Rob Black Gives Hints about the RICO Indictment; Mr. Marcus Allegedly Infected Other Girls

Bill Margold’s argument has always been that Mr. Marcus has never passed syphilis to anyone else in the business. Wrong, at leawst from what Rob Black is saying.

In the final minutes of his Thursday afternoon show, Rob Black filled in more details about the RICO indictment he’s been predicting for Diane Duke, Christian Mann and others. We now learn that it involves the Mr. Marcus syphilis cover-up from last year. We all know there was one. We just never knew to what extent.

“Christian Mann and Richard Abowitz do a story [for The Daily Beast], and this is a whole puff piece, stated Black.

“It’s a story to paint John Stagliano and Christian Mann as good guys doing the right thing. It’s more propaganda. And it’s amazing to watch them when you look at what they’re trying to do.

“By pretending things don’t exist, they perpetuate the criminal elements that are there which gives them a license to keep going. You’re giving a perception to the world at large that everything is copacetic and this is what we’re going to do.

“As much as I shit on Mike South he even has a burst of clarity,” Black continued.

“Everybody in our business is somehow tied to a criminal element. I’m finding stuff out that I’m so disturbed by, I’m not even talking about it because it’s really illegal shit.

“After tonight when the bill [AB640] gets flushed out, and what’s going to be what, when that happens this information that I have will be flushed out.

“I don’t even know the legality because it has to do with PASS, Free Speech and the Mr. Marcus stuff. I’m finding stuff out that Diane Duke, Christian Mann and Dr. Miao did during this Mr. Marcus situation. When this comes out, you’re going to shit yourself and Diane Duke and Christian Mann know exactly what I’m talking about.

“Think about all the stories they told about Mr. Marcus and all of the lies. Just think how many performers were involved in all of those lies.

“Just remember this – the theory that Marcus never infected anybody was a lie. Diane Duke knows it. Dr. Miao knows it and Christian Mann knows it, and once I get involved with the attorneys- the notion everybody has that Mr. Marcus never infected anybody will be altered.

“It’s a bold faced lie perpetrated by Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Dr. Miao and John Stagliano. It is a bold faced lie and when all of this comes out- you will see all these people taken away in handcuffs when you find out what they did to you all a year and a half ago. You want to talk about perpetrating a RICO?”


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