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Rob Black: Peter Acworth is Caving In; Acworth Stops Short of Admitting HIV Culpability

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Wednesday night Rob Black addressed some of the more interesting comments Peter Acworth has been making to the press. While Acworth denies that Cameron Bay caught HIV on his set [and where would she have gotten it?] he acknowledges that changes have to be made in the Public Disgrace protocol, the most obvious being letting untested strangers in off the street to poke and prod talent.

“There is gay product that sells to distributors for $30,” Black noted.

“The average price of a straight movie is $10. And the gay industry uses condoms. How does this factor and register? This battle that Diane Duke and Christian Mann and Peter Acworth want you to fight and toe the company line of shit is over. It’s not going anywhere. It’s done.

“What you’re seeing with Christian Mann and Diane Duke and John Stagliano and Peter Acworth are five, six, seven people trembling with guns, and they don’t know what they’re going to do. It’s over.

“There’s no more arguments. Even Peter Acworth has given up the fight. In a statement that he issued to the press, Acworth said, “Ms. Bay’s shoot caused us concern long before the subject of HIV came up. While HIV was not transmitted on set, there were incidents on that shoot, including some of the same ones that Ms. Bay identified, that have caused us to reevaluate what we permit on shoots involving members of the public, even when it’s consensual.”

Black would harp on this quote all evening.

“We did everything Cameron said we did but we did not give her HIV,” Black translated.

“Peter Acworth already has admitted things before an investigation has heated up and before the hot lights beat on his face. This cocksucker is saying no HIV on our set, but all the other shit? It’s true. How do you get away with this? And when I bring this up people say I’m a lunatic, but Peter Acworth when he says this, he’s cool?

“Basically the Pete man is saying they did a whole bunch of Public Disgraces, a gazillion. They’ve done them on the gay side, too, so many that your head would spin. Most girls in the Spiegler stable have done Public Disgrace. The list can go on and on.

“I cannot fathom that Mr. Acworth out of all the years he’s been doing Public Disgrace that this one which involved Cameron Bay with all the punch your tit and dicks with blood, all that was accurate, and all this stuff happened for the first time on this set.

“Really, Peter Acworth? So we’re all to believe after 100 plus Public Disgraces that just this one time out of the blue, when the national spotlight is placed squarely on your English head, and the entire world is watching this one scene, you re-evaluate Public Disgrace. You are a miserable cunt and a lying sack of shit.

“You caused bodily injury. You have been told time and time again that something like this was going to happen- you laughed it off.”

Black noted that in the week and a half window after the shoot where Bay tested positive, Acworth all of a sudden was going to re-evaluate how they shot Public Disgrace.

“And we know there’s been complaints leveled against Kink. Peter Acworth had known for years that people have questioned what goes on in that armory. It’s a lifestyle choice to take people off the street and have them beat the shit out of 19 year old girls? But I guess that’s kink-ay. That experiment is about to end.

“I know this is hard for you to understand. When you’re put on the stand and the defendant admits guilt but ends with the thing that will give him the electric chair, the jury goes, yeah, I think he did that too. The HIV thing didn’t happen, but you’re going to change everything else that happened on Cameron’s shoot.

“If everything else is true then why isn’t it true that she got HIV? Oh, I get it. You admit everything else is true except the HIV which would prove the lies you and Diane Duke have been telling. Peter Acworth is informing the papers that everything did happen on the Cameron Bay shoot except that pesky HIV.

“Are we really believing all this bullshit? Or have we now figured out there’s nothing that will save nothing except dealing with the fact that it’s now condom time. Let’s cut our losses create a new beginning and take this business forward.”


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