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Public Nuisance Barrett Blade Threatens Rob Black

We’re turning over a new leaf here on The Rob Black Show.

Instead of being a brown, dry, dead leaf, we’re gonna be a nice, green, healthy leaf of happiness.

We’re gonna ride in rivers of rainbows and loveliness. That’s how I’m gonna be with all you guys.

Because apparently some people are so distraught by truth and reality that they can’t even speak. They’re flummoxed. They’re verklempt.

When people read what I say and listen to the show and they hear the things that I say it hurts them. And what I’m trying to figure out is what pains them the most. Is it the fact that I’m saying these things out loud and people can read and hear them?

Or is it that the truth and reality is slapping them in the face? Because they’re never had someone give them that dose of truth and reality, so in turn it is so overwhelming that the only way they know how to deal with it is to lash out. At themselves, at me, at an establishment.

I’m perplexed as to why so many people are so upset by listening to their own truth and reality? And what does that say about our industry and any hope for change?

Let me tell you something. I am becoming Sasquatch. Some of you might know him as Bigfoot. I am becoming Yeti, The Abominable Snowman.

People talk about me as if I’m this mythological creature who resides somewhere in the forest or the Himalayas hiding out in a cave eating archaeologists who try to find Yeti or Sasquatch.

I’ve never heard of Bigfoot with a TV or radio show. I’ve never heard of Yeti living high atop the world’s dirtiest, most disgusting strip club in the history of mankind called Star Gardens on the filthiest, grimiest, hooker filled street in America called Lankershim Boulevard.

There were people running around at the Sex Awards show saying that Rob Black was there and he was causing trouble. That’s what I heard this weekend.

Rob Black is running around at the Sex Awards. Not sure why I would be at the Sex Awards or what kind of trouble I would be invoking at the Sex Awards, but nonetheless, the Abominable Rob Black was at the Sex Awards.

If it were not for me having a show that is captivating the entire industry, people would assume I would be running around the Sex Awards peeing in the punchbowl and shitting on the floor like Kristina Rose does. Everybody would be talking about seeing Sasquatch Rob Black at the Sex Awards show.

Another interesting rumor was that I was on a set Saturday, don’t know where, don’t know why, but I was running around on set where the great Barrett Blade was performing and Barrett Blade heard I was on the set and he was going to come outside and beat me up and he came outside with a coupla bros to confront me and lo and behold, Sasquatch wasn’t there.

What are we, twelve years old? What are you, a bunch of kids?

Somebody actually texted me and said that Evan Stone had told them that I was on a set hanging around. I’ve been on three sets besides my own and they were all Axel Braun sets. Why would I ever be on a set with Barrett Blade? Are you out of your fucking mind?

If I’m gonna be some loser that just rolls up on peoples’ sets, I’m gonna hang out in Axel Braun’s luxurious trailer. Hang out and get my dick sucked in his Bentley. I hung out when Tom Byron was doing Obi-Wan for two days and once when I was playing J. Jonah Jameson in Superman vs. Spiderman. My acting was awesome. I can’t remember lines, though. It was me, Jeff Mullen, Andy San Dimas, Ryan Driller, Xander Corvus, bunch of extras. People were rolling their eyes. Axel was like, ‘That’s good. Do it again.’


Rob Black has grown in this larger than life character like Sasquatch hanging out on Barrett Blade sets where an angry mob comes out and beats me up and stabs me with a pitchfork.

Not real sure why Barrett Blade is so upset with me. It might be because I busted his girlfriend Jessa Rhodes’ balls about tweeting that people with HIV should be shot. She actually tweeted “Why doesn’t somebody just shoot these HIV fuckers already? They’re gonna die anyway.”

People hate reality and they hate the truth. Barrett Blade is upset with me because his girlfriend said something so unbelievably horrific and I talked about it and now he wants to beat me up.

What I don’t understand is why people treat me like the Abominable Snowman hidden away in a cave when five hours a day I broadcast high atop a dirty strip club on Lankershim. I say we’re in North Hollywood. I say we’re between Victory and Vanowen Blvd.

Sasquatch doesn’t hang out at the Star Gardens strip club and tell his hunters and potential captors to come hang out and have a beer.

So I’m not sure why Barrett Blade thinks I would drive down to his set and hang out where there is a group of people and beat me up when that same group of angry villagers could come down to Star Gardens and beat Sasquatch up.

Barrett Blade and his girlfriend Jessa Rhodes like to threaten people. That’s two terroristic threats.

You people are hilarious. You hate truth and reality so much that the only way to respond is to threaten violence.

All of you people need to stop crying. When you get your panties in a bunch because somebody says something you don’t like because you opened your fucking mouth and said people with HIV should be shot, then I suggest you shut it.

And if any of you out there think my tone is too harsh, you need to understand why.

Because coddling you all is what has been done for the last two decades and look where it has gotten you. You need to examine who you are and if you don’t like what someone is saying, you need to change it.

One percent of you, like Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake, have been on top for the past decade and a half and the rest of you are here at the bottom. So guess what? Apparently you’re not doing something right. You need more motivation. If your motivation is to be at the bottom, then why do my words matter?

People hate the truth. Nothing worse than hearing the truth. If I tell you the truth and you don’t like it, then you need the change that truth.

When I am in an argument, I have to win. But if I’m wrong I will be the first to state it publicly. If I’m right I will crucify you. That’s the way life is, man. Take a look at politics, take a look at business.

Winning is everything. If anyone tells you different they are losers. If anyone says that winning isn’t important to them it’s because they’ve never won. So they never knew what it felt like to have someone tell them, “You are the best.”

Everything I do is the best. If it’s not the best I try to make it the best. I talk truth. When I tell a story and at the end of that story they say Rob Black is an asshole. Why?

Because I told the truth. People can’t handle the truth.

Ultimately, that is Barrett Blade’s problem. It’s Alana Evans problem, all of these people’s problems are the truth. That’s it.

Steve Hirsch, Marci Hirsch, people I used to be friends with who now don’t like me and think I’m an asshole because I tell the truth. And they don’t like that. If I ask them why, they say because you said it in public.

Truth, when we embrace it, isn’t bad. I know truth hurts. It hurts me. Trust me. But I never fight the truth. When I do something, I try to make it achievable. At some point when that goal is not met, reality sets in. I evaluate that reality and say can I change it?

I hope you all understand what this all means. When somebody says what you did was wrong and your reaction is to insult, to fight, and to not try to correct any of the issues, you’re a weak individual, you’re hopeless as a human being, and you will never amount to than doing what you’re doing now, which is taking up oxygen in the adult entertainment industry, not progressing anywhere except just being here.

You’re not somebody who makes a difference, you’re not somebody who matters.

You’re just a public nuisance.

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