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Ringside Report Interviews Adult Movie Performer Diamond Jackson

from – Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“My biggest thing is don’t just do it for the money, do it because you love it. Your fans will know if you don’t enjoy it and for yourself, if you don’t like it, you will not do it for very long.- Diamond Jackson

Jackson….. Diamond Jackson…. Standing at 5′7, with measurements of 34-24-24 and a DD/E Cup, this lady is not easily shaken or stirred. In an industry today that brings in billions of dollars a year, you have some Adult Stars who really stand out for their unique looks and of course their skills. Diamond combines those qualities and a great sense of humor that has been a recipe for a successful adult movie career and a flourishing website where you can see her perform daily on the various web cam shows she gives.

Jackson, the former College Grad who majored in Sports Medicine Technology, is still a fitness nut who likes to work out in her home gym to keep in shape in between long days of work and running her website. In this exclusive interview, Diamond gives a 180 about the Adult Industry, her website business and thoughts on myriad of topics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, RSR brings you Ms Diamond Jackson….

BB: First off, let’s catch up the RSR readers on what you are doing today?

I have a website and you can catch me on Twitter where you only need my first name. For the live cam shows, you can catch them at

I have an Adult Movie coming out called The Companion,which is my first feature film I have done. In it, I play a character named Monica,and it’s for Josh Stone Productions. The release date for it is September 30th. I also have a movie out now called House Hunters IV,which is a series by Girlfriends Films which came out on September 17th. On November 5th – 7th, I am making an appearance at The Exxxotica New Jersey Expo in Edison, New Jersey. Then on November 19th -21st, I will be at The Everything to do with Sex Show in Toronto, Canada.

On January 6th -9th, 2011, I will be at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Finally, I will be starting a new show on Blog Talk Radio where I answer all types of sex questions…

BB: Your biography says you graduated from college. What university did you attend and what did you major in?

I graduated from Denver University and got a Degree in Sports Medicine Technology.

BB: What made you get your degree in Sports Medicine Technology?

I enjoyed Fitness and keeping my body in shape. I liked sports and gymnastics and during High School, I was into cheerleading. So with that background, I was always interested in it.

BB: Before you ventured into a successful career in the Adult Movie Industry, you were a TV personality who hosted, produced and edited your own show.

Yes, it was a local mainstream show where I did fitness and was the Executive Producer and did some of the editing – camera work and worked in front of the camera. I also hired other personal trainers. Even before this show, I did television work where I was a VJ like in the early days of MTV, where the person talked about and introduced the videos.

BB: You also worked in mainstream modeling and as an actress. What are some of things you did?

Yes, I did national commercials and runway modeling. Being 5′7 and having a long lean body where when they put you in heels, you are even taller. I was able to do runway modeling. I modeled swimsuits and fitness wear. On the acting side, I did some plays that I really enjoyed.

BB: How did you first get into the Adult Movie Industry?

I first got into the Adult Industry when I was a model. At that time, I saw a generic ad in the newspaper that wanted lingerie and swimsuit models. I answered the ad and when I went, it was an actual job for a camera model online. It was basically taking your clothes off for whoever wanted to see you in a private show. I really didn’t know what it was until the first day I got there. So when they said, I had to take off my clothes, I was like oh gosh,but honestly, as a model, we had to take our clothes off anyway. It really paid well and I went with that for awhile. Then other companies like Club Jeana, Bang Bros and Reality Kings saw me and I started to do some of my first stuff with them.

I also, at the time, got into movies in 2007, had my own website where I performed and lots of my members were asking me when I was going to try making porn films? They knew how much I loved sex.

BB: What precautions do the people behind the movies take to ensure that STD’s are not rampant amongst performers in your industry?

We are tested every month between 28 and 31 days. It’s very good and that means we are safer than the general public. The performers in my industry actually see the test of each performer. The biggest thing is to stop an outbreak to other talent. If someone has something, they are shut down to work in the industry.

BB: A follow up question. In boxing, if a fighter is suspended for a medical reason, in most states the record is online and can be checked where they cannot fight until the suspension is lifted. However in some states with very weak commissions, the fighter can slip through the cracks and still fight though under a suspension. Is it the same way in the Adult Movie industry?

No because you have to show your test results. Then a lot of times, people like me want to see your most recent test which you can also do online so it cannot be doctored up and all of that. If it’s something that can be cured, then they have to take the medicine and then, get retested in order to come back to work proving what they had is gone.

BB: Over the years in adult movies you really didn’t have a lot of African American women performing, but in the last era of the 80’s and 90’s you had names like Heather Hunter, Jeannie Pepper, Angel Kelly and Ebony Ayes to name a few. In this era, you have yourself, Jada Fire, Vanessa Blue and Nyomi Banxx to name just a few. Have you ever met any of the old guard in your industry and if so, did they commend your body of work?

Yes, I actually spoke with Heather Hunter at an event in Miami that I was think called ?he Legends of Porn and after that, she said things just like you mentioned and was very encouraging. She really had a beautiful soul and I am not just saying it. It was so refreshing because there are not many people out there like her in the general no matter what you do in this world. She truly was very, very personable.

BB: What do you say to a lot of Adult movie fans who think that in your business today, it’s more about just the sex than telling a story/sex as it was in the 70’s and 80’s that seemed to find a very big following?

I would say that the reason it has gone to that from what I can see is from the bang bang of the amateur porn scene out there, which has really taken off. It’s an easy concept where anything went. I am on TV and watch me have sex. With it taking off so fast, a lot of the companies went with that. The bigger companies such as your Vivid and Wicked I believe started to feel the stress from all those other amateur sites online/movies. A man could get his fix in less than ten minutes and went to work right after. With our lifestyles today being so busy we don’t have time to sit around and a watch an entire movie and a guy for sure, doesn’t want to see it to get off. I think that is why you see the films today instead of the story/sex in the years you mentioned.

Some of those old films, but not all were very corny back then from what I saw. They were kind of like B Movies in the mainstream that, quite honestly, are not that good. Now if we go back to the story/sex which I am not opposed to, then I think the scripts have to be a lot better and seem more real with them being less corny. Now if they do that, I think people will once again, flock to those types of Adult Movies. Finally, keep in mind that those movies cost a lot to make and many adult companies are having the movies put online for free, so they cannot afford it.

BB: The Adult Movie industry at this time doesn’t have any union or as in the mainstream where funds are paid into such groups as AFTRA or SAG. Why do you think after all these years of the industry being around and making billions, there still is not something in place for performers in your business?

No, we don’t have any union. I think we should have some type of union to support us, but for whatever reasons the industry as I mentioned does not.

BB: A follow up question is does your industry have a spokesperson like the mainstream Hollywood industry does?

It would really fall to your agent or manager who is up to what is going on the industry. Currently, I don’t have an agent right now, but I handle all of my business matters very careful because porn to me is just like any job where you must educate yourself with the business side.

BB: It always seems that you have a few politicians here and there who want to take on the Adult Movie industry as being something that is against the Bible. Over the years, their constituents got very angry because there are tons of much more important issues than this one like the economy and healthcare. In fact, those same politicians are hypocrites because they take your taxes that you make from those movies that they think are vile and use them to push their ear marks or other causes forward. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Well first, for the constituents that are tired of this, they need to go and vote and allow their voice to be heard that they are tired of politicians taking on the Adult Industry when there are so many more important causes like the economy and healthcare. I am one who does in fact, vote! Politicians cater to groups and many times, and I hate to say this, they lie to get what they want. It’s kind of like this. The women’s vote is very important to a politician and one of the things though not everything they strive for in an election or reelection is that block of voters. Women, of course, who are not in porn or watch porn, will be against it because they don’t want their man watching it. Therefore in order to get that women’s vote, they say ?orn is the root of evil,or something to that effect. Most men, but not all of course are not going to really give a shit.

A male politician really wants to get the women vote because they know that women will always attract more women they know to vote very easily. Women at times, get jealous of women in porn because they don’t want to be made to feel they have to look like them, screw like them and all that other stuff. The internet porn industry has taken many of their husbands or significant others away from them because they don’t spend the time with them being romantic or satisfying them, which if they did, then you would not have to worry about him going somewhere else in most cases to satisfy their needs.

Politicians take this issue on because the bottom line is they are seeking votes and will pander to any cause whether it’s the adult industry or another issue if they think in the end, the votes will come to get them elected or re-elected.

BB: With so many distributors today taking just clips of your films and repackaging them into another movie making it look like you have a brand new movie out, while advertising your name as the star, when really you did the scene or scenes from a previous movie, do you get any royalties from these tapes?

Yes, I have had that happen a few times. No, you don’t get any royalties for it.

BB: With the advent of free pornography on the internet today, do you feel it helps or hurts your website business because there, they have to pay to see you and of course the video stuff is free?

I really feel it actually helps. The number one way of making money is exposure. I don’t care who you are or what you do, if you have no exposure, nobody is going to know who you are, so you are not going to make a lot of money. The more people that know about you, the more potential you have of making more money. So my thing is I don’t ever cry about it, because there is not anything I can really do about it. You go in as talent – sign your contract and get your pay. Everyday, I find myself somewhere else on a new website, but the point is, it brings me new fans and more money for my cam shows because I am always online. So I am like, put it everywhere, I don’t care!

BB: At the award shows or any other events, you always see mainstream Hollywood Stars in the audience or visiting. In your experiences, how does mainstream Hollywood treat performers in your business?

Most of the mainstream Hollywood folks I know personally have treated me very well to include the men and women in the music industry as well. Honestly, many folks and not just in Hollywood love sex…. Maybe this is a shocking fact to some, but to me, it’s not at all….

BB: Do you see yourself coming from in front of the camera to being behind it as a Director?

I don’t see it, but anything is possible and as I mentioned earlier, I did do it before in the mainstream media.

BB: On your website, you are the spokes model for the Vibrator Buddy. While watching that clip, I felt like you wanted to crack up and were having a lot of fun. Is it safe to say in real life, you are a cut up who likes to really laugh/have fun?

Yes, you are right in your observation because I can be pretty comical and people think I should go into comedy, but I don’t really see that. I love life and like to have fun while never focusing on the negative which I hate to say, many people do.

BB: Talk about the stalking aspect about your business that you may or may not have dealt with?

I use Oprah Winfrey as an example always when talking about this. We really don’t know much about her really other than of course, she is a talk show host and that is really how you need to keep it. That’s why there are certain things I will not say because my personal life is personal because I do have family that are in the entertainment business and do mainstream television which you may see on a daily basis. This is why I do not let a lot of people know who I am or what I am about other than what they see. I think more of the ladies doing these cam shows which I have seen telling far too much personal stuff like where they live and that is where you get in trouble. I have had instances where I had people trying to get into my life too much and I had to tell them this is none of your business. In this business, you have to be careful bottom line.

To add just a little be more to my answer. I was at Walmart a few years ago and there was a van of migrant workers who had no clue who I was. I was just walking out of the store and they tried to pull me into the van by grabbing my arm. Luckily I got away, but this is how crazy life can be!

BB: I would like you to share your words of wisdom from a business standpoint to any young man or woman who is of the legal age who wants to get into the Adult Movie Industry.

I would tell them that if this is something you really want to do, try to get yourself a reputable agent that can help you get your foot in the door. For the men, it is a lot harder, but once you get in, you do get a lot of jobs. When you do get into the industry, only do something that you enjoy doing. If you don’t like doing anal sex, then don’t let them tell you if you do, you will make more money. My biggest thing is don’t just do it for the money, do it because you love it. Your fans will know if you don’t enjoy it and for yourself, if you don’t like it, you will not do it for very long. Finally, realize that is the Adult Movie industry and say down the road you want to be a politician, you might just not be able to because of this career (laughs).

BB: Who is your favorite singer of all-time and why?

Diana Ross and Whitney Houston are tied. I think they really bring feelings to their music.

BB: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one CD and one movie, what would choose?

It would be Diana Ross’ Greatest Hits. The movie would be Lady Sings The Blues.

BB: If you could change one thing in the World, what would that be and why?

That would be to see all people as equal. If they are handicapped or believe differently than you, it would not matter, we are one – equal.

BB: Who is the one person from any walk of like you would like to meet/talk with?


BB: What would be your first question for God?

What was your purpose for creating man besides you love him?

BB: What is something you can share with the RSR readers that you have never told anyone before this interview?

Wow…. Sexually, I liked to be kissed behind my ear which is one of my hot spots (laughs).

BB: How did you come up with the name Diamond Jackson?

Well, I basically was watching an old movie called The Players Club (1998) and the character that Lisa Raye played was called Diamond. When I came to the modeling gig we talked about earlier, they said I have to have a stage name. I was like what the fuck is a stage name? I had just watched the movie and said Diamond…. So the name was born (laughs). When I started shooting porn in 2007, they kind of basically said I need a last name so I added Jackson.

BB: Who is your favorite fighter and why?

Muhammad Ali. I enjoyed the fact they he added entertainment into his boxing. Like his line Float Like a Butterfly and Sting Like A Bee. He really did make it entertaining.

BB: Do you favor a mandatory retirement fund for all boxers and if so, how would you like to see it accomplished?

Yes, I favor anyone actually having a retirement fund. You have to think about when you get older and it necessarily is not your kids that will take care of you and if you don’t have any then who? Basically from what I am thinking you are going to have to go to local politician offices to get your Senators involved to institute something like this since it has never been done by just the boxing people in the business. Then get people in your industry to sit down and put something down on paper to get it started /how to get it going.

BB: Finally, what is the saying you live your life by?

“Learn to love and be loved.”


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