Porn News Lists Their Top Ten Adult DVDS

At we would never insult your intelligence with a list like this.

from – The 10 best DVD adult rentals is a list everyone should have when the mood hits to watch something a bit more risqué than whatever is airing on late-night cable. And these aren’t just good movies either, they are some of the best, most extravagant, most expensive, most scandalous adult films ever made.

1. “Pirates” It came out in 2005 and is now the DVD adult rental that all movies are measured against. Quite simply, it broke barriers and boundaries no other porn film had done before. Crafted and shot as a satire rather than straight parody to “Pirates of the Caribbean”, it featured more than 300 special effects and turned well-known porn starlet Jesse Jane into the new queen of the industry.
2. “Pirates II – Stagnetti’s Revenge” It was pretty obvious that with the tremendous success of the original “Pirates” movie, that a sequel was going to happen. The studio was also ready and invested $10 million into the production and tripled the cast to produce one of the best DVD adult rentals worth seeing.
3. “Deep Throat” This is the DVD adult rental that started the whole shebang. Released in 1972, this short 62 minute movie about a woman who was born with her clitoris inside her throat was the first adult film shown in otherwise mainstream theaters, causing a national scandal and making Linda Lovelace a household name.
4. “Debbie Does Dallas” Intended as a friendly dig at the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders (who later sued the production company for using a likeness of their trademarked uniform), “Debbie Does Dallas” has become one of the biggest DVD adult rentals that came from what has been called the Golden Age of Porn. The odd thing is that the film wasn’t shot in Dallas and does feature Debbie (played by Bambi Woods) as having sex with anyone from Dallas.
5. “Caligula” It without a doubt was the most expensive and controversial movie of its day and even now is one of the most sought-after DVD adult rentals. Costing millions of dollars and taking months to shoot and edit, the film about one of the most corrupt emperors of Rome starred Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren.
6. “Conquest” It was one of Jenna Jameson’s most loved movies and is still a great DVD adult rental. Getting into the pirate theme long before “Pirates” blew the doors off the genre, “Conquest” represented one of the first efforts by the porn industry to re-embrace actual storylines for their films rather than just canned dialogue in between sex scenes. “Conquest” even had a trailer; one of the first adult DVD’s to do so in years.
7. “Shock” Released in 1999, shortly after “The Matrix” overwhelmed movie audiences, “Shock” embraced the challenge thrown by films like “Conquest” to up the quality of the scenes and the overall plot. What makes “Shock” one of the best DVD adult rentals was how successful it was at doing just that. The sex scenes were of high quality, were well lighted, and the DVD package was of top notch quality, a first for the adult industry and something virtually every other film that followed it would emulate.
8. “Manhunters” After “Pirates” threw down the gauntlet, other directors in the porn business knew they had to step up their game and that is exactly what Brad Armstrong did with this film. Armstrong shot what he calls “action-erotica” on actual film stock rather than video tape to get the high-quality look he wanted.
9. “Upload” This scifi DVD adult rental tells the story of a cyber-cop who becomes addicted to the very material she’s supposed to police features some of the best work by star Eva Angelina and is a definite mist have.
10. “One Night In Paris” This DVD adult rental was an interesting mix. It didn’t have superb video or audio quality, didn’t feature any sort of off-the-wall sexual escapades, but does star one of the most scandalous celebrities out there and started the wave of young debutantes who are willing to bare all for a little fame.


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