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Rob Black to Jim Lane: Nick Orlandino and Steve Volponi Are Going to Sell You Out

The big story today is that Michael Weinstein and the AHF filed a Health and Safety Complaint under Florida’s ‘Sanitary Nuisance’ statutes over adult videos filmed in Florida without condoms.

The complaint was filed against San Diego Boy Productions/Fantom Video. In its response, San Diego Boy Productions said the company responsible for producing the video material —D&E Productions—was based in Florida.

That was the gist of the message delivered by Rob Black Wednesday afternoon, that distributing companies will sell out the producers and directors working for them.

Black said you’re going to see more and more complaints like that being filed and that Weinstein will begin establishing targets in Las Vegas.

“What you’re now having- it’s definitely coming,” said Black.

“AHF is going after this company. Remember how everyone was running to Florida, and I told you AHF was a multi-million dollar company and was everywhere?

“Our business has become comfortably numb amid a rash of outbreaks and AHF is sitting there with a loaded gun picking off targets. The AHF is coming after you in ways you can’t imagine.

“Are all you people seeing the writing I told you was on the wall?” Black asked.

“When Keiran Lee is mugging for the camera and telling you how great he is, you realize that Vegas is the next hit? You think they’re going to be all hip and cool with a bunch of pornographers out there?

“Weinstein is showing you how it’s done. ‘Let’s go file a nuisance report, any of those things.’

As Black said before it’s easy enough now to sit in an office and go through DVDs to file complaints.

“Right now they [AHF] can sit there and line up and wait for every single production that comes up- they’ll go, ‘that’s Florida, that’s Florida, that’s Vegas, that’s Vegas.’ I told all of you this, and you laughed at me and said I was a dumb-dumb.

“Is anybody going wow, or is everybody laughing? Is this a who-who? Remember, everybody in the business is telling you to fight; but you’re not sure what you’re fighting for. If this business was giving you something to fight for, but they’re not. The writing’s on the wall, and all these people like Diane Duke keep telling you to fight while they keep taking your money and getting that last dollar.

“Condoms are here. It’s going to be a mandate. I told you it would never be struck down on grounds of Free Speech. Free Speech paid Paul Cambria and Lou Sirkin millions to come up with this argument. Now it’s official. A judge [Dean Pregerson] said fugeddaboutit.

“AHF is a bunch of political animals, and you are morons who listen to Diane Duke, Christian Mann and you call me a retard. And you have AHF basically going through DVDs and picking them apart one by one. It’s going to be a matter of shut down or comply,” said Black.

“If AHF is doing this to a gay company, and they did it to Kink, what makes you think a Brazzers, any of those productions aren’t next? The owners are going to trade you out- they’re not going to take the Cal/OSHA hit that’s going to cost them millions.”

Black noted that when Cal/OSHA came after TT Boy, TT was left dangling in the wind by the porn industry.

“It happened before and TT Boy took the hit and as a company he left,” Black pointed out.

“He still produces. But not here. AHF is going to get these studios who will trade you out [meaning the directors].

“Jules Jordan, that little scumbag, will hand you over for violating the code. Cal/OSHA will hand Jules Jordan a violation, and he’ll tell them the real producer is Erik Everhard. ‘I did nothing except put that movie out,’ Jules will tell Cal/OSHA.

“You don’t think Jules Jordan isn’t going to do that? You are done. Axel Braun, you don’t think the Hirsches will trade you out? You think Steve Hirsch has any ethical moral stature? That motherfucker will sell you out. When AHF hits Vivid with a Cal/OSHA violation, Hirsch will say we just distribute it, sorry.

“Axel Braun they’re going to trade you out. Any producer who shoots for the great Frank Koretsky, you are in violation, Frank Koretsky is not the one getting hit, you are.

“Frank Koretsky is going to trade you out. The producer/director has the liability, guys. Every single one of you producers are patsies-suckers.

“You’re laughing at Rob Black – hey Van Swine, really? Jules Jordan is going to trade you out. Remember that, Tim Van Swine. Hustler’s already done it where Mark Zane- a flunky who’s father owes me 8 grand- this motherfucker got hit with a Cal/OSHA violation. He paid the fine, and Hustler told him to go fuck himself. Mark Zane said, ‘Drew told me this is the way it’s got to be, and if I make a stink, I’m going to get fucked.’

“Why are you fighting a violation and it’s their movie? They told you to go fuck yourself. Ask Mark Zane about the abundance of work he’s getting. Directors, you’re all fucked.

“Jim Lane, guess what? Nick Orlandino, Steve Volponi and Eric Gutterman don’t get in trouble for that production, you do. They’ll amend the paper work to sell you out for shooting a homeless guy and 49 other guys shooting loads on a girl. Even though you made $1500, Nick Orlandino sold you out and ‘have a good day.’

“He [Orlandino] gets hit with a violation, he will trade you out and say fuck you. All you people telling me to shut up, you’re all the fall guys. There’s the structure that all of you got to look forward to.

“Oh, you’re going to go underground, and they’re not going to find you? They’ll find you the same way they find straight talent who do gay scenes- it’s on the Internet!!

“Producers and directors are all going to get singled out as these fines keep coming down. Remember that- your balls are on the line now. The owners are a walk in the park.

“All you directors, the Jim Lanes. The James Avalons, the Tim Van Swines, the Erik Everhards, the Lisa Anns, all of you who shoot your own movies that are put out through the big conglomerates, when you get hit with a violation, guess where it’s coming from? Your boss.

“He’s not going to get hit with a violation. It’s you. You’re the one getting your balls sliced. You’re the one getting neutered and left out to fucking die.

“Sniff and laugh at Cameron Bay and Rod Daily, ‘fuck ‘em all- that’s work hazards.’ Guess what? The work hazard’s for you with Cal/OSHA violations.

“Next week you’re going to see a rash of violations handed out in Los Angeles to a whole bunch of studios, and you’re going to watch a collective gasp,” predicted Black.

“’But Steve Hirsch told us while it’s in appeal [the Measure B lawsuit], we’re cool.’ Black reminded everyone how Free Speech pulled a $1500 scam where if you paid them money you were exempt from government prosecution during the 2257 years.

“The government wasn’t going after shit,” said Black.

“Paul Cambria worked out a deal with Jeffrey Douglas and they said let’s get every studio to fork over $1500 to go on a list and we’ll pick up a million dollars with kickbacks.

“AHF and Cal/OSHA don’t need anything other than a movie with these people having sex and exchanging bodily fluids. This is a law that is on the books. And if you think it doesn’t mean anything you’re all fucking delusional.

“The condom bill is going to pass statewide and during all this time you’ve been producing content and breaking the law. Now they’re going to bankrupt every single one of you.”


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