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Sunset Thomas Interviewed on Ringside Report

[]- “I simply love the sport. Yes, it’s somewhat barbaric but it is the sweet science and the thinking man almost always outpoints the purely physical boxer and I like that lesson!”–Sunset Thomas

I am very pleased with the ever-growing popularity of my segment “Reliable Source,” and have begun to expand on the concept by interviewing some of the celebrities that the fans are interested in. One thing I feel I have to make clear: Dan Hernandez is the indisputable king of interviews at RSR. Dan is my role model when it comes to these things, and a person I look up to.

With that said, when one gets to meet a person, usually, the first impression is what counts most. However, as one gets to know the person, everything about him or her will dictate whether you like the person or not. You may know the person as an outwardly wild person or as a geek, but you may not know why that person is like that, what made the person like that, or what else about that person is of interest.

In interviewing Sunset Thomas, whom I knew for her participation in the HBO series “Cathouse” as well as for her adult film work, I discovered a passionate woman who likes boxing.

Sunset Thomas has been seen in the crowd during many boxing matches, and she enjoys the sport. She talks about that and much more in this exclusive RSR Interview.

AS: You were born in Saxton, Mississippi, and you lived in Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. You are a Southern girl. Tell us about your childhood, what was it like growing up to you?

Actually, I grew up in Sikeston, Missouri. I’m thinking you got the Mississippi error off Wikapedia. My family, eleven siblings in all, and my mama moved around a lot…basically she took us wherever she had to go while in search of work or because of the “man” in her life.

All that moving was kind of cool because it exposed me to different places and such but it was also kind of a bummer because it was hard to establish long-term friendships.

Ultimately, we moved to Daytona Beach, Florida and that’s where I spent my high-school years and that was very cool for a teen tart like me, with those beaches, boys, and race cars. In fact, it was in Daytona Beach that I got my first work as a model and a Trophy Girl at the Speedway!”

AS: You and Zachary Adams met, fell in love and then moved to Los Angeles to make films. You guys chose to use the last name “Thomas” for your film work. Why that last name specifically?

Zach pretty much swept me off my feet when I was seventeen. He promised me stardom and all the trappings and being a gullible teenager, who couldn’t wait to get away from my family, I was gone!

The name “Thomas” was simply a name that I had always adored. I thought it sounded elegant and in fact, I’d always said if I had a son I’d name him Thomas, so that part of my identity was a no-brainer.

We were actually driving the Coast highway around Malibu when we pulled over to watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean and that’s when Zach had his big epiphany. He reckoned that everyone watched the sunset because of its beauty. He figured everyone would watch me for the same reason and viola, it stuck.

AS: Why did you decide to leave the film industry and move to Carson City, Nevada, what made you go to the Moonlite Bunny?

My dear friend, Ron Jeremy, actually introduced me to the Bunny Ranch. But by the time I went to work there I was already an established adult star. I never stopped making films…it’s just that I wanted to find another financial outlet for my career and since it was common for girls in the biz to “see” fans on the side it was no great stretch. The irony was that the industry threw a hissy-fit when I went to work there! I was told I’d never make another movie. That I was making them look bad and all kinds of BS.

I didn’t care what anyone said. I knew I could bank and I did. In doing so I opened the door for other adult stars to work legally as courtesans and make big money…that’s why some people call me the “Rosa Parks of Prostitution.”

Of course, not only did I open those doors but I made the Bunny Ranch perhaps the most recognizable brothel in the world. But again, I never stopped making movies. In fact, I recently shot my final film: “Into the Sunset,” which will be distributed by Larry Flynt Productions in March of ’09.”

AS: We have seen you on the HBO series: Cathouse. We also saw Moonlite’s owner, Dennis Hof. Is he the way he portrays himself on television in real life?

Dennis is a salesman…used cars, time shares. He comes from a salesman’s background—pimps sell sex and that’s his act.

AS: What did Cathouse mean to you as far as mainstream recognition across the United States?

Cathouse was huge for me and everyone associated with it. There are plenty of folks who know me not as an adult film star but as a “television” star from HBO. So I’m very grateful for that opportunity.

AS: You are a huge boxing fan. What was the first fight you saw? Who is your favorite boxer? Which would you say was your favorite fight of all times?

I don’t remember my first fight per se, because I’ve been a fight fan for most of my life. But the one I remember most was Sergei Liakhovich versus Lamon Brewster in Cleveland. It was for the WBO Heavyweight Title and I was friends with the Liakhovich management.

It was by far the greatest battle I’ve ever witnessed in person. I was ringside, palling around with Don King, and those two just pounded it out for twelve rounds. Sergei got the decision and it really was the end of Brewster’s career. He never bounced back from the terrible beating and honestly, I don’t think Sergei did either. That was sad, but what an epic boxing match it was!

Of course, I’m very good friends with Dino Duva and so I’ve been to a lot of Sam Peter’s fights and I’m close with Ray Mancini as well. I simply love the sport. Yes, it’s somewhat barbaric but it is the sweet science and the thinking man almost always outpoints the purely physical boxer and I like that lesson!

AS: What do you think of Women’s Boxing?

I’m a fan of female boxing. I’m friends with Elena “Baby Doll” Reid and I actually awarded a title belt to Layla McCarter after she knocked out Dominga Olivio at the Orleans Casino in Vegas. The fight was a Crown Boxing event put on by Italian Stallion Frank Luca. He managed Earnie Shavers.

One thing about the ladies is that they throw down! What you get is pure, non-stop action.

AS: So, tell us a bit more about you as a person. What would you say about yourself…favorite foods and things like that.

I don’t eat much ice cream but I do love the cherry on top! I’m actually a sushi, thin crust pizza, BBQ catfish kind of girl. I love Jameson Irish Whiskey and Coors Lite. I like Double-Double Bonus Poker, at my local Vegas hangouts. Let’s see. I love to dance in my workout room and swim with my little man. Love to listen to music with the teenagers. Love to have sex as often as possible, with or without a partner. Um, King of the Hill and Family Guy are favorite TV shows—starting to like sunflower seeds too. Love to tour and be with my fans.

Don’t read much, wish I did…never graduated high school, love comedies because I love to laugh, listen to every type of music but I’m partial to Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Patsy Cline.

AS: Anything in closing?

There’s an Italian saying “Friendship, like macaroni, is best served warm!” I believe friendship is the core to any happy life. Lots of people figure, because of what I do, that friendships and relationships are all about sex and money and bullshit, but that’s not true. Perhaps, I value honesty and loyalty more than most because of what I do.

I realize that I’m a sex symbol in other words, Sunset is associated with sex, and I try to make that as positive as possible. I adore my fans. I adore the guys, the not so Adonis types that are insecure and nervous and approach me and when we hug, they hug so tight and our little kisses are so special.

Making someone’s day, making someone feel good about themselves, and feeling good about yourself physically is as important as any other self assuredness. I guess because I was a homely, non-popular type as a youth that I’ve never lost the connection with that feeling of being disrespected and passed over and not important.

So if I can do anything that is uplifting, no pun intended, and do anything to make someone feel good and have some self respect, then I’m all in.

WARNING: This Site Contains Adult Material Of An Extreme Nature. If you are under 21 years of age or if it’s illegal to view adult material in your commmunity, please don’t click the link. RSR can’t be held responsible for your actions if you choose to visit Sunset’s website. She also has an in-depth disclaimer on her site.


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