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Rebecca Bardoux Back But Whatever Happened to Critical X?

The Email inbox has been flooded with all kinds of press releases today about Rebecca Bardoux returning to porn to perform. The last time I spoke to her was June 21, 2005 when this story developed:

“Katie Gold told this story on KSEX about how she walked out of Erotica L.A., and left the booth she was supposed to be signing for. Gold, however, never mentioned the booth. It was Adult One-Stop which was sharing space with Critical X, a company that Rebecca Bardoux is now working for.

I spoke to Bardoux Tuesday morning. According to Bardoux, Gold just basically walked out but never talked to any one at the booth, including her. Bardoux was in the ladies room when Gold took a powder. Bardoux had been setting up the booth but never got to see Gold. “I called her on the phone but she didn’t want to answer my calls. But I never had the opportunity for her to come to me and say what her problems were.”

Bardoux thought that some of the remarks made by Gold were “way out there”.

Asked if Gold had to sell videos which is the story she put out there, Bardoux said Adult One-Stop brought in Gold’s videos for her to sign. “And we were going to give her a cut. In addition to that, we were also going to pay her.” Bardoux said Brittany Skye signed and didn’t seem to have any problems.

Bardoux asks me if I ever interviewed Alana Lipps whom Bardoux introduced me to at the Arrow-Moonlight party. Bardoux didn’t think Critical X was going to use Lipps, however. “She’s just a little too chubby.”

I tell Bardoux I like that kind of chubby.

“She’s a really nice girl,” says Bardoux. “The only problem I have with her was, like, you say something to her and she’s I know. I was just so worried if is she going to get on a set and do that to some producer or director? Bardoux has a good chuckle about Lipps’ been there, done that reference of experience with five seconds in the business.

“She’s a smart girl and very independent,” Bardoux hastens to add. “And that’s the thing- she’s VERY independent.”

Bardoux tells me that Critical X started up about two months ago. “It was started by a gentleman who was over in Hungary shooting,” she says.

“He came over here and decided that he wanted to start selling scenes over here to the other companies. As he was doing that he was thinking why should I sell these scenes. I’ll just create a company of my own. That’s what he did. So now they’re in the process of shooting over here as well. And that is why we’re also looking for a contract girl to represent the company.” For her part, Bardoux said she’s picky when it comes to the girls. “I expect them to be a little bit like I was.” I ventured to use the term old school. Bardoux was not disagreeing.

“That’s what I’m looking for and it’s hard to get that complete package nowadays,” Bardoux says, noting that the company is doing very well with sales. “We have Vince Miller doing our sales.” According to Bardoux, she and Miller have formed an adjunct company called Bare Inc. The way Bardoux describes it, it sounds like a consulting company. The company provides a service to companies who need questions answered about where to go for distribution. “I would call us more brokers,” she says. “I’ve had people come to me with projects- like they have one or two titles and don’t know what to do with it. We guide them a little bit. We put our so-called expertise into it.”

Otherwise, Critical X is dealing with a one release per week schedule right now says Bardoux. “And that’s hectic.” Bardoux says she probably has half a book written about her life in porn. “But not even about the industry itself,” she says. “But what type of person, how does a person grow up and what are they exposed to that makes them want to get in this industry. Now that I’m older and my mind is clearer, I can look back and understand things now.”

I ask Bardoux what it was that made her decision to leave active performing. Bardoux describes herself as a shy person as compared to the screen vixen she portrayed.

“I miss it sometimes.”

But Bardoux took a leave when she got very sick. “They said it was chronic fatigue. I just got worn down. I was on the road dancing- it just took me out. There was the drinking, doing the drugs. I wasn’t eating. I just did it to myself so I had to stop. Then I decided maybe this isn’t what I wanted to do. I was wishy-washy. I didn’t stay focused and keep my mind on the things that I wanted. I didn’t have a game plan.”


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