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Peter Warren talks about the AVN Noms

Porn Valley- AVN editor Peter Warren [photo from] was on KSEX Thursday night to talk about the AVN noms. Warren wanted to make things clear on one particular category, that it was “Best New Starlet,” not Starlet of the year which a lot of people call it.

Sasha Grey, who was also on the I Don’t Think So Buddy show, was nominated in that category. Tony Batman thought Grey was very deserving and Warren agreed, calling her “a front runner”.

Batman brought up the feeling that in past years a Best New Starlet win has been a curse.

“I don’t know where that started- but I want to end it,” he stated

“That is a pornland folk tale I think,” said Warren. Co-host Monica Mayhem suggested that it probably becomes reality when a porn girl gets a big fat head and fucks up her own career, which is more true than not. Warren said McKenzie Lee is the reigning Best New Starlet [and currently pregnant].

“She has hardly disappeared into nowhere,” said Warren. [Except for perhaps a maternity award.]

“The year before that was Cytherea. Say whatever you will about Cytherea, she’s still a huge name. And there’s plenty of girls over the years who have won the award and are still around.”

Batman said he’s just heard that winning a Best new Starlet award was a booga-booga akin to being on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Warren pointed out that Jenna Haze won the award several years ago.

“And now she’s nominated for Performer of the Year this year so she’s hardly doing that bad,” he added. Looking at this year’s list of nominees, Batman pointed out that the Rose sisters are on it.

“That’s crazy, but they’ve both very good at what the do,” he pointed out. Warren didn’t think there was an argument that could be made against both of them deserving it.

“An inside secret- we sort of debated about whether or not we should nominate the two of them as one nomination,” said Warren. “I don’t know- it’s an interesting thing. I wonder if it’s going to cause any kind of schism in the family.” Batman noted that the Rose girls live in the same house together and were probably fine with it.

“Why not both of them revel in the honor of being nominated?” Batman said.

“I think they should,” Warren agreed. “I think they’re both very sweet girls.” It was Batman’s feeling that this year’s noms covered everyone who was deserving.

“Just my opinion,” he added. Mayhem said it was certainly the first time she’s received any recognition. Warren said, thankfully, he hasn’t heard any complaints so far.

“I hope it’s a testament to what we do- we sat there in Paul Fishbein’s office for three and a half weeks and whittled this thing down. Hopefully, everybody feels like they got their just desserts.”

“This time it really, really seems to go with the flow of what happened this past year,” Batman added. “Since everyone is recognized that should be tough to have a clear winner. There’s been a few years where you go I already know this person’s going to win. But this year? There’s no way you’re going to tell.”

“It’s a very strong race,” Warren contended. “I do feel there are some front runners. But all the candidates are very strong.” Batman wondered how you could pick a winner from the Female Performer of the year candidates. Warren noted that he had a talk with Kimberly Kane who’s nominated in that category and Kane felt that nomination was far-fetched for her primarily because she doesn’t do anal.

“I completely disagree with that,” said Warren. “I think she had a great year but she was complaining, ‘I don’t do anal!’ I said I don’t care that you don’t do anal. And she has really, really come into her own this year and is very deserving.”Batman pointed out that his and Mayhem’s roommate, Jasmine Byrne, was also nominated for Female Performer of the Year.

“She is deserving as well,” Warren agreed. “She turns in a great scene every time.” Batman also noted that Belladonna was on the top of the list, at least, alphabetically.

Batman told how Belladonna came to the Dave Navarro party Wednesday night.

“And she looked so fucking good with that blond hair- I almost fell over the red carpet. She’s smoking. To me, front runner, there you go.”

Asked how the winners are selected, Warren said, “Basically everybody who writes for AVN is a voter plus a handful of others who are knowledgeable industry people. It’s a very democratic-thing. We all have a website we go to to vote with a name and a password. And we go in and we tally our votes. The majority wins.”

“Does Paul have the final say or does he go with the numbers?” Batman asked.

“To the best of my knowledge it’s the numbers,” Warren replied.

“Is there 20 people, 40 people?” Batman continued to ask.

“There’s, like, ten in-house people, full time people,” Warren continued. “But there’s, I don’t know, 30-40 freelancers or something who write for us every month. So they all get to vote and they get a big shipment of porn. That’s how it works.”

Batman was of the opinion that there was going to be some close voting this year.

“You never know what’s going to happen- I think this is going to be a good, gasping kind of show.”

“It should be,” said Warren. “I don’t know if the bookies in Vegas actually take bets on the AVN awards, but this would be a good year to start if they don’t, I’d say.”

Warren said last year’s award show was the tightest it’s ever been and entertaining all the way through.

“Probably this year it’s going to be even more of an event because this is the first year we’re moving to Mandalay Bay. And this is the first year that it’s opened to the public. The fans are going to be able to come in to the awards show and that should make it pretty spectacular.”

“What about all the talent and nominees?” Batman wondered. “Is it the same deal- you go to the booth beforehand?”

“Yeah, that’s probably going to work the same way,” Warren speculated.


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