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Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Playmate Features a Lot of Tatts

Porn Valley- Colleen Shannon, Playboy’s 50th Anniversay Playmate was a guest of the Murray in the Morning Show recently. Shannon’s claim to fame is that she has tattoos and works as a deejay in L.A. clubs. But the scary thing, indicative of the vast cultural chasm, is that she had no clue to the Patrick Hernandez disco song Born to Be Alive when that subject was also brought up.

Shannon attributed her choice, in a nationwide search of 10,000 women for the 50th Anniversary Playmate, as good luck and good timing. “I felt really honored.” Shannon said she was more interested being in the Radio & Deejay issue of Playboy, however. “They had just shut it off and my manager sent in some pictures while they were still searching for the 50th. Next thing we know…I think it was the right time, the right place. It’s pretty wild.” It was noted that Shannon’s high school pix which was included in the issue were pretty hot ones.

Shannon, who grew up in the Aleutian Islands, says her folks had to order her clothes by magazine. “They didn’t have a place to buy clothes up there.” She said they had to bring in certain foods by boat where she grew up which was the southwest part of Alaska. “One person had a car. There was nothing really there. But It’s a good place to grow up.” It was agreed that any place you grow up where you can’t get fresh food, is a good one. It was also noted that another girl from Alaska, Divini Rae had also been a Playmate this year.

Asked how her parents wound up in the Aleutians, Shannon suspected that her father wanted to take her mother as far away from everything as possible. “Then they ended up having three kids.” Shannon said her mother’s pretty hot and that’s what probably led to his decision. “I think he might have been a little jealous back in the day.” Shannon said her parents were just out of high school when they went to the Aleutians. Asked if she thought that a bit strange, Shannon said the people in the Aleutians are pretty wild. “I had a great time [there],” she said. “As a kid you play all day long. It was fun.” Shannon lived in Alaska until she was 13 and moved to California about ten years ago.

It was mentioned that Shannon also has a lot of tattoos. Shannon said she made the mistake of having dated a tattoo artist, so on rainy days when there was nothing better to do, she acquired them. Shannon’s mom told her she’d regret them later. “I do regret some of them,” she admitted. “But some of them I really like. I have three stars on my wrist. I have a little pink cat on my ankle with some stars. And I have some cherries on my foot and a fairy on my back. Some of them I love and some I want to go through the pain of removing them.” Shannon said she’s not into the one on her right foot any more.

Because hers was a highly competitive selection, Shannon was asked if she had felt some jealousy. “I didn’t feel any of that,” she said. “It’s kind of weird because my manager sent these pictures without me even knowing. The next thing I know, we had a meeting with Playboy.” Shannon said it was also lucky for her that she was a local girl. “And they were into it.”

Oddly enough, Shannon said she had met Hugh Hefner a couple of years ago at a club in Los Angeles and was asked if she’d be interested in testing. “He [Hefner] always has dinner and movie on Sundays,” she noted. “But I was advised by acting agents and stuff that maybe I should hold back.

“I thought if there was some way I could incorporate my music career- like deejaying with that- it would be awesome,” she continued. “Like deejaying at a Playboy party. I waited. Now two years later I can’t even believe everything that happened.”

Asked if she was dating someone right now, Shannon said she’s single and happy and not looking to be fixed up. It was also suggested that she’s probably hit on all the time. “I get hit on every once in awhile,” she said. “I get compliments every now and then and get hit on a little bit.” As a club deejay it was suspected that men are all over her. “Yeah, but not too much,” Shannon agreed. “They see that I’m into what I’m doing and don’t come up too much. Unless there’s that one really obnoxious drunk guy.” Shannon was also asked what it takes to go out with her. “They just have to have positive energy,” she replied. “They have to be kind to other people. I’m not really into mean people or people that are rude to other people. Just a nice person.”

Shannon aid she like to play hip-hop and reggae. “I like to play a lot of re-mixes. I like to play good music. I like to play music that’s more on the vibe and makes people feel good.” Asked if she had Born to Be Alive in her repertoire, Shannon said she didn’t have the record and from the way she was talking didn’t know what it was. She was told it might only be the greatest disco song ever written.





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