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Rob Black: Jules Jordan, John Stagliano, Paul Fishbein and Frank Koretsky Are The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse is coming, and it has Manwin in its gun sights.

If you’re believing what you’re reading, it’s all over but the shouting for Manwin. Rob Black addressed that issue on his Monday show, wondering what will becomes of the Wickeds, The Digital Playgrounds and The Twistys when it’s all over for “the terrorists.”

“Manwin is the beast I told everyone about, but you can’t blame the industry,” said Black.

“I’ve been seduced by large quantities of money, and it’s all a bullshit game. Jill Kelly Productions was a sham; Jerry Estrada, Howard Levine with Dynasty Pictures- whatever the scam they worked- and let’s not forget Bluebird.

“For two years Bluebird was Manwin,” Black continued.

“But they were going to buy media and as much movie making as humanly possible. But Paul Chaplin was another foreign terrorist. He could have used the millions to help the business, instead he spent it on fuck parties. He pissed it away.

“He could have marched in and bought everyone’s company like Manwin did. For a two- year stretch, they owned every publication with incredible ad campaigns. And we know the fate of Bluebird. The list goes on. How about Rob Gould, BabeNet, Seth Warshavsky- our business, every ten years it gets seduced by the money.

“I got seduced by Hanco but got lucky. I got $20,000 a month in that deal, and Hanco got all our content; and, after a year, when they couldn’t figure out how to make money, they ran out of it because they ran David Lee Roth parties.

“The Hanco kid got cut off by his daddy who had won a lottery.”

Black told the story how Hanco came to him with the out of money story but thought Black would continue supplying them with content until the Hanco kid was reminded by Jon Blatt that Black was likely to stab him in the throat with a pen.

“Manwin brought properties with a lot of down strokes which everyone paid their bills with,” continued Black.

“But the question is, Manwin’s already done a fire sale on everyone’s content which is now worthless. Manwin is saying we got good news and bad news. The good news is we’re going out of business. The bad news is here’s your shit back but tough luck trying to sell it.

“Manwin did it on a larger scale; other companies before them did it on a smaller scale. Manwin came in and abused everyone with cash; Keiran Lee was running around on Twitter. Manwin was flying the talent to Florida- fuck you in your ass, bitches, that’s what they said. Now where are they? Everyday they’re getting clobbered, and it’s a joke.

“This is like the nuclear bomb that goes off. Wicked, Digital Playground and Manwin are together- all these entities with the sideways deals- it’s impossible to get away from the corruption and evil Manwin has gotten into it.

“You don’t do anything in the business now without Manwin. You get AIDS tested either from Chico & the Man or you go to Manwin. Awesome. There’s your choice.

“Manwin has brought its deceased ridden soul into our lives but no one spoke up. Now Mike South does a story on Manwin and says it’s about time for someone to attack. Rah-rah-rah.”

Black asked where was Mike South when the Barbarians were at the gate. ‘I won’t attack Wicked because I’m friends with Joy. I won’t attack Digital because I’m friends with everyone over there.’

“Then we get hit like 9/11. Manwin attacked us. Everyone talks about Manwin, but no one wants to do anything. The first order of business now is to restore health, safety, and the financial security of porn.”

Black also talked about how the Manwin entity, Twistys, is operated by Ivan “a little fuck fat mark who worked for me for free.”

“As much as this fat fuck talks shit about me- this is a guy, who, with his brother, worked for free for Rob Black. They wanted to be like Rob Black so bad they would work every day for free. They worked for free – these people who came into my life were marks- they wanted to lick my sack; that’s what they were.

“I thought they were little jerkoffs who wanted to hang out with the wrestlers. For a guy who flunked porn, you now have these guys who learned from me. Slava [Ivan] made his bones editing high school football tapes- what happens when Manwin’s gone and they have to make a living selling to Frank Koretsky and waiting for him to pay you?

“Everybody will sell their souls,” says Black.

“Manwin is a foreign shell company that was created as a Ponzi scheme, and it was one of the last created during the Bernie Madoff era of bilking people. You had a lot of people involved bilking people on their credit cards. And our business loves the guys from the Czech Republic, the Brits- these people were the pipeline to Manwin.

“The Israelis bilked us in the beginning, but they weren’t smart enough to evolve into the technology of today. The Israelis still worry about getting 50-cent DVDS out there, but other terrorists are figuring elaborate shell schemes to take American money.

“The Israelis are worried about pirating DVDS and how to back door your DVDS while Al Qaeda, the Manwins, they’re all fucking together and figuring out a way where are they vulnerable now, with their infiltrators and their Scott Justices.”

Black compared Justice to the movie Falcon and The Snowman which was based on a true story about how an American sold security secrets to the Soviets.

“Scott Justice is Sean Penn in the movie,” said Black, noting that Jules Jordan who Justice worked for, “is an American sympathizer building mosques after 9/11. Jules had the land space, so Manwin could build the mosques.

“You got your white rich land owner [Jordan] and now the mosque is built next to 9/11, and in the mosque is Scott Justice.

“And everyone’s distraught? Jules Jordan brings the terrorists in, then Falcon and the Snowman guts everyone of their intellectual property and creates their own entity then marches through the business raping, pillaging and destroying with Muslim propaganda.

“Jules Jordan is an arrogant douchebag with no consideration for anyone in the business,” proclaimed Black.

“He modeled himself after Paul Fishbein, Frank Koretsky and John Stagliano, the three biggest pieces of shit in the business. They are now the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

“AVN propagates the Manwin lies that are hurting the business; Koretsky rapes and pillages. Whoever had a dollar for their product, Koretsky wants 99 cents; Stagliano is so arrogant that with a deadly disease he feels he doesn’t have to tell anyone. He feels what he doesn’t isn’t risky and he was the one who created the testing procedures according to Diane Duke.

“Jules Jordan was hired and bred by Paul Fishbein and propped up by Fishbein which led to a career with Frank Koretsky then led to a career with John Stagliano and now a career with Manwin and Scott Justice.

“This is a guy who started from the seed of evil and worked his way up. And we’re shocked and appalled by what’s happening now? Manwin is done regardless. But who’s going to be there to pick up the pieces?

“All these broke company owners sold out but when they get their product back, what happens? When the money gets cut off and there’s no longer the big salaries- Wicked is full of inflated salaries. Who’s going to pay Brad Armstrong to make rubber movies? What happens when Wicked and Jessica Drake are out of a job? Once Manwin is gone, what are you going to do?

All the people who work on the Manwin radio- what happens when that ends- you people with your scary talent will wind up on Blog Talk Radio? What’s going to happen to Digital Playground and all that scary talent?

“The attack is going to come from a limping beaten up army,” said Black.

“Outsiders can’t succeed in this business. It’s happened time and time again. You have to be born, raised and bred in this business. You got to be tough to withstand this business. I’ll pick up the pieces after Manwin.

“It starts with telling Diane Duke fuck you; telling John Stagliano fuck you; it starts with an industry getting together and saying fuck you, we’re not taking it any more.

“We’ve been beaten down too long, mistreated and abused too long. We have salesmen in the business who get food stamps to feed their families and they went from running big business giants.

“This business has to smarten the fuck up for after the fallout,” Black concluded.

“You got to remember talent testing. You think it’s fucked now? Wait. It will be the The Wild, Wild West. The Free Speech money flow will go to the UAWA, www.uawa.prg which looks out for the American worker and the adult actor. When you cut the head from the snake, the rest of the body will die. If you beat to the body, the head will fall with a final uppercut.

“You better have an exit strategy and have your mouth sucking on my ass when I told you, I told you so.”


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