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Rob Black: You Don’t Need an Agent to Make a Phone Call, send an eMail or Make a Personal Visit

“You have very few companies that are left shooting,” said Rob Black on his Internet show Thursday afternoon,

Black mentioned the fact that he used to work for Exquisite and laid out a plan of how to get in good with companies by eliminating the middle man, the agents. He began with Exquisite.

“If you meet Jerry Estrada, big fat Jerry, the only guy to have his stomach stapled and still not lose weight. Him, Howard Levine- fuck Howard, he’s got no juice, and Jordan Septo which is Rob from Venom.

“If you’re new talent or old talent, talent that’s never worked for them before; talent that wants work- all you do is go to the Exquisite office. [20821 Dearborn St., Chatsworth]

“You go down to the Exquisite office- you see everybody- take your clothes off. Do whatever needs to be done. And guess what? You will work. Regina and Rob is who own Venom- husband & wife. Show a little initiative. Take some pictures of yourself. Have a picture in your hand. How much is your rate? Okay, cool. I’ll book you tomorrow. If you do a shitty scene, fuck you.

“And, shit, Jerry will take you to a Dodger game. What happens at a Dodger game stays at a Dodger game.

“DreamZone- everybody knows that’s Adam Hasner and everybody knows that Adam Hasner is a little Jew that wanders around the shows, punching people, trying to get in fights with Derrick Pierce; and when he finds out that Derrick Pierce is saying I’m going to kick his ass, Hasner tells people not to use Derrick Pierce any more and he’s afraid.

“Everybody knows that Adam Hasner is the guy you gotta blow and everybody gets into a DreamZone movie. DreamZone is made by Ralph Long and Michael Bisco and Adam Hasner. If you blow that crew you’ll get into a movie. What does that have to do with Derek at LA Direct? The guys at DreamZone are the ones who put out the parody that Bonnie Rotten is in.

“No agent needed for that. That’s Adam Hasner. Ask Charlie Chase. Charlie Chase is Adam Hasner’s girlfriend. So there’s the DreamZone crew.

“The New Sensations crew is a little more scrupulous,” said Black.

“That’s Bo which is Eddie Powell and his girlfriend Jacky St. James. They run all the productions over there, and, of course, Scott Taylor is hands on. It has nothing to do with agents. That’s who you go see. Or you email her. I’d love to come in and read for you. I’m a really good actress. She’ll go, wow, you’re really good. You’re hired. For what? Don’t worry about it. I’ll call you. No agent did that.

“Wicked? Everybody knows Wicked. What agent has to go through Wicked. Brad Armstrong- he loves pussy. That’s why he performs. That’s why his fat ass performs. That’s why he can only do two positions because his fat ass hangs over. Jonathan Morgan’s a big shot over there. Go to the Wicked offices. Joy King is still there. You go there hi my name is Suzie. They’re not going to say we won’t talk to you, you’re not with an agency. They’ll be wow, this is awesome.

“Manwin is operated talent-wise by Keiran Lee. Why don’t you twitter Keiran Lee. Hey, Keiran it’s Sarah Vandella, you know who I am. I’m not with LA Direct, I’m by myself. Hit me up. Cool Sarah. Later, babe.

“With Evil Angel we’ve already proved that all John Stagliano has to do is like you. And if you’re willing to let him perform in a sexual situation with you and he’s got HIV, as long as you’re cool with that, he’ll put you in Stretch Class.

“As long as you’re down to do any of that stuff with Evil Angel, you’re down. Francesca Le and Mark Wood direct for Evil Angel. Call them. You don’t need an agent to go to them. Jaycin is Evil Angel. Hit him up direct. You don’t need an agent to go through him. Lexington Steele- you don’t need an agent to get with Lex.

“Hustler- there’s really three people at Hustler; it’s a committee. There’s a girl by the name of Sharman. She used to be the make up artist for me and Axel Braun. A really great, great woman. Awesome.

“Drew Rosenfeld is the boss-manager there. Those are the two people in charge. Then Theresa Flynt sits above all of them. Basically they get inundated with girls. An agent will hit up Sharman saying I want you to use the girl, she just come in.

“Sharman will look at the girl and kicks it upstairs. Once Theresa Flynt and everybody approves that, it goes back down to Sharman and Drew. Once the girl is approved the girl is allowed to work. If Theresa Flynt approves Kristina Rose then it’s up to Sharman and Drew and Axel and Otto Baur- it’s up to them if they want that girl.

“Some of those guys book their own talent. Otto will say I need six girls that will do $700 boy-girl scenes. And Sharman will pick up the phone and call girls that she’s friends with and knows she can get deals on. You think Sharman wants to deal with Derek?”

Black also laid out some of the standard rates.

“Your basic blowjob/masturbation is $200 to $300 to suck cock, play with your pussy and do an interview. Stupid shit like that. Spiegler will try to get the girls $400. Derek will try to get the girls $400 and bust your balls. That was a year and half ago but that’s the rate. That’s it. A girl doing all of that for $100 is selling yourself out.

“Your basic boy-girl rate and I’m talking about real studios, not bottom feeders. I’m not talking about oh, this is cell phone content and it pays $150.

“I’m talking about when Francesca Le and Mark Wood call you and they want you to do some aggressive face-fuck scene for $250. There’s that’s the rate. I think they were offering people $250. I think it was that, and I told Katie Summers to go for $300. So it’s $250 for Francesca to punch you in your ear to suck on Mark Wood’s fucking ding-a-ling. That’s the great Evil Angel. If you look at the talent pool, and what they’re using you can see who has relationships with who, who are getting the deals.

Black said deals are when a rate is for $900 and the agent goes for $700 with the stipulation not to tell anyone.

Black also suggested with relationships that are developed, talent can approach a company and make a deal to eliminate the agency fee.

“I know that Sharman books talent and Sharman doesn’t hammer girls. She gets a good rate for them. They’re thankful for the work and the fact that Hustler saves the money on the agency fees and the fact that, ‘yes, you can get me for two days and, yes, you don’t have o pay me $500 for a dialogue day. I’ll do it because you guys are going to put me in another parody.’

“It has nothing to with the scumbag agent who tells Sharman she gets $500. God, I can’t afford that. Take it or leave it. I’ll have to leave it. Okay, then, Sharman, fuck you. Now that girl gets no work because Derek wants $500 for a dialogue day. He doesn’t want to negotiate. He says what if somebody else books her? This is 2013, nobody’s booking her.

“You’re going to tell me that Sarah Vandella was booked every single day? Really? Or they just booked for you. Is it that taking away the girl from the slave chambers on the cam? Does that mean you’re pulling her away to do a dialogue day that you’re pulling her away from a slave pen? Or is she on some private? I don’t know. These are only my theories.

“Everybody knows who Jules Jordan is. I can’t imagine if you’re talent and you get into the business and you don’t know who the great Jules Jordan is. You cant email Jules Jordan with pictures of yourself and go, ‘hey, Jules,’ Jules fucks the girls. How is this shit hard, girls?

“Tim Von Swine I know for a fact will negotiate with Spiegler and LA Direct and go, yo, I’ve got $1300 for a POV scene, and Spiegler will say, no her rate his $1600. And Von Swine will go, ‘Bro, I got $1300.’ Our rate is $1600. Can you talk to the girl?

“No, our rate is $1600. Bro, it’s $1300 same day pay. No, fuck you. Okay. Really, guys? You need Mark Spiegler to do that? You guys realize that Tim Von Swine is paying more than $1000 for POV scenes. He actually calls agents and will say I want to book this girl and LA Direct will say, no, her rate is this.

“Von Swine will say I don’t have that. I have $200 less. The agent will say nope. And I’m not talking cattle prodding. I’m talking Mike John/Tim Von Swine just real good, solid anal. It’s not let’s cattle prod the girl and hang her upside down and fucking punch her in the stomach. It’s just good hard dirty sex. So these agents will let the girl do nothing before she works for less the rate. You’re saying she’d rather do nothing than make $1300? Wow. You’re really working hard for that girl.

“Ten out of ten times you see that girl and tell her what happens she looks at you, what? I would have totally done it. Why didn’t you call me direct?

Because I don’t have your number or because you’re an LA Direct girl and you would get in trouble. I don’t understand. Why do you all need agents? You need an agent for Jim Powers? The guy’s been around for a thousand years. He sells real estate right now. I will give you Jim Powers’ number. If he wants to use you he’ll use you. Hi, I’m Sophie. You’re attractive, do you do Bukkake?

“Guys, everybody knows everybody’s favorite torturer Princess Donna [pictured]. Why do you need an agent to negotiate your torture with Princess Donna? I don’t get that. Why do you need an agent to negotiate the torture. I am so fucking confused. If I’m lying tell me how I’m lying. Tell me how today you need somebody who’s going to take 20 to 30% of your money; somebody who’s going to pressure you. We all know the racket. Why do you need that? I don’t get it.”


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