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Quasarman Stirs It Up with Anal Milkshake Commentary

Porn Valley — Has Quasarman gone Republican? If not, he’s certainly adopting the meditative Republican Party-style photo op. On the Distorted Reality Show Friday, Quasarman decided to comment on Rob Black’s Anal Milkshake series. And he certainly sounded like the FCC in the process.

Gauge mentioned that she started feature dancing at the Blue Zebra and The Spearmint Rhino in Oxnard. Next week she’ll be at The Crazy Horse in Cleveland. Quasarman said he heard Gauge had a unique way of practicing her exotic dance routine. Gauge explained that she had danced awhile back but a guy had yanked her off of a pole. “Some drunk guy. It traumatized me. I never got back on the pole again.” Quasarman noted that strippers who don’t do good pole work don’t generally haul in the bucks. Gauge said she compensated another way by giving “extra” attention to customers. But not that assumes she touches them intimately. “I bounce on their faces,” she said.

To master her pole work, Gauge got a portable dancer’s stage. Quasarman asked if she bought it off of a commercial at 4am along with an ab roller. “The Ron Popeil Exotic Dancer Home Version?” Gauge said she bought hers from a place in Costa mesa and set it up in the middle of her bedroom and practices in front of mirrors to DVDs which teach pole tricks.

Gauge said she’s excited about feature dancing but is still a relative amateur on the poles. “I like interacting with the fans- it’s fun.” Gauge said she does private lap dances for $100 and Quasarman asked Gauge, without incriminating herself, what someone could expect from that amount. “A really hot ass Gauge dancing all over you,” she replied. Gauge was asked how she would handle erection situations. “Would that give you the creeps?” Gauge figured it might be worth another $100, though and didn’t even want to think about a situation should a patron soil himself. “I don’t want to think about it until the time comes.”

Tanya Danielle was also a guest on the show, Gauge observed that she and Danielle had worked together on a Jim Holliday set. Gauge said they weren’t intimately involved, and Quasarman asked how they could have worked together, then. “Did you build a shed together?” Gauge said on one of the days there was a big photo shoot. “Another time you have your certain scenes but everybody’s on set…” Quasarman said that’s because Holliday’s an egomaniac. “He likes to have every single girl in the business on his set all at once– to fawn over him and his sandaled feet.”

Gauge said she and Danielle had some good conversations while waiting to do their scenes. “But she always seemed like a really nice girl.”

That’s when the conversation swung to an incident from Rob Black’s Anal Milkshake. “It’s my personal feeling that the industry is sinking to new lows each and every week,” Quasarman said. “What happened to the good old days of self-policing and trying to keep things in check? Because we’re looking out for each other. Because nobody wants to go down because of the ‘man’?”

Quasarman said he had been shooting a newcomer Sasha who’s from Germany. “This kid was telling me how he was doing a one-on-one scene with this girl. Which girl? [Victoria Sin] So much vagina passes before my eyes each week it’s hard to keep track.” Adopting a German accent, Quasarman imitated Sasha and how he was grateful for the opportunity to be shooting a normal one-on-one because the day before he had to shoot a scene “that was just fuckink horrible.” Asked what was horrible about it, Sasha told Quasarman he went to Extreme and had to make a milkshake in a girl’s ass.

Quasarman: “Apparently him and two or three other guys were banging this broad and they all deposit payloads in her colon. Then they add ice cream and sugar and she turns herself over in some kind of receptacle where she consumes it.”

[Read Julie Night’s take on her participation ]

Gauge asked for a translation of what he had just said. “The combination of tasty Baskin-Robbins as well as the DNA of deviants is then mulched in her buttocks and deposited in some kind of bowl, then she eats it.” Quasarman also said he was disturbed for a couple of reasons. “This was the man that brought us Cocktails and Forced Entry. And this is the man that could potentially put us all out of a work if his case doesn’t go well. I can’t help but think that it’s a little irresponsible to be indicted for obscenity then go and make the anal milkshake movie. And I also think it’s a pretty stupid thing to do. It’s a really bad premise for a movie.”

Gauge said she wouldn’t want to be the chick in the scene. “I listen to my fans on what all they like.” Quasarman asked if her fans would be happy “if you let a bunch of creeps turn you upside down, fill your ass with ice cream and then cum on you.” Gauge said her fans like real-life scenarios and wanted to know what girl next door is doing ass milkshakes.

Quasarman said it got him to thinking about larger issues such as “how much dignity is really worth in the world nowadays?”



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