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Porn Valley- Scott Nails- aptly named- is hung like a museum of Natural History exhibit [something like 10 inchesplus.] Nails started his career in the adult business about three years ago when he came in with his girl friend Mariella who was then repped by Roy Garcia, .

After his relationship with Mariella went about as far as it could go, Nails dropped out but decided to make a comeback after after an exchange of e-mails with Garcia. Nails, who commutes from Arizona, is going to be a guest on The Wanker Show tonight on KSEX,

Upon his return into the business, Nails has worked non stop for: Anabolic,, So Cal Cash, POV Porn, Matt’s Models Hardcore, Naughty America, Platinum X, Joey Silvera, Hustler’s Barely Legal Video, Sin City, Real Sex Video Magazine, Red Light District, and Hustler’s Secrets of a Porn Talent Scout # 2.

Gene: How did you get discovered?

Nails: Roy found my girlfriend about three years ago. Her stage name was Mariella.

Gene: You still seeing her?

Nails: I still know of her. I came out here with her and she wouldn’t work with anyone else but me. So I did scenes with her then Roy was bugging me for awhile to come back out by myself. I finally decided to do it.

Gene: What made you decide.

Nails: I ran a business back home that kind of went downhill. So I figured I would do what came naturally. I only knew two things.

Gene: What was the other thing besides fucking.

Nails: I used to lay tile.

Gene: Now you lay cable. I guess the title business bottomed out. And Roy says your are blessed, endowed.

Nails: A little bit I guess.

Gene: What’s it like working this time around compared to when you were working with your girlfriend.

Nails: I like it better. She wasn’t into it. It made the scenes tough for me. And then I felt bad for the other guys because she wasn’t giving them what they wanted.

Gene: What was it like the first time in front of a camera. What was going through your head?

Nails: The way I figured it, back then, I was fucking her anyway, so, if they were going to pay me to do it…what the fuck.

Gene: How did you wind up meeting her.

Nails: I went out with her best friend. Then they weren’t best friends after I started going out with her.

Gene: It sounds like you’re taking all this in very matter-of-factly. A lot of guys would give their right eye to be in your place right now.

Nails: Yeah, I can see that. But it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Gene: What’s the hardest part you’ve found about it?

Nails: Probably that I wouldn’t have fucked every girl that I’ve fucked if I wasn’t getting paid for it.

Gene: Are we saying that maybe there’s a couple that haven’t been up to standard?

Nails: In the situation, yeah.

Gene: What kind of women do you like?

Nails: I don’t know. I like a lot of women. Probably big tits, pretty face. I like little girls.

Gene: What kind of kid were you like growing up?

Nails: I grew up poor. I would up getting in a lot of trouble.

Gene: But did you wind up getting a lot of tail?

Nails: Oh yeah.

Gene: When was the first time you got laid.

Nails: 13. This girl jerked me off in the bathroom in junior high.

Gene: Paint a picture. How did this happen?

Nails: Her name was Rebecca and she had the biggest tits in my grade. And I never even knew I could blow a load. She jerked me off.

Gene: Give me details.

Nails: It was lunch. Lunch would be for an hour, so we ate for 20 minutes then we went out to the bathroom. I was sucking on her titties, whatever, and she started jerking me off.

Gene: Was this the first time you had sexual contact with her?

Nails: No. We had dry fucked before and I played with her titties, but I never got sucked off or anything like that. So we were at school that day.

Gene: And I imagine this all came as a surprise.

Nails: Yeah, exactly.

Gene: And you must have chucked a big load.

Nails: Yeah, and after that I kind of went nuts.

Gene: She’s giving you a handjob, right?

Nails: Yeah.

Gene: So did she jerk you off in a paper towel? What happened?

Nails: I got it all over her sweater.

Gene: That must have been interesting for her to explain the next class.

Nails: She had her sweater around her waist, now what I man? When it happened and didn’t even know what the hell happened.

Gene: Okay, so kind of like your first time was a handjob, so when was the first time you had vagina.

Nails: It was probably two weeks later.

Gene: Same girl?

Nails: Different girl. It was over a buddy’s house. I had this girl on the back patio on the concrete all night. I woke up and both my knees were all skinned up.

Gene: Some guys could take or leave anal, what are your feelings?

Nails: I like it. I like it in personal life better than on set. But I like it a lot.

Gene: What was your first time like in personal life.

Nails: I was 17 and the chick was 24.

Gene: Buttfucking an older woman, oh boy.

Nails: And her kid was crying in the other room. It was funny.

Gene: Who brought it up?

Nails: She brought it up.

Gene: And you never did it before?

Nails: I had no problem doing it, though.

Gene: Some guys the first time around don’t know how to finesse this thing. They ram it right in.

Nails: Even before that I used a finger and shit when I was banging a girl.

Gene: How do you feel about the business so far?

Nails: I like it. It’s got to be the easiest thing I’ve done so far to make money.

Gene: How do Arizona girls measure against California girls.

Nails: I haven’t been out that much. I don’t really have time. When I’m out here, I’m working. The only bar I really go to is the one eight blocks from Roy’s house. The only real thing I’ve seen in California is San Diego. And I’d be dead in six months if I lived there. Unbelievable.

Gene: Who are like some of the girls you’ve worked with so far.

Nails: I’m horrible with names. Absolutely horrible.

Gene: If this something you want to stay with?

Nails: As long as people are willing to shoot me. It’s all good.

Gene: Did you watch porn before you ever got into the business?

Nails: Yeah. I used to watch it.

Gene: Did you develop any favorite performers?

Nails: Not really. It’s not like a went into a store and picked something out. It’s if a buddy had one or I found something on the Internet. I would socially watch it.

Gene: Who gave you the name Scott Nails.

Nails: I think I came up with it. I’m not sure. That was 2 1/2 years ago.

Gene: It’s a good one.

Nails: It works.


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