Rob Black: Ernest Greene, Whatever Happened to Your Pro-Condom Agenda?

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“Condoms and testing are better together than one without the other,” Rob Black was saying Friday night.

“I applaud any of the companies that are putting out Nica Noelle product.”

Black was talking about a statement made Friday by Noelle who’s now going with the condom/testing protocol.

“She’s a good woman, heeded the challenge and I applaud her,” Black added.

“People in this business have been eating each other on simple issues like condoms and safety. You’d think that’s where we’d be together on. We should be fighting about that crap that happens in any industry. We shouldn’t be fighting about our health which is kind of ridiculous.”

Black also wanted to address what “Ernest Green” posted about condoms.

“There’s this viciousness, and if Ira Hartley doesn’t like it, he attacks women for being logical [about condoms]. I find it disturbing and horrific and want to address that. It’s pretty interesting to me that a man who started his career and hung around, whatever the fuck he was doing, with a performer named Chloe, and this guy was pro-condom and Chloe was pro-condom, and they were the shining examples of a pro-condom agenda.

“They were employed by a company called VCA Pictures. And the owner Russ Hampshire stayed all condom up until he sold the company, and Hustler abandoned the condom policy.

“VCA Pictures was all condom and Ernest Greene, Ira, was a pro-condom supporter. Chloe was a director and a big name in the business back then and she was a pro-condom girl back then.

“Ernest then got together with a woman named Nina Hartley and she was a huge condom supporter to the point where Nina Hartley worked with Sharon Mitchell at AIM where they had counseling courses for women, and she spoke out as a pro-condom performer.

“Ernest Greene was there. They were both pro-condoms. So for Ernest to say that somehow Tristan Taormino sold out is quite perplexing to me because never have I had any more people utter the word sell out than I heard people dealing with Manwin and Fabian Hitler.

“When people work for Fabian Hitler no one says sell out, and you don’t have Nina Hartley writing letters condemning women working for Manwin. Since when does being pro-condom constitute being a traitor?

“Everybody who receives money from Manwin, Ira and Nina, you work for Free Speech and right along side of them in a 2257 fight. How can you condemn any woman for speaking up and saying my views on performer safely have shifted greatly and my stance now is safety before profits.

“Even though we know Wicked Pictures doesn’t sacrifice profit above health and safety. So you have a man, Ira Hartley condemning people for being pro-safety. You talk about Tristan Taormino as though she’s Greg Dark and I’m a fringe outsider who picked up a camera a month ago. Nina Hartley was working for my family when you were a con artist bounding and gagging women for cheap thrills.

“Your wife did bookstore signings for my family, so putting me in a dismissive role makes you incredibly ignorant and shows how corrupt you are by having your wife beg for money to have a cyst removed from her gut because the scoundrels you support wouldn’t give her a dime.

“Are you now going to attack Nica Noelle? Are you going to say she’s a traitor and nobody would hire her either? I just got work Nica Noelle’s movies are put out by AEBN who’s the leader of VOD technology. AEBN doesn’t seem to be bothered by her position. I’m sure they’ll see their sales won’t suffer.

“Ernest, Ira, are you now going to attack Nica Noelle and say she is a dummy who has sold out? I never heard the word sell out so much over health and safety. Sell out means you sold your soul for the almighty dollar. Think about how this dummy Ira said you’ve sold out. How is it you’re selling out to a side of the business that the fans don’t want? How is that selling out? Doesn’t that make you sound incredibly stupid for saying that? Is this too much common sense for you?

“You’re selling out to the highest bidder. I’ve never heard of selling out to a side that that nobody wants it. You’re not selling out if you’re going to a side nobody wants. Just ignore Tristan Taormino and Nica Noelle and say good riddance. Why must you speak and attack? Could it be because they’re a threat and logic prevails when stupidity tries to triumph? Does it mean you can’t fathom weeks and weeks ago I called out and asked women to stand up and rise up and speak out and Tristan Taormino and Nica Noelle- two brave, strong women have done that.”


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