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Scott Nails Gives His Version of Jessica Flap

Porn Valley- Mitch Spinelli was shooting a movie this weekend called I Like ‘Em in Pigtails. Jazmine had just finished her scene and blurted out something like, I’ll suck your cock for an ice cream when one those trucks drove by. Spinelli, always on the look out for another good title for a series, is thinking to himself, this might be another good title for a series.

But how would he title the next scene which is going to be fraught with some melodrama. It involves Kat who’s scheduled to work with Sasha, a man who features tattoos on the tops of his feet. And though this isn’t a d.p. scene but a straight anal, there’s a second guy on board- Scott Nails. I’ve been wanting to talk to Nails ever since Jessica Darlin felt incumbent to blast him on the Internet a couple of months ago calling him Noodle Nails,

Spinelli remembers Nails for a different reason – from about three years ago at a shoot in Bel Air. “I think I shot your first scene,” says Spinelli.

But Nails, as you would soon gather, is hardly anything of a noodle, which actually works to his disservice because as soon as his cock is embedded in Kat’s throat, her braces latch on to his skin. Oooooouch! That pretty much does it for Nails who has to take a bye, but at least it affords me the opportunity to ask him about the Jessica remarks. As you might gather from following porn gossip, Nails affords a slightly different spin on the story.

Tony T. who brought Nails to the set, also has a comment or two to make when the Jessica-thing is brought up. Tony T. says he loves Jessica to death but if sides are to be taken on the issue, Tony T.’s casting the swing vote with Nails since Tony T. also happened to be on that Anabolic shoot where the story originated.

Tony recalls the scene also involving the “older guy”. Some guy in his Fifties named Mike, they keep telling me, who does a lot of feature work. “Did you see Rush for Digital Playground?” Nails asks, stating that was the other guy in this d.p. scene. Nails is straining for a name, but I suggest his not letting facts get in the way of a good story and to proceed with the Jessica incident.

“We’re all sittin’ there bullshitting,” says Nails. “And she [Darlin] starts talking about fucking trannies and taking ATM’s off of trannies and about how great it is. I told her, look, you just need to lay off because I’m going to shoot a scene with you. I didn’t even say anything at first. I just walked out of the room to leave the conversation. But she follows me out of the room and is still talking about it because she thinks it’s funny that I didn’t like it. I’m like lay off. Then we start the scene. It’s totally fine. Everything’s fine. The blowjob’s fine. Then we go to the scene and she’s just running like a motherfucker. She would not allow anyone to fuck her.”

Tony T. agrees that the trannie situation didn’t help matters especially with the fact that Darlin insisted on making the comments during the sensitive HIV situation. But even Tony T. agrees that Darlin was “running”.

“Even the directors weren’t satisfied,” Tony T. said. Asked what he meant by running, Tony T. says Darlin was closing her legs. “Like she couldn’t handle it.” Nails adds by saying that, in the doggie position, Darlin would start rolling on her side. “You’d try to follow her in the spoon and fall off the couch.” The way Tony T. puts it, yeah, Nails was struggling but with no help from Darlin who was struggling herself. “How many times did she run into the bathroom because her ass hurt?” he asks Nails. Tony T. says they got the scene and it was good. “The d.p. was done and both dicks were going in and out. We don’t put out half-assed scenes.”

Tony T. also remembers cutting school and jerking off to Darlin’s movies, so he’s not inclined to go out of his way to trash her. “It was a misunderstanding that happened before the scene.”

Nails adds the fact that he was supposed to do a four-on-one for Sal Genova, the director of the movie, the following day.

“And she [Darlin] was supposed to be in it,” says Nails. “But he knew I was struggling with her because I didn’t like her. I told him if you want me to fuck her, I’ll fuck her. But I really don’t want to. He says if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. He calls her and said, look, next time there’s any guys around the set, try not to talk about all this freaky shit that you’ve done in the past. She took that and blew it into huge proportions.”


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