Peaks is still doing a spray tanning-thing.

“This time it’s not going to come off on the sofa,” she laughed. Wankus reminded the audience of Peaks’ last visit when the incident occurred then asked if she was still with the guy who put out all that tanning shit. Peaks said he’ll also be at Xcon. Other than that Peaks said her different projects are kicking ass including her cooking show. Including the fact that will cover her show August 4, Peaks also noted the article mentioning the fact that Jenna Jameson was apparently starting a cooking show.

“It’s a compliment when somebody takes your idea,” Wankus laughed.

In her various promo capacities, Peaks says she’s interviewed over 200 stars in the last four months. Wankus said he saw an episode featuring Tony Sexton. Peaks said one of the shows is called Pamela Peaks In the Kitchen, and more information can be found about her other gigs on “I update it everyday,” said Peaks. “I’m pretty much on every single night in LA now. I’m all over the place.”

Peaks said she was also on the top video-on-demand sites. “You know the websites where you can download the movies? I’m on all over those sites so you can download the shows from there, too. We’re becoming very popular and we’re fucking and sucking now. We weren’t doing that in the beginning. It’s gotten pretty crazy. Everything goes now.”

Peaks began describing the action which pretty much sounded XXX-rated. Wankus asked Peaks an obvious question- does she know anything about cooking. Peaks said she’s always been good at it and curious since she was little. Peaks indicated that when it comes down to it, it isn’t hard to follow directions. “But I always make sure beforehand that I can do all the stuff within a half hour [for the show,” she said. “Some things can’t be done in a half hour.” But what can be done in that time frame is getting all the guests soused, apparently. Peaks said tropical drinks are also served.

“The job is to get everyone as intoxicated as possible,” she said. “Of course you don’t have to drink on the show. Whoever wants to imbibe, I usuallyask people to bring drivers. But a lot of people get really loaded and it’s a lot of fun.”

With an island kitchen counter at the disposal, Peaks said there’s ample room for lots of sexual shenanigans to take place. “You know porn- we always find a place. But nowhere near the food.”

Wankus noted that Xcon II was going to have a lot more girls involved. “The thing about it that’s beautiful is that it focues on the girls,” he said. “They want the girls to be the exhibitors and the focus.” Peaks said it was also a smart move to allow cameras this time around. Peaks said, like the last time, she’ll also be doing a lot of interviews.

Peaks evidently interviewed Wankus at the past Xcon and it was scheduled to air last Friday night on [East Valley] public access Channel 25 in L.A. Peaks noted that the interview was done with Dick Smothers Jr. sleeping on the side. “I was mocking him out for sleeping,” Wankus explained, mentioning that it had been a long day. “It was at the end of the night and they interviewed me.” Peaks said the whole bit was pretty hysterical and that the interview would air a number of times. She suggested going to her site and getting more info on that.

Peaks was talking like a freight train going through a mountain pass and Wankus noted the same thing. “You’re all fired up. Are you on cocaine, be honest.” Peaks said she drank four Coronas, though. “Without dinner,” she added. Moments later, Peaks said it was five. Peaks said she was also starting an adult class with The Learning Annex. “It’s a class called How to Be a Porn Star- how to get in porn,” she said.

Peaks said it’s an in-person class which she’s teaching with Kat Kleevage. Peaks’ assessment is that it would be an interesting class to go for people who are so inclined. “It’s one thing to get signed up with an agent but even when you show up on your first set no one’s telling you what to do. You don’t know what to bring. You don’t know how to act. You don’t know that when your call time is one that you’re not fucking till four.” Peaks mentioned something about the classes, which start next month, are being advertised in the LA Xpress and Wankus said that porn stars’ pictures were being attached to the tranny ads. Peaks said she had a guy come see her a couple of weeks ago and left bummed out because she she didn’t have a dick. “I said we’re fucking with a strap-on but he wanted an actual cock.”

With newcomer Nikki Adams present, Wankus asked Peaks if she had any advice to dispense. Peaks was of the opinion that it’s a good chance Adams’ husband will find out that she’s in the business, particularly if he watches porn. Peaks that Adams was gorgeous and wanted her on the show as soon as possible.

Peaks also announced that she’s starting a talent agency. “This is to help people in the industry and not 20% of their paychecks,” said Peaks. “I’m only paid by the companies. I don’t take anything from the talent at all. I believe you work too fucking hard for your money.” Peaks said she’ll only send talent to things that they want to do. “I don’t send them to gangbangs when they don’t sign up for gangbangs. Talent people are fucked up that way.” Peaks said you can contact her via her website. Peaks also stressed that her deals with talent are non-exclusives.

Peaks has also opened up an escort agency. “Any girls that want to make side money- cause as we all know we’re not employed every single day- but some people don’t know that until they’re in porn for awhile.” Adams said she isn’t doing escorting to which Wankus told her give it time, that she will. While a Bunny Ranch type environment might suit her Adams says a random hotel room visit wouldn’t. “It seems more risky.”

Same contact info prevails there too, said Peaks. And Peaks didn’t mind giving out her phone number, 818-383-0308. Asked if she had concern about the cops, Peaks said she only deals with clientele that she knows. Peaks also asked for all the talent agencies to send her girls for her cooking shows. “Every single week I need 10 to 12 girls- send me girls constantly- I will help you promote your agency. It’s great publicity.”


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