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Peter Warren, King of the AVN Retards; Where The Fuck is Steve Javors?

I was looking at today and I noticed that the great Nina Hartley, the porn instructor extraordinaire, will teach a Blowjobs and Beyond workshop at The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles on Wednesday March 12, in celebration of Steak and a Blowjob Day on March 14.

So in addition to Kelly “I Want All the Ham” Shibari doing a thing for Steak and BJ Day, Nina Hartley’s doing it too. You know what’s funny? We mentioned Kelly doing her thing on the Friday night show and some listeners thought it was supposed to be on Valentine’s Day and that AVN was a month off.

Lo and behold, Peter Warren or whatever loser wrote this article specifically mentioned:

“Steak and a Blowjob Day is a tongue-in-cheek holiday that takes place exactly one month after Valentine’s Day.”

So they clarified themselves so Rob Black and his listeners could understand that it is a month AFTER Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome, AVN. Once again, Rob Black proves he is the EF Hutton or Porn. When he speaks, porn retards listen.

Like porn retard Mike South. Hillbilly boy has actually taken my advice about posting evidence of disease allegations and redacting the names with a black magic marker. If you go to, he is actually doing that. So you’re welcome as well, Mike South. When Rob Black talks, the industry listens. Everyone listens to me, although they won’t admit it and everybody does what we tell them to do. Evidence goes a long way in proving your point, so I applaud Mike South for listening to the EF Hutton of Porn.

I applaud AVN for listening to EF Hutton, for they are totally clueless.

They’ve proved it time and again, mislabeling living porn performer Jack Hammer as long dead porn performer Cal Jammer. Doing interviews with fabulously gay (allegedly) perennial non-sex award winner James Bartholet in a stark white backdrop devoid of any production value whatsoever. Constantly mixing up dates on various events. The list goes on and on. They’re the Keystone Cops of journalism.

Especially Peter Warren, who’s gotta be the biggest dum dum in the entire world. They had a story up entitled Blue Devil Unmasked: Meet ‘Duke Porn Star’ Belle Knox. This story has been around for about two weeks now and everybody knows Belle Knox is the porn star who went to Duke. Everybody knows it.

Hell, on Mike South’s website, he did like three days worth of stories on the this fucking broad and on his message board of three people, that’s all they’ve been talking about. Belle Knox, Belle Knox, everybody knows this girl’s name. Peter Warren writes a story as if he just got a fucking scoop. Is Peter Warren this stupid?

“Hey, we here at AVN have found out the Duke porn chick is Belle Knox.” Everybody knows that! That’s like the guy who finds out his wife and been cheating on him and he goes to his buddy, “Hey my wife’s been cheating on me.” And his buddy goes, “Really? You just found that out, asshole? It was in the newspaper yesterday.” The guy goes, “Yeah? Well, I don’t read the newspaper.”

Seriously, how can Peter Warren make this a story in AVN? Everybody knows who this girl is, the movies she’s done. This article talks about James Deen fucking her. Please. This girl was getting her face fucked in Facial Abuse. Are you that behind the eight ball on everything you do AVN? Peter Warren are you that clueless? Or are you just stupid with pussy that you’re getting from girls who hope they’ll get a trophy from AVN and you’re just blinded with ignorance? What is it, man?

You gotta be the dumbest motherfucker in the world. You’re wasting print space on something that’s been discussed ad nauseum and everybody knows who this girl is. I’m lost.

There’s your AVN story. They broke the news that everybody knows. Peter Warren has shared the news with everybody because he’s such a fucking journalist. Seriously.

“Hi, I’m Peter Warren and I’m gonna break some news right now,”

“What’s that, Peter?”

‘Well, here it is. That Duke porn chick? Her name is Belle Knox.”

“That’s great Pete. We all knew that. Anything else?”

No, that’s it. That’s my porn news.”

Peter, you gotta be the stupidest of all the chosen people. Speaking of stupid AVN writers, is Steve Javors still at AVN? Because we never hear from that fucking idiot anymore. Does anybody know if that half brain is still there? Or is Peter Warren, king of the stupid, running the show over there? Can anyone help me out?

Nobody’s given me useful information lately. All I’ve gotten is emails from people telling me about girls fucking crossover guys. Who fucking cares? I hope more girls fuck crossover guys and get AIDS. Then at least we’ll have something to talk about besides retard Peter Warren.

I need information on Steve Javors. I need to know if Steve Javors is still there. When I see Belle Knox being revealed due to AVN’s crack team of reporters, I tend to believe that Peter Warren is fucking retarded and Steve Javors is not there anymore. If he’s gone where the fuck did that little piece of shit go? If he is there, he’s been awfully quiet.

This information would be a lot more useful than crossover guys fucking porn chicks, which we all know.

Thanks guys. And again, you’re welcome.

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