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Rob Black: We Only Have Ourselves to Blame About Piracy; We Have to Get Rid of Frank Koretsky

“This business is marred and plagued in so much shit that more and more the only way for this business to survive is implosion,” says Rob Black,

Black laid the problems of the adult business directly at the feet of the Israelis, the Middle Easterners, Frank Koretsky, Jules Jordan and even himself. Black was quick to admit that as a company owner he was responsible for what ails the porn business right now.

“Our industry has never grown; it’s stayed where it’s been. We never progressed or evolved and the only time we did is when we were forced to. Manwin is an issue that should have been dealt with years ago,” says Black.

“We treat ourselves like shit, and we could have handled piracy like Hollywood did. If you do what Manwin did, you would have federal investigators up your ass. With bootlegs of Hollywood movies – Hollywood didn’t take this lightly. The music industry, too, said we’re going to have to do something about that.

“Everyone shit on Mettalica for standing up against the idea of free music on the Internet,” Black continued.

“Piracy of music is not what it was. We in porn were late coming into the party because the people at the party, we were all in bed with- they were the pirates.

“This business is predicated on getting in bed with people that will destroy us. The Israelis in our business destroyed the VHS and DVD markets. We got in bed with them and got bit in the ass, and now we’re asking why is our product selling for 40 cents.

“Raffi, Josef, Rita, Danny Mamane and all those under the radar – I got in bed with them. I did business with the Tomars. As long as they gave us the money. It was fucking greed. A lot of people got fucked, but they told me they would bring me a brown paper bag with $200,000 for rights to the first 40 titles.

“It was ungodly amount, but I turned that one down. That was the only deal I didn’t do with the Israelis. I was as guity of being a sellout douchebag to the Israelis making our DVDs worth 12 fucking cents. We started it back then.

“We always knew it, but we closed our eyes; but at the end of the week we needed payroll so we whored ourselves out because Frank Kortesky stretches you out for 120 days. You sell your product for 10 cents and make deals with the devil because Koretsky doesn’t want to pay you.

“We get in bed with the people who destroy us,” Black went on to say.

“Take a look at the people and players involved against what has happened now. You can’t sell a DVD in this business, and if you can, what good is it?

“Live and die by a bartering system, you get what you get. Now we’ve moved into the Middle Eastern phenomenon of Manwin, pirating, giving away free shit and operating a traffic Ponzi scheme.”

Black said through such scams companies have lost millions of advertising dollars.

“I don’t know one Hollywood studio, one major entertainment conglomerate that has businss models where they gave every piece of product away for free where they’re going to get advertising click through dollars,” Black continued.

“It’s being a traffic broker to suckers. Does anyone pay for porn? No.”

Black said porn is now dealing with the bartering culture where the motto is, let’s steal we are the bartering culture- we will steal this shit. That’s your product? Fuck you, we’ll steal it. What are you going to do about it?

“That’s the people we’re dealing with in our business. We went from destroying the DVD market and created a whole Middle Eastern culture that destroyed something everyone made money on. Awesome. We did it with Beta and VHS. We did it then.”

Black said in his experience he could only think of five Israelis that have sucked the life blood out of the business, but there are many others.

“In America prices go up,” he reflects. “The porn idea is, yeah, let’s buy $800 blue jeans for 52 cents, and we all cry.

“I am as guilty of being a foreign sympathizer and being one of the main cultprits- I dealt with Tomar, one of the biggest pieces of shit who destroyed the business. We in the business would sell product for $13 to distributors, but the product we sold to foreigners had to be less.

“That’s because some one came up with that idea that it had to be cheaper, and they [the foreigners] needed it for $5 because foreigners don’t buy it for $13; they in turn resold it to the American distributors for $3 less. Okay, sure. It makes a lot of fucking sense.

America makes the best porn, said Black, proof of that being the male foreign performers who come over here because no one wants to see them “fuck the ugly foreign bitches.”

“As the pirates came in, these people shifted their plan of attack and went on to the Internet. We’ve already destroyed the DVD end, what do you expect on the Internet end?

“We got seduced by the money, But people like Frank Koretsky perpetuated it. David Sturman was another one who perpetuated it. He never paid you when he was supposed to pay you. Video Wholesalers- another company- no other types of businesses deal with this.”

Black painted a picture of porn where side deals are cut and back stab pennies-on-the-dollar deals are made for cash to the detriment of the pricing system.

“This is the shit that happens every day in our business and it’s all predicated on money,” Black said.

“The system we have is broken. It’s a scumbag system. We perpetuated this piracy.

“You had a system in place that perpetuated piracy and whoring product at a price you didn’t have to. We sat there and dealt with Caballero, Tomar and all these companies that pirated our boxes and product and we all went along with it because we all needed that money.

“As we became more desperate for money, we let all these things happen. Then we went to the Internet – we would have someone come over and say I want you to meet Schmidt and they bought your rights and bought your masters for $200 only after you’ve made calls throughout the business and got excuses for not being paid.

“Then you had Jules Jordan getting in bed with Manwin- Manwin got in through Jules and Scott Justice and learned all the inner workings of the business. Jules Jordan sold this business out. He did a piece of damage and made money for himself.

“The damage is already done, and Jules Jordan let it be what it was. But we let the Internet boys in. We let everyone single one of them in, and they’re all foreigners, every single one of them.

“Brazzers was a Middle Eastern start up company that started out of a dorm room. That region of the world sucks. That region is the melting pot of every problem we have in this world. Everything is about the Middle East- they’re bombing each other all over God and all over porn.

“That’s the reason they’re all fucking nuts – because of sexual repression. All of the anger and hostility comes from religion and porn. The Middle East- I love you guys, that’s why I’ll never go there. You’ll never see me looking at the pyramids.

“Let’s stop crying about what was done and move forward about the piracy angle and these scumbag foreigners,” Black suggested.

“We let it happen. I let it happen. I’m part of it but no more. Fuck that.”

Black compared porn piracy to abused wife syndrome.

“We as an industry need to get therapy and stop being abused. We have to say enough is enough. We have to clean up the business, with health and safety protocols.”

Black asked one simple question- if a consumer in a porn store pays then and there for product, why does the manufacturer have to wait 90 days to get paid for that product?

“Credit card companies require you to pay a minimum, but Frank Koretsky doesn’t pay you a minimum. You’re using my money to buy a boat, a house? Fuck you. Koretsky owes everybody in this business more money than God. And the kingmakers laugh about this. Can you imagine if people like Frank Koretsky actually paid you when they were supposed to? Or Game Link or DVD Empire paid you when they were supposed to?

“The VOD companies pay you at the end of the month- no matter how much they fuck us for- they actually sit there and go Sept. 15 we’re going to pay you for what you sold in August. Clips for Sale pays you the end of the month. Koretsky pays you in 90 days.

“Adam & Even plays games with you. If you piss off Frank and Sharon they’re not going to take your product. You could have the greatest product in the world, but they won’t take your product. Koretsky makes money directly through the consumer via FX Media but he still can’t pay you. You can fix all the health problems in the business, but we ultimately have to fix the business problems where Frank Koretsky doesn’t want to play by the rules.

“Frank Koretsky’s got to go. Talk about the root of all evil? It’s Frank Koretsky. He has the heart of a black soul.”


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