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Rob Black: Nick Orlandino, You Need to Fire Steve Volponi and Eric Gutterman

“The picture was from Jim Lane’s twitter,” Rob Black explained.

“Look at the responsible guys in this gangbang. I think it’s fascinating- the fascinating aspect is this. You have a gangbang that takes place, not just any gangbang, but an anal cream pie gangbang.

“That is what they did last week, and they performed an anal cream pie gangbang during the Alex Gonz HEP C outbreak – also while the Clover Syphilis was going on.

“We all know how that went, but what you have- I don’t understand it. This was set in motion with two health scares in our business were going on. The director Jim Lane directed it, and he’s been around the business long enough. And for him to do it is retarded and stupid. Now that he’s selling real estate, he could give two shits about the industry.

“The company Devils Film was just bought by Nick Orlandino. Unfortunately he leaves it in the hands of Eric Gutterman and Steve Volponi who thought it was the right thing to do to have it during a syphilis and Hepatitis scare.

“They had it with some of the most derelict dregs of humanity mixed in with A-list actors. The No. 40 guy was actually a homeless guy. A person who was there told me, yeah, he had a test. It was an HIV test. He showed up as one of the first people on set with garbage bags; he did two pop shots and stayed on the set all day and all night and this guy still had not left.

“In turn Ron Jeremy who was MC of the event brought some KFC leftovers to this guy. Then he went away with all his bags and ate his KFC chicken on the street corner.

“That is what is performing on a gangbang with A-list talent. I’m looking at Marcus London of famed London-Gunn Productions; the great Tommy Pistol- Best Actor award winner and then I’m looking at Eric John who has that weekly or twice weekly Internet broadcast where he works with A-list talent like all the LA Direct girls- Eric John who is this super star performer is part of the 50 man anal cream pie gangbang with men who are not tested for HEP C and syphilis.

“They have a homeless guy involved and they have Ron Jeremy’s personal driver. Do you people understand that Wolf Hudson, Dane Cross another star in the business, not to be outdone by everybody’s favorite production manager, David Lord’s right hand man, Crash. I am completely perplexed how anybody could be involved with anything like this.

“Even if there was no Hep C outbreak and there was no syphilis outbreak, let’s just stay with HIV and the fact that we haven’t had a case since Derick Burts. Who in their right mind would put themselves in a scene with 50 other guys, and they’re accepting homeless guys from the street, and the goal is to ejaculate into this woman’s ass to fill it up.

“And when you get done, another man puts his penis inside that orifice. That man is swapping his penis in a cavern with another man’s semen. What human being would ever in a million years want to put their penis in a vagina or in an anus that also has anywhere between 10, 20, 50 men’s semen also in there, depending what order you are?

“I don’t mean to be disgusting for Isadore Hall and the Huffington Post, but can anybody in their right mind explain to me the mind set of a human being that is supposed to have a regard for their body and self protection- how can any man or woman in their right mind do this?

“That you would take your unprotected penis and insert it in a woman’s anus that also is filled up with 10 to 20 other men’s seminal fluid. Who in their right mind as a man would ever in a million years think that’s healthy, normal and anything other than repugnant and probably would get you banished off the island if there happened to be a guy named Gilligan on it.

“What human being in any stratosphere could possibly put your penis inside a woman that also is filled up with other men’s ejaculatory semen? And your semen is sitting in that pool of other men’s semen?

“How can you think that’s healthy safe and rational? How any female that is working in this business could ever work with any of these people again is beyond me. As far as I’m involved in this business I will never have anybody I’m associated with, I would never put any of these guys with anybody associated with anything I do as long as I live.

“I could give two shits if these guys have a battery of tests. It’s a mind set that a man would do this. These guys got paid $50 if you did not fuck the girl and ejaculate inside her. But if you did, you got $150. You would put a star on your chest. You had 50 guys who were paid anywhere from $50 to $150.

“The battery of tests will never erase the fact that these guys did this during a Hep C outbreak and syphilis outbreak, on the height of people being told to get Hep C tests and not to shoot.

“But they needed $150 that bad they would go against all logical reasoning and ejaculate into a woman’s orifice with other men with nothing more than an HIV test. They laid their penises in other men’s seminal fluid. There were guys who did it not once but twice. They did all of this to walk off set with $50 to $150.

“Me and Tom Byron are destitute and broke, but we would be day laborers before we did something like this. These guys did this for $50 to $150. You can be a day laborer at Home Depot and make that.

“That means these guys would put their lives and the lives of their fellow performers at risk. The fact that Tommy Pistol is a big shot director for Smash Pictures, the fact that Crash is a big shot production manager, the fact that Dane Cross had the mentality to say we are going to put our lives on the line and the lives of our fellow performers at risk for $50 to $150.

“Your lives aren’t worth a grand? I can’t condone any of it. At least if they were getting a $1,000 I could say the economy and if you’re broke…you could at least rationalize that, but not $50.

“You can’t rationalize being there and making less than minimum wage over 10 hours to mix your semen with other guys. That is just disgusting. I am completely revolted. I think Jack Vegas was there. Scott Lyons, Brandon Iron, a blast from the past, gee, go figure. Unbelievable.

“Wolf Hudson he don’t give a fuck. He goes ‘I’m gay, I’m straight, I’ll fuck dudes, I’ll come in your ass, let’s do it again, I tested negative- I’m Wolf Hudson, let’s rock it.’ It’s amazing how many guys in this picture do both straight and gay. It’s very fascinating. And you got a concentration camp star on your chest.

“Here’s the best part- Devils Film, Jim Lane, Steve Volponi – Jim Lane had secret cars and had a limo and shuttle bus to bring them to the set. You had a company that purposely did this to not get caught for something they’re not supposed to be doing.

“You have a company admitting what they’re doing is wrong. For all of them to say they had no knowledge of what was going on, they went ahead and did this circumventing not to get caught by police.

“They used every intent to get around the law and now they have it on video tape. You have 50 guys in an anal cream pie and you have witnesses that Devils Film and Jim Lane with limousines and taxis were fully aware of a condom ordinance in place. They knowingly engaged in 50 acts of criminality and they all knew it. It’s not just moral criminality, but no one had any of the newly required paperwork.

“Jim Lane, Steve Volponi not one of those people stopped this. The last time they did one was three years ago. I thought this company had some real leadership but how Orlandino could let Steve Volponi do these productions is beyond me.

“Mr. Orlandino you have violated something called the law. You might be out of the loop because you’ve been playing with rubber penises too long. Volponi is a wannabe biker and Eric Gutterman a pioneer of the one-cent videos for Marc Carrier.

“I will blame you if you continue to let Steve Volponi run your company. Apparently they didn’t know enough that 50 man anal cream pies is not a cool thing to do. I don’t think the public was beating down doors for a homeless guy and Ron Jeremy’s driver to anally cream pie a girl.

“The brain trust of Steve Volponi and Eric Gutterman proceed to roll out a 50 man anal cream pie gangbang at the height of a health crisis. You are now the guys in the sight of every lawmaker. The two people running your company decided it would be cool to run a gangbang with tests that didn’t fulfill the industry requirements. You have videotaped evidence of 50 violations and evidence of your production circumventing the law knowing this was illegal.

“What kind of industry would let this happen? The owner is worth hundreds of millions- he’s either too stupid, too busy, or too blind to let his company be on the firing lines of performer safety.

“Now every councilman, judge and health care provider will tell you this- there’s no way you can say that every single one of those guys showed up on the set, August 15th, and every single one had tests fresh from August 1st. You’re going to tell me everyone there was protected from HEP C and syphilis and HIV? Anybody in the health field would tell you there is no way you can be safe doing what you’re doing. You need condoms. End of story.”


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