Barrett Blade Works for Wicked a Condom Company and His Girlfriend Wants HIV Performers Dead

There’s been a strange vibe coming out of Wicked Pictures. Any mention of condoms or HIV and everybody’s up in arms.

Brad Armstrong blogged shit about me and Rob Black for suggesting his time spent at the AIDs Walk would be better served if money was raised on behalf of Cameron Bay.

Jessica Drake remains mysteriously silent on the whole issue of condoms and now it’s learned that Barrett Blade’s fiancee Jessa Rhodes wants to see HIV people shot and put out of their misery

Blade, of course, directs for Wicked and enjoys dinners out with Armstrong and Jessica Drake consisting of Chilean sea bass with fish and chips NoBu style. [You learn so much from Twitter.]

Of course Cameron Bay who’s been a target of Rhodes’ scathing Tweet attacks can’t enjoy such sumptuous fare because her money’s paying for medicine to keep alive.


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