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Ron Jeremy On Prolonging a Climax; His Mainstream Career, The NightMoves Show

from – Ron Jeremy holds The Guinness Book of World Record’s title for “Most Appearances in Adult Films” with over 2,000 under his belt.

Along with Jenna Jameson, he’s the only pornstar who’s a pop culture icon. Jeremy is also the most accessible and uninhibited celebrity I’ve ever encountered — what other famous person can get away with biting fans’ nipples or offering photo opportunities with his 9.75 inch costar?

Yet, when many people first see Jeremy, they can’t understand how a man who looks like their perverted uncle could became an icon in an industry based on raw sex appeal. After talking with Jeremy, one gets a sense that his epic career has less to do with sex and more to do with his genuine excitement about everything he’s doing.

He speaks with the enthusiasm of an aspiring actor when he lists the minor roles he’s had in mainstream projects; he sounds like a porn newcomer when talking about coming to Tampa for the chance to schmooze and have sex with fellow pornstars off set. His secret for his career longevity may be similar to his surprising advise for remaining horny: prolong the climax.

At heart, he’s still an actor searching for his first leading role. I caught up with Jeremy while he was in Nevada celebrating the birthday of Dennis Hof, the owner of the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Shawn Alff: Is it true that you’re one of the few male pornstars who doesn’t use male enhancement or performance drugs like Viagra?

Ron Jeremy: I’ve actually endorsed all kinds of products like Vigrx, Extenze, and Rize 2 the Occasions, but I’ve never used one of these products in my entire life.

SA: What’s the secret to staying horny all the time?

RJ: I don’t really, but one of the tricks is not to climax. That really, really helps. When you’re still in your thirties and early forties, you can still be a wild man. Have sex, climax, have sex later. When you get to be in your late forties and beyond, you really do see the difference. If you climax, you won’t be responsive for the next couple of days. So one of the tricks to staying horny is simply, don’t climax. Be a great lover, give her a good pounding, and that’s it. Once the girl climaxes, just back off. If you’ve given yourself a case of blue balls, you’re going to be a powerhouse monster the next time.

SA: That seems like it would take a tremendous amount of self control.

RJ: That’s true, but don’t forget you can always just pull out, you know, watch TV for a few seconds, have a sandwich.

SA: You’re kind of known for your long hair and mustache. Do you think you’ll ever cut these?

RJ: I’ve done it. The late great director John Frankenheimer never wanted me to look like me. Whenever he used me in a movie I had to disguise myself. He put me in Ronin and Reindeer Games, but I was cut. Some directors have asked me to look a little unlike me. So I’ve had to do it a few times for the sake of a movie. But, I have turned down shaving balls. That I will not do.

SA: What exactly do you do as a consultant for mainstream movies like 9 1/2 Weeks or Boogie Nights?

RJ: I bring them to my set first thing. For Boogie Nights, I took the director P.T. Anderson and the cast, with the exception of Burt Reynolds, to a set to know how pornos were made. On 9 1/2 Weeks I helped cast some of the performers in the adult type scenes. I also consulted on Night At the Golden Eagle where I dressed up a porno parlor. I helped in American Psycho; they had to have the actor watching a girl-girl scene. I usually give them videos to watch, scenes to see, take them to events, and get them backstage on porn films. I even took Rodney Dangerfield to some of my porn sets because he was doing some skits about the adult industry. He died before it ever came out, but he had some really funny ideas.

SA: You’ve been one of the few pornstars who has transitioned into more mainstream roles. Do you think we’re finally ready to see pornstars like Sasha Grey, Sunny Leone, and Riley Steele in mainstream work?

RJ: Yes, you’ll be seeing more and more adults going into mainstream because all the directors think it’s cool to use a pornstar. A lot of that taboo is broken?

SA: What’s the reason for this? Has the internet made these stars more recognizable?

RJ: There’s that but I think people like myself and Jenna Jameson are helpful because we prove that we really can act, and we’re an asset to their movies. We’re bankable at the box office. We have clout. Some pornstars have higher appeal and higher ratings than regular Hollywood actors. We have box office potential and people are starting to realize that.

SA: How will the adult industry evolve to deal with x-rated tube sites that are pirating adult content?

RJ: Here’s the evolution. Gourmet Video now sells ice cream. Leisure Time Entertainment is getting involved in penis pills, health bars, and blenders. Red Light is virtually out of business. The porn industry is evolving to go right out of business. Those tube sites are killing the industry and they’re also killing rock n roll.

SA: Some pornstars like Jesse Jane only make a few films a year, then make the majority of their income doing feature performances. Is that true for you as well?

RJ: I make a lot of money on live shows yes.

SA: And part of the reason Larry Flint has remained viable as opposed to people like Hugh Hefner is because he diversified and invested in live dance clubs.

RJ: He owns a lot of the Déją Vu and Hustler Clubs and they’re doing great. He was smart. He branched out at a good time.

SA: Do you think the adult industry must shift to more live, personal performances that can’t be pirated?

RJ: Well you can’t pirate a live cam, dildos, or beads so far. I’m not really sure what the cure is. I’m not technologically that smart. I have a masters degree and two bachelors, yet I’m computer illiterate. So I don’t know.

SA: If you had to pick one porn movie and one mainstream movie you’ve been in to show to future generations, which would it be?

RJ: Fascination (1980). As far as my mainstream work, I think my best contributions to society are three films that are now cult films in colleges: Detroit Rock City, Orgazmo, and Boondock Saints. I’ve also done 13 music videos as an actor—more than anyone else. I have my own hit single called “Freak of the Week,” that was on Billboard for 27 weeks.

SA: How often do random people ask to see your dick?

RJ: It happens every so often. A couple of times a day some girl will ask to see it. Sometimes I will if she’s cute and she’ll flash back. Paris Hilton did that with me before her sex tape came out. She flashed her boobs for my penis. Her and Bijou Phillips. It was great.

SA: You’re the only pornstar that has come to all 17 Night Moves Awards Shows. What is it about Night Moves that keeps you coming back?

RJ: It’s a mini version of the AVN show in Las Vegas. You have 25-35 pornstars together, which is a lot of fun right there. A lot come from LA, and some new ones always come from Florida, for the chance to mix and mingle. Also Paul Allen and Tracy Allen, [Night Moves’ publishers and owners] always schedule fun things to do. We have a caravan of stars that takes us to night club gigs at topless and nude clubs. Then there’s the show, which awards various adult businesses in and around Tampa along with national awards for best adult actor, actress, director, etc. It’s a great awards show where I get to MC, crack jokes, and try out new material. And there’s also all the sexy male and female dancers. It’s basically a schmooze fest. It’s also kind of nostalgic because I get to see a lot of adult stars I don’t normally get to. Even if we’re all living in LA we work on different movies. In Tampa, we’re all together so there’s a lot of camaraderie. It’s a chance to hang out and maybe even mess around with or even have sex with your fellow pornstar. I’m really kind of honored to be the only one who has been to every single show.

Ron Jeremy will be hosting The 18th Annual NightMoves Awards Show at The Dallas Bull in Tampa Oct 10 as well as attending the adult festivities leading up to the show with a caravan of other performers. Check out for more information on how to meet Jeremy and see the show.


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