Review: Lord of Asses 4

Porn Valley- The way the morning’s first Starbucks flavors the nostrils can’t beat the way dawn meets the whiff of ass finger. In this case it’s Tom Byron’s in his Class-X DVD issue of Lord of Asses 4,

And Byron’s finger digs in a lot of shitholes- those of Nikita Denise, Illona, Heather Lyn, Felony and Chocolate, to be precise. But lest you get the mistaken impression that someone’s pet Shar Pei is on the loose fucking all those girls in the ass, reverse cowgirl-style, closer inspection will reveal that it’s Byron’s balls, flexing their grand ridges in bold relief.

Byron is a dynamo in this tape- a pure fuckmeister at the height of his form. And, in the opening salvo, Denise lends a charming amiability that makes this a grand viewing experience. After giving up trying to say Mary Had a Little Lamb in that thick European accent of hers, Nikita does what she does best- by rolling over and allowing Byron to dispatch her butt cheeks with some serious prison style anal including repetitive dip sticking. There’s some equally amenable 69’ing that sets the framework for this passionate encounter, and Byron takes every available opportunity to make Nikita’s sphincter open wide and say ah. Some healthy spooning sets the stage for a daredevil ATM.

Illona is French and possesses Hollywood starlet looks. But the camera certainly doesn’t lose sight of the fact that she has a beautiful ass, besides, and grabs the kind of angles that afford key visual points for masturbatory purposes. Illona is also capable of some world class, see-it-all gaping. And if there were poop puppies on the lam, their hideout has certainly been revealed in this scene.

Heather Lyn then gets on camera, and for the full complement of cock, balls and ass sucking, she’s evidently the go-to gal. Lyn sucks cock the way some people say hi in an elevator. And Byron’s not so bad, either, when it comes to tonguing the runway. By the time Byron’s jacking his shell in her crapper, you’ve got a scene that pumps some serious lead.

Felony is one of the most adorable girls ever to take it in the ass, so it’s quite obvious that Byron wants to dispense quickly with the small talk and land in the chestnut patch of backdoor pleasure. Ordinarily anal in the mish position affords little to say about it, but observe how Felony’s thighs become a human pretzel. Your balls will be calling the fire department.

Chocolate, as you will also observe, is a lovely woman aptly named. As the interracial square dance begins, Chocolate pounces on Byron’s cock like a Santo Domingo street urchin putting the touch on a well-heeled gringo tourist. Taking her muscular, taut body on tour of the bed, Byron, in kind, pushes his man love unremittingly into her ebony cushions when Chocolate straddles for the cowgirl ride, each thrust a weed yanked by the roots rom the bottom of his lungs. Okay, it’s the coffee talking.


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