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Harsh Words: Pink vs. English

WORLD WIDE WEB – Adult performer, Jocelyn Pink decided to share a couple of e-mail battles she had recently with director and performer, Ben English of LA Direct Models in regards to a booking gone bad. Some of the comments from both parties were so strong, Summer Haze would be proud.

Pink wrote to Ben:

Ben, You’re going to hate me for this & I figure that you will be firing me, but I weighed my losses…

After the phone call last night from one of the girls at your office, telling me that, (attached to the Ticket?), is detailed instructions …. telling me that not only am I getting up at 5am to catch a flight…(Not to mention flying back at 10pm) but that someone who is wanting me to shoot for them is too damn cheap to pay an extra 100 dollars to get me a direct flight to San Francisco… but would rather save the money and make me fly into Oakland … where after landing I spend 2 hours on a train to actually get to SF.. (& 2 hours back)… and then I would have to walk like 2 blocks through a city with a suitcase by myself.


I refuse to spend 5am-10pm on plain, train & automobile just to be there for an Internet shoot that will pay me all of $500 to let a machine Fuck me in my ass.

I’m sorry to do this to you…. but with the Circumstances.. this is the first shoot EVER that I have to flake on … I know it’s not your fault… but it is BS.


Ben English wrote back:

You are an idiot. The Oakland airport is actually nearer to San Francisco than the San Francisco airport and takes approx 30 mins to get to the location. I would know I lived in San Francisco for five years. Literally dozens of our girls have done it. Our girls do what they want but what as far as content of a shoot but what they don’t do is flake on the morning of the shoot. You are right you’re out. This company bought your flight already, twice in fact and this has been booked for weeks. Go back to the bottom of the industry. We don’t have time for fools. Derek

Pink responded back:

Ben, You listen here you arrogant fuck … no-one calls me an “idiot”, No One talks to me in such a snide patronizing way you stupid cunt. I don’t care who you are!

And from what I’ve been hearing lately, it seems “idiot” is in your favor. While we’re on that subject, who the fuck attaches an email to the bottom of an online ticket conformation anyways??!! -who actually reads the fine print…. you get the ticket, read your flight info. …A fucking phone call would have been appropriate, Ben. and that’s that…. an “idiot” would know that. oh & then your assistant and you both had no idea yesterday that they had me booked for 2 things in a row …. thanks for asking me if that would be ok there, Ben … real professional.

I’m a good person and have never flaked, until you. Because I won’t be you’re little bitch and globe-hop for a day for your agent fee, you lose your composure and start calling me names? -my 8 year old nephew does that.

The next time you open your mouth and shit comes out of it about me, just know I will be right there, behind many others (want names?), digging shit up on you. I would love to take a survey on your popularity, it’s been interesting thus far. As for you telling me to go back to the “bottom of the industry”, the only problem I’ve ever had in my way in this industry is you, “Best Newcomer” my ass.

I should have known better than to leave Nasty Modeling for you …. you could learn a thing or two from Dick. Anyhow, I don’t have time for this Jr. High bullshit from you.

ta ta

Joselyn Pink

Editor’s Note: I don’t think Joselyn will be getting an invite to the LA Direct Christmas Party this year.

Who handled this situation wrong? Your comments here.


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