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Scene and Heard on the Convention Floor

Las Vegas- By the end of the day, Friday, KSEX was hauling adult industry personalities in record numbers before the mikes. And even some who aren’t in the industry but might as well be for their high profile standing. Johnny Buss, son of Dr. Jerry Buss the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, also took a few moments to chat about his AEE sex life along with the fact that dad is going to be escorting porn star Daisy to the awards show Saturday night. Gossip maven Jason Sechrest said he had no idea. [Maybe Jason should read

It all started earlier in the afternoon when Flexxx and Sierra who have the Ebony Nights show on KSEX had a chat with a couple of girls from The Chicken Ranch, named Kahlua and Trinity. Flexxx wanted to know what was going on at the Chicken Ranch which is located about 45 minutes from Las Vegas. “What can we get there? I’ve got the menu here.”

The girls were handing out $25 coupons which obviously didn’t involve cole slaw and mashed potatoes.

Flexxx then had a chat with Nicole Sheridan who said her website has reached a milestone with 13,000 pictures on it. “It’s the only real Nicole Sheridan site out there,” she said. “There’s tons of fake ones. Sheridan said she was nominated for three awards this year. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed.” Sheridan said she’s been laid twice so far bur was looking for a “hot chickie” to have a threesome. Sheridan is signing with Adam & Eve and has a new movie with them titled Tell Me What You Want. “It very hot, very dirty- something different from Adam & Eve,” she said. “They’re getting a little kinkier and nastier.” Sheridan gets fucked by two guys, Voodoo and Julian and believes she gets fucked in the ass as well.

Gauge and Quasarman of The Distorted Reality Show on KSEX then did a mini broadcast during the 5 pm slot. Quasarman introduced himself as an adult video director and an alcoholic. “I also enjoy macrame and food with raisins in it.” Gauge said something about loading up on Xanax at the convention while Quasarman proudly boasted of the fact that her colon can reach a circumference of 72mm. “I’ve seen it happen- truly alarming.” Gauge was signing for Metro Interactive. “We actually got everything underway and everything’s really good now,” said Gauge, noting that the drama with her and the company has been resolved for all intents and purposes.

But the drama with Metro owner Kenny Guarino is only beginning. The big news on the convention floor is that Guarino has taken a leave of absence from the company and rumors are that it involves the initial “C”.

On the Gauge front, though, Quasarman announced that, “Gauge is back doing anal for the masses. Even a small penis looks large when it’s in her colon.”

Quasarman then brought the Sports Swami on the air. “I have no idea what he does,” said Quasarman. Neither does anyone else. Swami, who airs on, said he’s got a 3-hour show coming up which will include Belladonna, Barrett Blade and Gauge. “We’ve got a lot of people lined up.” Swami readily admits that he stole all his ideas from KSEX. “I got to say that. I plagiarized.” Asked by Quasarman if his guests plagiarize sporting events, Swami said they talk about sex and the industry. Swami said he’ll get into details about the Belladonna-ABC scandal on his show. Gauge said she was on the Swami’s show and was asked who was her biggest competition. In similar manner she wanted to know who Swami’s competition was but kind of fumbled around with the question. “I think what Gauge is trying to say is does anybody listen to your damn show?” Quasarman asked Swami who claims 6,000 listeners. “We’re the KSEX of sports.”

The voluble and shoot-from-the-hip Summer Haze then got on the mike. Haze touted her new site, and said if all goes according to plan, she’ll be doing remotes for KSEX from Florida and all over the country. Asked what her specialty was, Haze said she was “the blowjob queen.” Gauge begged to differ. “Are they as wet and sloppy as my blowjobs?” she wanted to know and challenged Haze with a mock demonstration on cock devices. Haze also put a plug in for a sexual world record that she was attempting to break. “I’m going to be doing a 350 girl gang bang. With a strap-on; I’m the giver, no receiving.” Let’s hope that Haze has more luck than either Queeny Love or Dynamite whose sexual world record promotions fell into the abyss. Haze said she was looking for some headliners to get involved with the project.

Haze made mention of the fact that she recently discovered she had diabetes but that things are okay and she’s managed to handle things quite well. “But I had some jackass who’s name is Tony from American Talent- he calls up some people and said that I packed on 50 pounds of weight and that I was a beat-up old bitch has been.” Quasarman suggested that anyone making those comments should be shot in the face.

Reina Leone who was signing at the EvolutionErotica booth was then brought on. Asked what her deal was, Leone said she fucks for a living. Gauge asked Leone what was the best way she accomplished that. “I always like doggy-style but I must say my favorite is pussy-eating. I like doing it and I like receiving it. That’s why I got into the business- for the hot girls. I like nice cock but I’m more for the vagina.” Quasarman commented favorably on Leone’s breasts but she was candid by saying they were “enhanced” and that she wears nipple rings. “So you’re a hardware fan?” asked Quasarman. “Did you ever go to Home Depot and masturbate in a dark corner someplace? You should be the contract girl for Snap-On tools.” Leone promoted a couple of titles she did for as well as EvolutionErotica. Leone said the video she did for Tom Byron was the first time she did anal. “It was pretty cool.” Asked if she was medicated at the time, Leone said no. “You just got to work it in a little bit. Once you get going it feels great.” Leone said she’d see about doing double-anal, that she’s open to anything.

Quasarman also put in a plug for the Zero Tolerance booth where colon queens Monica Sweetheart, Lea Demay and Bobbi Eden were signing.

In the 6pm slot, Kylie Ireland and Jason Sechrest were back with more interviews. Sechrest grabbed gay porn star Kismet who was signing at the booth. Kismet said a separate room was set up so that anyone who wanted to see the convention live, could log on. “We’re getting crazy, grabbing nipples, showing pubes and having a lot of fun.”

Sechrest then brought on spell caster Monica Mayhem. “Your breasts are fucking huge- they’re amazing,” Sechrest observed. Mayhem said she was signing for them and had a 12 picture non-exclusive with them. “The first one is Monica’s Sex Crimes.” Asked if she did anal in the movie, Mayhem said she’s only doing it for her website, exclusively. “That’s the only place I’ll do it.” Mayhem said she’s been in the business about three years. Ireland said she and Mayhem have never worked together though they have been in the same movie. Sechrest continued to make a case for Ireland being a lesbian and she kept denying it.

Kennedy was the next guest and she said she was signing for no one, just cruising the aisles. Kennedy however noted that her movie My Baby Got Back 30 from Video team was up for an award. Kennedy said she’ll do anal but is too small for double-penetration. “But I’ve never been propositioned for that.”

Johnny Buss then came on the mike. Buss said it was his third year at the convention. Asked if he got tons of pussy everywhere he went, Buss said, “I like pussy, I have to admit, but tons of it?” Asked when was the last time he had sex, Buss said in the car on the way to the convention. But Buss wasn’t saying with whom. For his part, Buss said he’s be going to the award show with Kennedy [formerly of The Bunny Ranch] and his “bestest friend” Brandy. Sechrest asked Buss if he had heard the story about Ireland and Michael Jordan. “I heard the rumor,” said Buss. Ireland swears it’s true and said it happened a long time ago. “But it takes two to tango; he asked and I said yes. Why not?” Ireland said Jordan had a big dick. “he’s very sexy. He has a body like a Greek god.”

KSEX p-jay Cythrea was next on. Sechrest didn’t think they met before and Cytherea reminded him that they met at the KSEX awards. “It’s not that I don’t remember, it’s just that I didn’t care,” Sechrest replied gallantly. Quizzed about her convention sex life, Cytherea said the last time she got laid was Tuesday. “It was a man.” Sechrest asked if she had a boyfriend and noted that Cytherea was blushing. “I think we touched a touchy subject,” he commented. Cytherea then provided a mini lecture about squirting. “Squirting is cum, not pee. It’s clear, not yellow. It doesn’t taste like pee. It tastes good!”



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