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Paul Fishbein is the Champion of Losers; What Happened With X3Sixty?

A year or so ago, a man by the name of Paul Fishbein created a company called X3Sixty.

When people talk about Paul Fishbein, they speak of him as a mover and a shaker. A man who makes things happen. A man of importance. The real deal. A playa.

Now when I create something, whether it’s an ant farm or a wrestling company, people say I’m crazy or I don’t know what I’m doing. Yet these things I create succeed, they thrive. They go on for years and years. My wrestling company XPW was huge and went on for years and culminated into a show on MTV called Wresting Society X. Thank you very much.

Now I can give you a list of neanderthals in the business who have not succeeded in much that didn’t blow a big wet fart, except during the heyday of porn, making money off the peoples backs. One of these neanderthals is Paul Fishbein and one of these big wet farts is X3Sixty.

Paul Fishbein had a magazine called AVN that was very successful during an era when it wasn’t hard to be successful. It was the only trade publication around and it had the industry giants at the time backing its play. Russ Hampshire at VCA, Steve Hirsch at Vivid, Metro, Zane, Caballero. All of these companies propped up AVN and made it successful.

As the business turned downward, Fishbein’s success also began to decline. Fishbein sold out to the Manwin boys. Fishbein was out of the business. Done. Finished. Finito.

You would think that with the money he acquired from this sale, Fishbein would ride off into the sunset and retire, like Russ Hampshire did. New wife and kid, you would think that he would takes his millions and never be heard from again. I guess his stores that he had back east with his partner Stuart and all the money from the AVN sale weren’t enough to adequately sustain the great businessman Paul Fishbein. Because lo and behold, Paul Fishbein popped his goofy little head back up with a new venture called X3Sixty.

Paul Fishbein and his butt buddy Darren Roberts now have X3Sixty and are running around with camera crews and filming sequences on sets and at events because Fishbein has deals with cable outlets like Showtime. He has production deals with Hollywood. He’s a mover and a shaker.

He even had an awards show. Yes, X3Sixty has an awards show. A few months ago, they had an awards show. It was, by all accounts, a huge flop. You’re talking a successful man, that Paul Fishbein.

Now jump ahead to March 2014. What happened to X3Sixty? What happened to the genius of Paul Fishbein? Where was this profitable alternative to AVN that was going to be the future of the business because Paul Fishbein had all these awesome cable deals? I thought maybe I could reach out to him to help with The Rob Black Show because of the Showtime deal and everything else he has going on.

So I go to and it redirects me to a site called Now I’m confused. Paul, why would something that was supposedly building with X3Sixty and you’re making all these moves with cable networks and you’re on the verge of something huge would you just change the name? Very weird.

I go to and see what’s going on. I’m thinking they must have the same crew working on that works on because everything I see on there is old. Videos and events that occurred in 2012 or 2013. An interview with Kayden Kross from 2012. The making of The Godfather parody from early 2012. An interview with Skin Diamond for 2012. She’s wearing a doo rag that makes her look like Aunt Jemima. The making of Men in Black from 2012. None of this stuff is relevant anymore.

What I’m looking at is a big wet stinky fart. A stinky wet fart that was formerly know as X3Sixty and is now known as Inside Adult. That’s what I’m looking at. A big wet stinky fart of a website.

I’m looking at a failure.

Now if I’m wrong, somebody tell me. I would love some clarification. I can only go by what I see. And what I see if a website that is filled with outdated content and girls who have long retired and movies and interviews that are two or three years old. I’m looking at complete irrelevance.

Is X3Sixty/Inside Adult not active anymore? Or are Paul Fishbein and Darren Roberts completely clueless about what’s going on in the adult business? Which one is it? I’m all ears. I don’t see anywhere on the site that talks about Showtime or cable deals. I do see something that I heard of about 14 years ago called the Money Shot.

Here’s what it says on the opening page:

“Inside Adult is the world’s leading platform providing a behind the scenes look at the adult entertainment industry. From unparalleled on-the-set coverage of XXX movies to exclusive porn star interviews, Inside Adult takes a candid look into the vast world of adult entertainment. Inside Adult is the only network dedicated to both informing and entertaining the adult consumer”

What are they informing the adult consumer with? A bunch of old crap?

So there’s Paul Fishbein and Darren Roberts. Real successful guys. No wonder why you had to sell AVN. No wonder why you got no money for it. No wonder why Paul Fishbein’s life consists of being a horrible radio host on a horrible station that his buddy Steve Hirsch had to buy from Sirius XM to promote something that he doesn’t even have. A Vivid cable channel. Has anyone seen Vivid on your Time Warner system? No, I don’t think so. I haven’t seen it either. I’d like to know where Vivid TV is on cable. I’d like to know where Inside Adult or X3Sixty is on cable.

In closing, I think we’ve all seen what a huge success Paul Fishbein is. I’d like to give it up to him and his scary talent as a business leader. I don’t know what we would have done without him. I guess we still don’t know, because he’s still around, trolling for business. Trying to bilk money out of the suckers left in the business.

Inside Adult and X3Sixty blew big wet farts. Congratulations, Fish. You are now the champion of losers.

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