Rob Black Askes Why Doubel Down with Diane Duke

Are you being taken for a ride? Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition [owned by Manwin] now want you to test twice a month.

Rob Black addressed these issues on his show Thursday afternoon about how you’re being doubly screwed.

“Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition [owned by Manwin] now want you to test twice a month,” Black noted.

“It’s a Diane Duke money grab, plain and simple. Nothing is accomplished that a once-a-month test from a reputable testing service can’t accomplish, but Duke wants you to test more.

[The money goes in her and Christian Mann’s pockets Black was saying.]

“If all these tests are state of the art as Duke tells XBiz, you’ve got nothing to fear, right? So why twice a month? Does that make any sense accept $240 x the number of performers in the business. Duke is going to jail, you realize that? The hammer is coming down.

“If you fall for these statistics, you’ll suffer the same fate as Cameron Bay and a whole bunch of people in this cover up,” said Black.

“Cameron Bay isn’t the only one HIV positive. You are sadly mistaken. Free Speech has no problem hiding people with Hep C. and when your Vice President Christian Mann gets his marching orders, you’re talking about a Free Speech Coalition that are covering up for people in this business that are HIV positive.

“This is not a conspiracy. It’s a fact. The John Stagliano policies of “touching” are the same as’s policies of touching. But they only fist and poke them.

Brad Armstrong, an elitist Republican with the most cush job in the world and who is the most untalented director on the world and got his asshole eaten out in a gangbang I directed, he sucks the corporate teat of Manwin and Wicked and he tells every single girl to put your test on a wish list.

“You’re paying $240 a month to work in a business- none of you know the entire story- Lorelei Lee is not a part of our system. She is the wife of Tomcat a transgender who shoots all the talent in San Francisco. He/she is the shooter/coordinator for the TS side of where you’ll find Rod Daily, Francesca Le and Christian XXX. Tell me that Rob Black is a kook and nutso.

“Double down and give it to Diane Duke, Manwin, John Stagliano so they can double-fuck you. And you’re alright with this?


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