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Rob Black : The Truth Hurts; A Harsh Dose of Reality

Somebody said to me, ‘You know, Rob at times you are very harsh.’ And I said yeah.

I said but here’s my problem. I’ve never been somebody who has shied away from telling somebody exactly how it is. I don’t know if it’s an east coast thing. I don’t know.

And it’s hard for people in the business to deal with that because their whole lives have been about trying to get acceptance. Trying to find something they were successful at. All those things led them to porn.

So they’re in porn and whatever level of success they are at, they believe that they are successful. They are hugely popular. Look at my Twitter, look at my Facebook. So you have tons of mediocre people running around professing how great they are.

When somebody says no, you’re not that great, there is a feeling like when somebody deflates that balloon.

And people go you’re mean. Because truth and reality is something that they are not accustomed to. That is why they are where they are in life.

Like i said, I was never one to mince words. I was brought up to believe if you’re not in that upper tier, if you settle for mediocrity, you’re a loser. I was always taught that way.

So when I played football in high school I could not achieve what I wanted because I was too small and the position they wanted to shift me to, I was too slow. So in turn, had I gone to college to play football, I would have been playing at Ithaca or Albany or some shit school where you have one big game against Florida State and you lose 78-0 and you have 6 foot 5 300 pound linemen ramming your head into the ground.

So my dream of playing football was dampened pretty quickly, because if I can’t be number one, I don’t want to be involved. At some point Rob Zicari goes I’m not going to play major league football because I’m not big enough and that’s it. I had people tell me you’ll never play defensive end for the Buffalo Bills. That’s it.

At a certain point reality sets in. No matter how much you listen to Christine Aguilera telling you I am beautiful, you can profess something about yourself so much. But it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

So when there are things that can be modified and changed but you don’t because you’re unrealistic or just plain lazy. I’m realistic. I don’t believe in saying if it happens it happens. Let’s see where it goes.

I guess on the east coast the water we drink over there is called reality water. So I always used that in very facet of my life. I would look at reality and say is that really gonna happen? I’m not one of those safe people, but i’m also not one who lives his life on a hail mary pass.

I also believe in a roadmap. that roadmap can take you to all these places but ultimately there has to be a destination.

Like when I decided to do porn. I knew I had to make it to California. That was my path. How was I going to get there? I had no fucking idea but I gotta get to California. I don’t sit there and go I’m in Florida and I’m just going to wander the earth.

I’m realistic. So my language is harsh with people. You know somebody the other day told me you can’t be Scrooge all the time, you can’t be the Grinch stealing Christmas all the time. He was telling me about a girl who was in porn who really wanted to be a singer. I said is she good? He said no, she’s pretty bad. So why can’t you tell her the truth? If her life is predicated on eating jizz and swallowing loads so she can do demo tapes and she can’t sing why not just tell her the truth?

If somebody’s not good at something and you tell her she’s not good, why is that being mean?

So I apologize to everyone out there that I offend with my truth. I apologize that I don’t know how to lie and tell you that you’re good when you’re not. I don’t know how to lie and say you’re pretty when you’re not. I don’t know how to lie and say you’re skinny when you’re not. I don’t know how to lie and say you’re a star when you’re average.

It’s like Alana Evans when she was with us. Tom Byron liked her. He was influential in getting her her deal with Extreme Associates. But I told her, you’re flat like a boy, you need tits. That’s it! You need tits. You’ve got to go get tits. She said OK. Part of her deal was go had to go get tits. And consequently she bought her boyfriend a car instead of getting tits and got fired. There. There you go.

It’s like some of you are disgusting, some of you have stretch marks and bullet wounds and you’re showing your bodies naked.

You know what I love about you people? You people complain about condoms saying that that’s not part of peoples fantasies. You know what? They’re also not fantasizing about the roster of Foxxx Modeling and LAX Models OK? They’re not fantasizing about 41 year old hags with caesarean scars! They’re not fantasizing about girls with tattoos from head to toe with piercings in their twat. Because that’s not what I see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog motherfuckers!

You talk about fantasy in porn? ‘People don’t wanna watch porn with condoms’ Their fantasies also don’t consist of stretch marked bellies, bullet wounds, big hairy pussies and fat chicks! Tell me one American film actress that anyone gives a shit about who is a fat fuck.

For some reason our business attracts people that are so delusional as to think that big slobs are what people want, people don’t want to hear the truth and the truth is there is no person who is successful in the entertainment industry who is a disgusting fat pig.

Even all of you people who believe in God and the bible, is Adam and Eve ever represented as big bellied slobs. Two warted out big fat disgusting slobs? Adam and Eve were portrayed as perfect physical specimens.

We’re not talking about working in an office. We’re talking about the entertainment industry. Beauty, charisma, all of these things matter.

This business thrived when it was smaller and the talent was vetted a little more carefully. People actually went, “No honey you can’t be a porn star” and those girl were the dregs that the bottom feeder agents would run around with doing all the blowjob parties, and you never saw them in real movies. you never saw people trying to pass off girls with stretch marks and bullet wounds.

When a porn fans goes “Hey man I just wanna see a girl get beaten to shy and get came on by seven donkeys” everybody goes OK that’s what we gotta start doing now.

But that’s not the general porn consumer. It’s just not. And I’ve told you guys this.

Go down the street with Jessica Drake and Jennifer White and see which one gets noticed first. One does anal and 50 guy creampies and one does condom porn. One group everybody says doesn’t sell, but the group that sells nobody fucking knows. The group that they say doesn’t sell everybody knows. From awards shows that anoint Wicked as best studio, you name it. But condoms don’t sell.

I defy any of you to go to a Wicked movie and see any of the dregs that are on some of these agent sites. Brad Armstrong’s next big budget movie , see if you find any slobs. You won’t . Because Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong say porn is supposed to be pretty. It’s a fantasy.

When a guy is jerking off and you say he doesn’t want to see a condom, he also doesn’t want the girl to look like a slob like his wife in the other room. He wants her to look like Jessica Drake.

So I haven’t figured out what aspect of this business doesn’t want truth. And why people don’t realize this is why our business is in the shithouse.

You have people who get into this business because they wanna fuck girls. So they get a chunk of money to run a company and they hire a director. They bring you in and sit there and talk to them about ideas. Then they tell you their idea and it’s the worst fucking idea you’ve ever heard. You tell them listen bro you don’t know anything about the business. Right away they’re completely turned off. By truth. Then they have to find somebody to carry out there vision of mediocrity. Then they wonder why their companies fail.

I know truth and swallowing reality is a problem and I know that’s something that people hate. But the sooner someone swallows those bitter pills of reality and truth, the sooner the figure out to make those life adjustments and figure out what they’re gonna do.

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