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Sean Looks at The Week of 10/3/2010 in Review; ASU Student is This Week’s Einstein

Sean from writes: AdultFYI goes out of its way to bring you the latest from the World of stupid…

The Court Jester award goes to Tila Tequila.

We must again deal with another D List celebrity attempting to hype a sex tape while playing the mainstream media for the fools that they appear to be.

Tila claimed this week that a former boyfriend was attempting to extort $75,000 from her or he’d release the tape. She follows the usual script to a tee: “This is extortion and my lawyers are fully aware and are fighting back by filing an injunction against him… yadda yadda yadda,” Tila said.

Of course the “injunction” was denied by a ‘judge’ on the grounds that “Tila exploits her sexuality.” Then in a last desperate attempt to suck in the mainstream press, they report that poor Tila is now suing the ex-boyfriend and celebrity sex tape hustler Kevin Blatt to stop the tape’s release.

This carnival-like sideshow could quickly be squashed as intelligent readers of this column realize that the tape can not be distributed legally without all the properly signed paperwork. I don’t know who is playing the other for fools, but I’m getting sick of the mainstream press giving any actual legitimacy to any of the dramas associated with these so-called scandalous sex tapes.

The Live Nude Girls in the Parking Lot award goes to the Playmates strip club.

For two months, officers said they gathered video and audio evidence of women stripping completely naked, touching customers and performing sexual activity for $20 to $100 at Playmates.

“They would do anything for money,” said Officer Barbara Matthews of the Cocoa Police Department. “The nudity and gratuitous sex was spilling out into the parking lot.”

The editorial staff at AdultFyi commends the fine ladies for enabling their customers to have a joyful experience at that establishment. Their work and dedication should be applauded.

Tommy Flanagan, the Pathological Liar, award goes to Devon James.

Fueled by a dimwitted mainstream press and her delusional money making scheme, Devon James and her chubby hubby have concluded quite a week.

It all began with a report which alleges that in an email, Devon threatened the life of fellow Tiger Tramp, Joslyn James: “I will never be set up like this again. Trust me I swear to you I will kill over this. Oh yeah and wait til (sic) you see what your prize has coming! Joslyn should be scared.”

Joslyn responded to this by saying, “I think she needs to know that there will be lawyers taking action against her.”

When Joslyn comes across as the levelheaded person between these two nimrods, one should start to worry. Nothing like giving police and sue happy lawyers’ evidence on a silver platter, don’t you think?

Yet later in the week the Tiger sex tape scam begins to hit a fever pitch as former Mr. Jenna Jameson, Jay Grdina, enters the fray by offering his two cents: I offered $500K before they made the deal… of course they didn’t accept it bc [because] they would have to show the tape…which doesn’t exist!

Oh, but that accusation didn’t stop the assclowns in the mainstream press from reporting that Devon had a web site now on which people could pre-order this mythical sex tape. Nor did it stop the mainstream press in publishing comments from un-named sources [turned out to be James’ husband] stating: “Mr. Tiger’s smile is unmistakable…it’s definitely his face,” the source said.

As the week continued and talk of this sex tape began to feed off itself, even more members of the peanut gallery began to chime in. As questions concerning the legality of the tape began to surface, New York Daily News quoted Devon’s chubby hubby as saying: “The release date is Oct. 15, unless Tiger’s attorneys give us push back,” he said. “But we haven’t seen or heard from them. And what are they going to do, come shoot me?” No, Tubby, but they’ll sue you into oblivion.

Devon’s ex manager, Demi Delia [known to the press as Gina “Chi Chi” Rodriguez, finally began to bring some sanity into this sex tape charade when she was quoted as saying: “Nick [Devon’s tubby hubby] knew Tiger was not in any video so he said, ‘We should find a Tiger look a like and make a tape, no one will know.’

Even with Delia’s startling revelation, the mainstream press continued to propagate the Big Lie by once again quoting Devon’s husband: “We are porn producers so why would we hire a fake Tiger Woods when we have the real guy? It is so ridiculous to suggest otherwise.”

“It was shot in the condo in Tampa, Florida, and when it is released people will be able to see it for themselves.”

Maybe the mainstream press are co-conspirators along with Devon and her husband as this story continues to unfold. Or maybe they are just looking to fill their websites with salacious content to attract readers. But any good journalist would have asked way back when talk of this sex tape business surfaced: So, Devon, do you have Tiger’s signature on a model release? No? Thanks for calling.

The Einstein award goes to Arizona St. freshman Elizabeth Hawkenson [pictured].

As the story goes, to supplement the cost of her tuition, she decided to respond to a want ad. Of course she ended up shooting an X-rated video. However, not only did she use her real name she also was video taped showing off her ASU student ID card.

Then the fun really starts: Rumors of her appearance began circulating the Internet and she says the publicity she’s gotten from the video has “been treacherous for [her].” Then she falls for porn producer scam #0001: She says she was paid $2,000 and assured the video would only appear on the part of the Web site people had to pay to see.

Way to go Einstein. You couldn’t have screwed up your porn debut any more unless you took out a full-color ad in your hometown newspaper. But don’t worry; I’m sure a multi-million dollar contract from Vivid will be arriving soon.

The Put Octomom to Work award goes to Clips4Sale and Vivid Entertainment.

Who says there isn’t any work available in Porn Valley? Well, actually there really isn’t: that is unless you’re Octomom.

This week the fetish crew over at Clips4Sale offered the baby making machine $20,000 … and all she has to do is wash her hair on camera and put up with a little tickle torture. While Vivid offered Octomom more steady work and far less skin exposure by offering to pay her $1000 a day to become a member of their production crew. Have you noticed the strange affection Papa Smurf seems to have for that woman?

The AdultFyi Hero award goes to William G. Halby.

Our hero challenged the US tax code by trying to deduct $41,000 for “therapeutic sex” and another $71,000 for “massage therapy to relieve osteoarthritis and enhance erectile function through frequent orgasms.” Also detailed in his return were assorted sexual performance aids that he also tried to deduct as medical expenses.

Sadly, Willie lost his appeal in New York State’s Tax Appeals Tribunal and now he’s on the hook for $23,000 including interest and penalties. He is our hero not only for challenging the tax code but also for his ability to afford over $100,000 in hookers a year. We can only be that sexually active at 79 years old.


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Sean says: This writer should also read the late Jim Holliday’s Only the Best then he might have a clue about what he’s trying to talk about.

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