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For Jennifer James, It’s Now About Sex and the Machine; Whatever Happened to Egoist Entertainment?

Porn Valley- Director Jennifer James, [pictured right] who’ll be my guest on KSEX Wednesday night, has been touting this “porn party of porn parties” coming up this Saturday night.

It’s going to be held at Facade, formerly known as Club Ivar.

[Just south of the corner of Ivar and Hollywood Blvd. and west of Hollywood & Vine.]

“I’ve been doing work for this guy named Richard Rehn who is an engineer and owns 14 worldwide patents,” states James, aexplaing that Rehn has built something called The Seize Her Machine.

“It looks like something that used to lift engines out of American cars in the Sixties,” says James. “The girls love it and Mary Carey gave one to Howard Stern- a hot pink one- on the air.”

James has also directed a movie for Rehn which is being distributed by IVD and Adam & Eve.

“It [the machine] puts on quite a show and we made this deal with a club in Hollywood and they’re going to give us a private area where the machine can be up and working and the girls can play with it,” continues James.

“This is a party where the press can go and shoot. It will be a helluva party. We got a catering-thing with some real nice catered food. It’s not going to be like any other porn party, I don’t think.”

“We’re going to have full on penetration by this fucking machine,” states James. “Candy Manson is star of the movie and she loves the machine.”

According to James, she’s been working with private investors as of late and her last two movies were for them.

“The ground is changing beneath us,” James observes.

Speaking of which, I asked James whatever happened to the company [Egoist] that backed the project Exxxtra, Exxxtra made famous by Kurt Lockwood’s fight with Gram Ponante in a parking lot.

“I don’t know- I offered him [Egoist owner Brian Scott] an invite but he kind of dropped off the planet,” states James. “And I got him a six picture deal at Hustler.”

James laughs about Egoist being an appropriate name for that company.

“I went looking for their website and couldn’t find the server up,” says James. “I don’t know what’s happened to him- I don’t know if he’s in LA or not.”

One more casualty to the porn is a quick-buck multi-billion dollar industry scam, I suppose

“I told this guy the payback time on a movie is three to five years,” says James. “I said it’s not the videotape sales. It’s the broadcast deals. It’s the VOD; it’s the cellphone, overseas and all kinds of other deals. Nobody every listens. I tell them this is not a quick turnover.”

James who owns her own catalogue of titles says she made movies ten years ago that are still paying her money.

“It’s a long term investment. It’s not a short term, hey, I’m going to be real big. Some one should be expecting to make a long term commitment.”

James, who writes, directs, shoots, edits and produces her movies, said she’d also cater the set if she had the time.

“What more can I do? But that’s what they want out of everybody,” she says. “The companies are just feeding on their young. No one seems to care about a quality movie.”

James describes Rehn, a new player in the game as 55 and a nice person who’s having a little fun with this project.

From what I gather, Rehn was very successful but his wife took him for everything he owned and he lost his companies, airplanes and three houses.

Now he lives on the proceeds of the 14 worldwide patents that he owns.

“This guy is neat fun guy,” continues James. “He’s a gentleman and a real straight shooter. He’s one of the few people I’ve met in a long time that does everything they said they’d do.”

James has a four picture deal with Rehn whose company is Roman Industries.

According to James Rehn’s “fuck” machines are now being mass produced and, subsequently did a movie about them called Sex and the Machine starring Manson, Alexis Love, Nick Manning and Cindy Crawford.

“The machine puts on one helluva show,” states James. “This isn’t like the Sybian where the girl sits there and you can’t see anything. This thing plunges in and out. Even Mick Manning was a little intimidated by it. We made a deal with the club where if we walled in four side we can put the machine in there with a bench and girls and press.

“Then everyone can see something that’s never been seen at one of these parties. It’s full on penetration. Candy said it’s one of the best fucks she’s had. I think this is going to be a particularly good party.”

I’m asking James what’s with all the parties as of late- no one remembers them.

“I think we’ve become an industry of buzz,” James offers. “It’s almost like what happens in regular Hollywood, except it’s sort of a surrealistic version. I grew up in regular Hollywood. I was a stunt man and kind of familiar with creating almost a bullshit buzz just to sell something.

“It’s like not going to Vegas in January. What did you do, die? Are you out of business? The parties are almost perceived that you’re in the game and are there. It makes it easier to get deals- even the deals I get- that you’re doing something. Better to be doing something.”

James also has taken on a new business partner, Suzie Olson.

“She’s run major companies and our own company now,” says James. “She’s bringing major investors in. I believe we’ll get to a larger status and get more into distribution and other things besides just production. I love making movies but you’ve got to pay the rent as well.”

Besides the four-picture deal with Rehn, James said they’ll be working together on a series of interactice projects with his new products.

“He’s not doing these movies to be a porn guy,” says James. “But he’s a serious player.”


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