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Rhiannon Bray Returns

Porn Valley- The outspoken Rhiannon Bray,, long absent from the KSEX, scene was a guest on The Wanker Show Monday night. Wankus mention that he had seen Bray at Internext, but, with her new tits, she didn’t bother to be in the bikini contest. Bray said that was because the contest was fixed. Wankus told her, nevertheless, think of the promo on behalf of her website. Bray also characterized that event as three days of excessive drinking with not enough sleep. “Total lunacy.”

Bray also announced that she was moving to Florida. “Since the whole HIV-thing, I cannot work to save my ass,” she said. “Because I’m a condom performer and there’s no condom work in L.A. There’s three companies that shoot and they can only shoot you so much.” Bay said she couldn’t make a living any more that way, that she was going behind camera in Florida to direct. Wankus asked whether she was going to work in some strip clubs. Bray replied that she’s going to a strip school in Florida to learn to become a feature. “Proper feature dancing- not that shaking my ass on stage. They show you how to put on different shows with candle wax and whipped cream and how to do it without making a terrible mess.” Bray intends to live in Pompano Beach.

Wankus mentioned that he had a two-year plan that would ultimately create a KSEX-east. “We’re going to have shows down there with strippers and webcam girls,” he said. “At not we switch to L.A. where there’s going to be porn stars. That’s a KSEX inside secret.” Wankus said should that happen, the shooting would be done at his house. Bray volunteered and he said he’d be nervous about having her over. In a sexual way, that is. Asked if she was a Dolphins fan, Bray said no. In that case, laughed Wankus that area is exclusive to Dolphins fans and Bray would have to remain in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Bray said she was a basketball fan and with Shaq now there, she’d be more likely to pay attention to the games.

Bray also announced that she no longer does anal except for her website and that she has a renewed energy and commitment to the business because of that. “I’m just having so much fun being a total and complete pervert.” Now that she’s shooting lots of content for her site, Bray said she’s having more fun than ever before and takes full control of all aspects of her site. Bray said some of her fans are just awesome. “They send me pictures of their kids. And they send me pictures of their friends and family. They’ll bring the wife along with them to the conventions and start talking about all the stuff I’m supposed to know about.” Bray said a lot of her fans have become her friends, consequently.

On another note, Bray also made it very clear that she doesn’t want fans to send her pictures of their cocks. “I don’t care! I fuck for a living. Cock is the last thing I want to see. I have an abundance of cock in my life. I’m not a dating service. Unless you’re going to fuck me on camera don’t e-mail it to me.” Bray wondered what it was with guys who send her pictures of their cocks. “Like we’re going to get married and have little cocks.”

Bray had been on quarantine during the HIV-scare. She was on the second generation list. “Which means that I was with somebody who was directly with the gentlemn who had it.” Bray had asked a lot of questions at the time and discovered that she almost had a zero chance at best of being infected. “I was more pissed off that I couldn’t work,” she said, “that I had to find alternative ways to pay my bills.” What really disturbed Bray was the fact that she had thousands of dollars of work set up in Florida that she had to cancel. Wankus said he would have liked to see a fund set up for people who were on the generation list besides those who had been on the HIV list. Bray said some people got on the Q-list for something as minimal as a blowjob scene. “I’m not knockin’ AIM, but it’s a fuckin’ blowjob.”

Wankus said he could see them being over careful during a scare. “But there was a lot of people like yourself who needed money but there was nothing to give them.” Bray thought it would be cool if those people were allowed to work with condoms. “But I respected the whole thing.” Bray noted that her gas, cable and Internet were completely shut off. “My power was shut off.” Bray said it got so bad her landlord filed paperwork to have her evicted and her car payment was late, besides. “It was really, really hard.” Bray’s still repairing from the hit, according to her, and that there isn’t enough work to bounce back.

However, Bray’s not surprised, either, that the industry basically went back to normal. “Out of sight, out of mind,” she commented. Asked if she was angry over the situation, Bray said she is over two things. “I’m angry at Darren James for being the dumb motherfucker that he is when he knows better,” she said. “He’s been in this business for a long time.” It was also Bray’s wish that someone would find James and beat the shit out of him. “I hope he gets his ass kicked.” Bray said she heard that there was a hit out on James. “He wasn’t thinking. It was not just him getting a piece of ass or shooting a movie. It’s everybody else’s life that he put in danger. He wasn’t thinking of that when he acted.”

Wankus noted that it hasn’t been confirmed that James brought it in. “Some people are saying there’s a good possibility that Lara Roxx brought it in.” Bray wasn’t buying that and mentioned that there had also been runmors that she was working during quarantine. Bray explained that people wouldn’t even hire her for solos. “They didn’t want to be in the same room with me.”

Making one of those I know for a fact statements, Bray went on to say that half the population of Brazil had tested positive and that 90% of the hookers tested positive. “Which is what they’re hiring and you can but a test for $10 that says you’e negative. You can buy a fake test. This is pretty common knowledge.” With that kind of information, Bray said James had to be insane to work there.



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