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Porn’s “It” Couple James Deen And Stoya Die In Hamas Rocket Attack While Landing In Israel

We’re making a pivot here on

We’re pivoting away from talking about porn every day. At the end of the day, it won’t make a bit a of difference except to about 15 people. It ain’t making me money and it amounts to nothing more than an ego stroke. Writing about Free Speech Coalition and Mike South’s snakebite stories are just so beneath me. I have so much more to offer and to talk about. We used to sprinkle mainstream topics in between the porn stories, but when I starting compiling material for the books, I pulled those mainstream stories down. Now I’m gonna focus on what matters to me and it isn’t porn.

Today marks the first day of a new position and a new tone of The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI. There was a story about APAC that was posted on Friday that I’m sure everybody wanted me to talk about. But why? When I write a story about Wicked and they respond to answer my allegations with a press release that addresses everything I talk about does anybody care? Nobody cares except for the loony people who email me with porn stories and the four or five idiots on some message board. It’s absurd.

If something earth shattering occurs like people coming down with AIDS or something that changes the fabric of the business we’ll address it. But to sit here and talk about Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake and Kelly Shibari’s fat ass does nothing for me.

So welcome to the new age of AdultFYI. Welcome to all of our new friends.

Here’s something we could talk about that might be porn related. What if James Deen, who is Jewish, decided to take a vacation to Israel with his girl Stoya? They got on an airplane and after a long flight, their plane exploded as they landed at Ben Gurion airport. An unlikely scenario you say? Not according to the FAA. Which is why they have suspended all flights to Israel in the wake of the violence erupting between Hamas and Israeli forces.

When we talk about Hamas, we’re really talking about Palestine and the people there. Hamas woudn’t be able to exist with their support. Whether you call them terrorists or whatever, they really are the de facto military wing of Palestine. When Palestine had parliamentary elections in 2006, they overwhelmingly voted for Hamas.

There have been treaties brokered here and there, but every couple of years fighting breaks out between Israel and Hamas. It usually involves Hamas hurling rockets over to Israel and Israel deflecting them with a missile defense system that was designed by the US government. Israel will retaliate with missile strikes in Gaza and kill a bunch of Palestinian civilians and children. That’s the way it is over there and it’s been that way for years.

I’ve always said that the US should stay out of the business over there. If it’s not a direct threat to America, they should be left to work it out themselves. I am what you would call an isolationist. Unless they are coming over here in a boat or a plane strapped with bombs to blow up Hollywood or New York, we should keep our noses out of all of that Middle East craziness because it’s all based on religion. No matter how cool we think Israel is, they are still a part of the religious fanatics who think that they are entitled an area of land where Jesus is gonna come back and swoop everybody up into heaven during the period of End Times. The wacky end of the world prophecies that all of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim nut jobs believe in all occur in this particular section of Israel. Palestinians, Israel, Evangelical Christians, they’re all nuts because it’s all based on religious fairy tales.

What really bothers me about this latest episode are people like former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg who equate America safety to Israel being able to protect themselves. I don’t care how Israel protects themselves. Let them blow up everybody in the Gaza Strip. Whatever. It’s not my battle. America funds Israel defense to the tune of several hundred million a year. Israel has a strong economy and is a strong state and has everything that other developed countries have like Germany, Italy and so on, but we give them millions upon millions in financial aid. I don’t know why. But who am I to question a political system that has been set up for years? I’m just a little internet show host.

But what I can question and be outraged about are people like former mayor Bloomberg who question the FAA’s ban on flights to Ben Gurion airport. There was a rocket launched by Hamas that landed near the airport and Delta rerouted their flights and canceled everything going to Ben Gurion, because in the wake of the Malaysian Airlines flight that got shot down over the Ukraine, they decided it wasn’t worth the risk to their passengers. Many other airlines and the FAA followed suit.

So nobody’s flying into Ben Gurion airport, which in turn set Israel off. They are losing their fucking minds. They say it is a ludicrous move by the FAA, that their airport is perfectly safe. They say there is no chance a rocket will bring down a plane flying to Israel and unless the FAA doesn’t lift the ban it means the terrorists have won. Hamas has won, so everybody needs to get on a plane and fly to Israel to show them that they haven’t. Michael Bloomberg got on an El Al flight from New York to Israel as a show of solidarity to the Israeli people despite the FAA’s ban. He said Israel has a right to defend themselves and it’s safe to fly there.

How are people confusing Israel defending themselves to America witnessing a commercial airliner being shot down over a war zone in the Ukraine and taking precautionary steps to make sure something like that doesn’t happen to a plane full of Americans? Malaysian Airlines were told that if they flew at a certain level that it would be safe and that plane was shot out of the sky. Now Hamas doesn’t have the equipment to shoot a plane down from 30,000 feet, but they do have rocket launchers that could take a plane down as it descended. Hamas has already put people on notice that they are gonna start targeting Ben Gurion flights and have already lobbed a missile near the airport. As soon as a plane descends to 15,000 feet it is within the range to be struck by a Hamas missile.

How does the United States of America ignore this? After 9/11 happened, there were extraordinary security measures put into place to prevent it from happening again. You couldn’t fly with liquids, you had to take your shoes off, laptops were scrutinized, etc. You basically have to fly naked now. And that’s in the United States, not over a war zone. Not in an airport where air raid sirens go off to indicate a missile launch in their direction. How can a former mayor of a city that had the biggest terror attack ever be so arrogant and have so much influence with the Israeli government to basically thumb his nose at the US government?

I say to Israel bomb whoever you want. Blow up hospitals, churches, whatever. You got a problem with Iran? Go in there and kick the shit out of them. I’m all for Israel defending itself. The US should sit back and let them do what they want. Rid that entire region of all of those anti-Israel elements. Go into Iraq and take out ISIS. Go ahead.

But what does that have to do with preventing a US passenger plane from being blown out of the sky? You can listen to Netanyahu and Bloomberg spout off about it being safe to fly to Israel, but nobody expected the Malaysian plane to be shot down. All it takes is for someone to be wrong and a US plane gets blasted and hundreds of Americans die.

The cynical part of me thinks that this is what Israel wants. They want a catastrophe that involves Americans so they will be able to say, “See America? It was Hamas! It was the Palestinians! C’mon! Let’s get em!” Then we get drawn into their conflict and more American lives will be lost. That’s the cynical nasty part of me thinking that. It’s the only thing I can think of why we wouldn’t err on the side of caution, especially when Hamas has already threatened to bomb airplanes going into Ben Gurion airport and has already launched a missile a mile from the airport to where Delta said, “Fuck this. We’re not flying there anymore.”

Why should the FAA kowtow and give in to the Israeli government because that say that they’re safe? Like how dare we give in to the terrorists. It’s as if Israel is goading us. “C’mon you pussies! Don’t be afraid to fly to Israel! You gonna give in to terrorists?”

Have you looked at the no fly zone map? There are lots of other places America doesn’t fly over, North Korea, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq to name a few. These people are animals. There are plenty of places a US plane won’t travel to. Israel should consider itself lucky that we don’t consider them one of those hostile places, that we still encourage Americans to travel there. But you gotta be nuts to go there when shit is popping off between them and the Palestinians. You gonna go into a war zone to see Jesus’ birthplace?

It’s ludicrous and insulting when Netanyahu and Bloomberg call the Americans out and say they’re pussies for not wanting to fly to Israel. “An airliner getting blown out of the sky spooks you out?” Yeah, it spooks us out! It spooks us out. We as Americans don’t have to worry when we fly from California to New York that some redneck in Georgia is gonna shoot his assault rifle at the plane and try to bring it down. It’s not something we worry about. When we land at an airport, we don’t worry about a rocket being launched at us as we’re coming in. The possibility of that spooks us out a little. We’re not giving in to terrorists. We still go to the beach and to the mall. We’re just not getting on a plane and flying to Israel when assholes are launching rockets at each other! Sorry about that, Israel.

It’s funny because a coupla news organizations brought up John Kerry flying there in spite of the ban, as if it’s the same thing as Bloomberg. First of all, Kerry is Secretary of State. You think he’s flying there on a commercial jet? The fucking Air Force flew him there on a plane with missile detectors, their own rockets and a couple other planes flying alongside as wingmen. He’s not just some asshole flying there on El Al to make an absurd point. He’s not flying on a fucking ValuJet flight.

Israel is a war zone. Plain and simple. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that Hamas has lobbed 4-5000 missiles into Israel during this latest skirmish, but then say it’s perfectly safe to travel there. You can’t say that because Hamas has launched all these rockets, that’s why Israel has retaliated and killed hundreds of civilians because they need to defend themselves and then piss on us and tell us it’s raining and we should fly over there with no worries. Walk the streets, see the sights and sounds and don’t worry. Be happy.

What’s going on between Hamas and Israel is less stable than what’s going on in the Ukraine right now. There has been more rockets launched and more fatalities in Israel and Gaza lately than between Ukraine and the separatists. It does a disservice to Americans to ask them to fly there. It’s just asking for bad shit to happen. It’s one thing to unsuspectingly get on a plane and get blown up by a guy with a shoe bomb. It’s another thing entirely to know something bad is happening and you say to fly there anyway.

All it takes is one Hamas missile launched at a plane to bring it down. What would happen would be worse than what happened in the Ukraine because we would’ve known about it. We would have facilitated it. We would be worse than the Malaysian government trying to save on fuel costs by flying over a war zone. We would be worse, because we would have a ban and have it lifted because of assholes like Bloomberg and Netanyahu bullying us and calling us pussies. It would get us into a battle with Hamas that isn’t our fight and would be our fault because we knew of the dangers.

We have airlines that don’t want to fly to Israel. We tell them to go ahead, it’s safe. They get blown out of the sky and then what do we do? We blame the black president. That’s what we’ve done for the last six years. The Middle East is violent fucked up place and flying to Israel isn’t gonna change that fact. We need to stay the fuck away from that region and let them work it out.

Consider this. A man and woman get on a plane to go on vacation. They’re excited about their trip. They’re gonna see the place where fictional people performed fictional miracles. They are so excited they get a little horny. They go into the bathroom and the woman starts sucking the man’s cock. She’s sucking it and sucking it. He eases his turgid member into her waiting vagina and starts pumping. He’s pumping and pumping and the excitement builds up and both are ready to reach their climax as the plane descends and the announcement comes on telling them to return to their seats for landing. Just as they are about to wildly come together in a mutual expression of their love and continue on their journey BLAM! The plane explodes in a massive fireball and they are both incinerated.

Ladies and gentlemen, that man and that woman are James Deen and Stoya. And they are dead because the FAA lifted the ban.

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