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Keiko’s Ass Milkshake

Porn Valley- Last week during KSEX’s live broadcast of the Society 1 Suspension Show from the Key Club, Keiko and her fiance Rob Longshot were interviewed by Tim Case and Felicia Fox.

Longshot works with other girls and in the past has done a scene with Felicia Fox in Dr. Fellatio No. 43 for Elegant Angel. Asked what it was like having his dick vacuumed by an award winning cocksucker, Rob said it was pretty damn good. Since starting in the business last August Keiko has done over 50 scenes by her count. One of the scenes that particularly stands out in her mind, according to Keiko, was a milkshake scene that she had done for Rob Black –

Keiko, who said she enjoys being fucked hard in the ass, was asked to elaborate. “It’s an actual normal d.p, scene with three guys,” she explained, “where I end up in a pile driver position with my knees behind my head. And my loving fiance takes a speculum, sticks it in my gaping anus.” Keiko said Rob Black was such a sweetheart. “He knew that I was lactose intolerant and he got soy milk for my milkshake.”

Keiko said once she had the speculum popped in her ass, all three guys dumped their loads in the speculum. “They add a little bit of soymilk until it’s filled to the top and then whipped cream. Then they flipped me over backwards almost in this somersault and they dumped it into a milkshake glass. And I drink it.”

Keiko said she and Longshot have moved to Los Angeles from Florida. While in Florida Keiko said she and Longstreet tried swinging but there were too many prudes in the bible belt that it was almost impossible. Case said he and Fox were monogamous before they came into the business. “When we came from Ohio to Los Angeles we weren’t really swingers. We weren’t into that lifestyle. It was a work-thing.” Keiko said she had relatives in Ohio and can understand why. “It was a big jump for us.”

Asked if a move to L.A. has changed their relationship, Keiko said she and Longstreet are still completely honest with one another. “We’re still very much on love.” Longshot said stronger, if anything. Case sounded mildly surprised.

“Most people can’t understand that,” Case said. “They’re, like, I don’t understand how if you’re having sex with someone else, you’re cheating.” Keiko said in their relationship there’s a separation between sex and love. Longshot says he believes in honesty. “As long as we’re not lying about it to each other or as long as we’re not trying to betray each other’s trust, then there’s not cheating involved. Cheating is when you lie to the person about it.”

Keiko and Longshot have been together going on four years. Keiko said she and Longshot have known each other since seventh grade and were friends before they got together. Asked if there have been any significant changes in their relationship since they got into the adult industry, Keiko said there’s been more cuddling than sex at home. “We get right to the cuddling. I’m tired. I worked all day.”

Fox agreed, stating that she feels bad for Case. “When you work a lot you don’t really feel like having sex at home. That’s some of the things I feel worst about.” Fox said the last thing she feels like doing after having sex with someone who has 12 inches, is fucking the minute she gets home. “I’m sore. My lips are swollen. He’s like, honey, just blow me, please.” Case said he can’t compete with Sean Michaels.

“It’s tiring,” Fox added. “Long day, big cocks.”


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