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Pounder Pounded; Carey Creamed

Porn Valley- On a night when Wankus decided to wear a tie, the sartorially resplendent porn jock also decided to weigh in with a few comments regarding Dave Pounder and Mary Carey. Pounder is being quoted in the national press as of late and has even issued a position paper on the current HIV crisis. Meanwhile, Carey appeared on Jay Leno this week, and Wankus took her to task for being made to look like an idiot.

“Whilst” Wankus did not criticize Pounder for using the word “amongst” in a press release, the KSEX porn jock, did take a stand about performers in the industry with little experience in doing so, getting before the mainstream mikes. Wankus referenced the AIM press conference that was held on Thursday. “AIM Halthcare gave statements on what was going on with the Darren James- HIV crisis.” In making his point, Wankus noted how Rob Spallone began addressing the mainstream press as though the spirit of Tony Soprano had grabbed a hold of him.’Yeah, well it’s fuckin’ bullshit ’cause you want me to do a fuckin’ cumshot with a condom?’

“Rob, you’re representing the entire adult industry right now on CNN,” Wankus continued. “Do you want them to fuckin’ bleep every other word and do you want everyone to think of the adult business that way? Yeah, we fuck and we do cum shots but you can say it differently. You can tame it a little bit just for that. You can go crazy for the movies but when you’re on a mainstream channel you can calm down a little bit. I’m sure they couldn’t use half the things he was saying. And I really like the guy but shut the fuck up.”

According to Wankus, Spallone by being around the business for quite awhile has earned the right to say something.

“But the thing is we have other people in the adult industry- like myself- who are not in long enough to have the credibility to speak to the mainstream press,” Wankus went on to say. “I will admit that I’m one of those people which is why when people [at the press conference] asked me for interviews from AP and all those different companies, I declined. Not because I don’t think I’m an intellectual speaker, I declined because I feel I don’t have the experience to answer the quesdtions that they’re going to twist around and turn around anyway. I’m brand new to this.

“Four years is not new if you’re a porn star,” Wankus said. “But as a guy behind the scenes for the most part, I’m pretty new to this industry and I don’t want to speak out of turn. There are plenty of legendary people that have been here for a long time that have been through an AIDs crisis before. They should be responsible for jumping in front of those cameras and answering those questions but not me. And, especially, not other people in my boat or less. But we’ve got people like Dave Pounder being quoted on the Associated Press in hundreds of nationwide publications.”

Wankus made a point of saying that, while he likes Pounder even though he can’t get wood, Pounder’s a goofball who gets his business cards out there. Co-ho Katie Morgan chimed in by saying that Pounder’s not even in the industry. “He’s made like two videos…”

Sparse as some of Pounder’s credits might be, Wankus defended him by saying that, charitably, you can even count Pounder’s calling into KROQ on his resume.

“On his resume he does list that he’s performed in about 20 films and he’s produced about 2 or 3 films,” Wankus noted. “I can’t remember the exact number. So he does qualify as someone in the industry but I just don’t think that he’s someone that should be representing the industry.”

Morgan mentioned something about Pounder’s being “a walking joke.” Wankus said that was Morgan’s opinion.

“But he [Pounder] makes a blanket statement that we all should be federally mandated to use condoms,” Wankus continued. “I’ve seen your films, Dave. You didn’t wear condoms. You can’t make that kind of statement unless you back that up in your work. You’re being quoted as someone in the know. They [the media] actually called him a producer. I’m reading that shit. You got to be fucking kidding me.”

Although he stressed he wasn’t mocking Pounder, Wankus’ point is that people even like himselfwith scant experience should not be talking to the mainstream press.

“Not only are they going to turn around the things you say, the mainstream press loves to get our soundbites so they can make us look like idiots. That’s what they do. They’e playing to their audience and the masses of their audience hate the fuckin’ shit out of porn people. They can’t stand us. They want us gone even though they love jerking off to our movies in private, they will never admit it in a public forum. So the mainstream press with do everything. They did it to Belladonna. All fucking kinds of people. They didn’t do it to Rob Black. He did that to himself. Regardless.

“But the point is, they love to fuck with us,” Wankus stated. “And so having someone who doesn’t have the experience in my opinion is wrong. Do what I do, when you go to AIM and the press is there, or you go to these press conferences, step back. Just say, no, I’m not available. There’s Nina Hartley, go talk to her. Or look, there’s Sharon Mitchell. Go talk to her. There’s Bill Margold. He’s been doing this shit forever. Talk to these people that have been doing this fucking shit forever. They have the experience and the intellect and the history in this business to answer those questions.

Wankus: “Then you’ve got those other people who say the mainstream press makes us look like a bunch of fucking idiots. Guess what? Did you see Mary Carey on Jay Leno the other night? That is why they look at us as idiots. Mary Carey is a nice girl. They put her on that show to make her look like a complete fucking moron. They succeeded. She agreed to it. She goes on the show. She looks like a moron, acts like a moron. She is perceived as a moron. Everyone in the rest of America sees her and judges everyone else in the adult business as a Mary Carey. What do you expect? I’m so sick of porn stars bitching about the fact that mainstream America doesn’t give us any love. We don’t deserve any fuckin’ love! You go on Howard Stern and let them put your fucking head in the toilet and you want respect? Jesus Christ.

How are you going to get some respect out of that? I’m not saying don’t do Howard Stern. You should always do Howard Stern. He’s a fucking awesome guy and great promo. But you can say no to things. You can show your tits. That’s fine. You’re a porn star. That’s what you do. You can do stupid little trivia contests. Whatever. But are you going to suck off a midget with no head and all these little weird things? Stop all that shit. That’s why they look at us as a bunch of fucking trash. Because we allow them to. We ask them to. And don’t even get me started on some of the fucking movies. Some of the movies we allow people to shoot- nothing against Anal Milkshakes. But you want to know why people think we’re idiots? We allow them to think we’re idiots.”


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