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Sean Looks at The Week of 10/4/2009 in Review; Playboy’s Scott Flanders Wins Einstein Award

Sean from writes: You want straight, no nonsense journalism, you stick with….now on Facebook.

The Dope of the Week Award winners like to play fast and loose with numbers more so than Obama’s economic recovery team. The first dope is Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges who wrote a book titled Empire of Illusion. In his bathroom novel, he claims that 13,000 porn films are made every year and that worldwide porn revenues top $100 billion dollars a year. He also writes that female porn stars make $1000.00 a movie and working on the side as prostitutes they knock down about $30,000 a WEEK.

[Read that again while you fight the cat over your last can of tuna.] About male porn stars he claims they, “often require drug injections to perform.” I suggest the next time this dope considers writing about the porn industry he doesn’t use old copies of AVN magazine from 2007 as reference material.

The second Dope winner is the Platinum Princess of Porn, Seka. This relic from the ‘Golden Age of Porn’ was quoted as saying her website receives 600 million hits a year. Congratulations, it appears she has the most popular porn site in the entire world beating out such notable sites as YouPorn that receives about 24,000,000 hits a month. I can only hope that she was misquoted in the story: if not she should have a long conversation with whoever is feeding her that line of BS.

The Creep of the Week winner is John Forehand. Johnny was arrested this week for trying to sexually proposition a young girl on Facebook. That isn’t uncommon except it was his biological daughter. This creep wrote to her: “not many other fathers and daughters are this brave, so not many of them are so lucky to experience all these pleasures.” I can only hope this creep experiences all the pleasures that prison has to offer. [Bend over, Johnny; Tyrone has a sausage he wants to hide.]

The Norman Einstein Award winner is Playboy. In an attempt to generate revenue for this company on life support, current CEO Scott Flanders has decided the best way to turn the company around is to start opening Playboy nightclubs. A brilliant move on his part, it’s just too bad the company failed miserably at it about 30 years ago.

Said Steve Marascia, director of research at Capitol Securities Management in Virginia: The new club-and-licensing strategy “sounds good,” Marascia said. “But that’s a real change. What if somebody else’s club is hotter? Where will they get the capital to build all these clubs? Looks like they’re going to trade one set of challenges for another.” In other words, it’s a stupid idea.

Quote of the Week: Gloria Allred – Concerning the murder of Felicia Lee and how the media has portrayed her as “a porn star,” Gloria Allred said the following: “Is the porn star label an effort by supporters of the defense to try to dehumanize her or somehow insinuate that she deserved to die if she was involved in pornography?”

Belated Birthdays – Nikki Dial 10/05, Juli Ashton 10/05, Gina Carrera 01/05, Isis Nile 10/05, Jordan Lee 10/06, Jelena Jensen 10/07, Venus DeLight 10/07, Stacy Donovan 10/09, Jayden Cole 10/09, Tiffany Mynx 10/10

> Cops: Rejected Ex Boyfriend Stabbed Stripper 33 Times – I guess he still loved her. Read the story here:

> Nikki Benz- Back in the Ring to Take Another Swing – Read the hype here:

> Another Polanski Hollywood Sicko: Hillary Swank Prances Nude in Front of a Six Year-Old – Read the story here:

> Madmen’s Jon Hamm: Old Job: Skinemax Nudity And Hot Dogs; See the Clip –

> Truly Sick: Miss Plastic Hungary Honors Unnatural Beauty – “Hungarians used to laugh about plastic surgery but it’s time for Hungarian women to care more about their appearance.” Read the story here:

> XXX Church Giving Away a House – …in Detroit. If America needs an enema, they stick the hose in Detroit. Read the story here:

> Mayoral candidate Derek Benton defends his arrest at Mardi Gras strip club – Protecting himself from a mob of half-crazed titties. Read the story here:

> Ore. Gangbang man indicted on new charges in sex abuse case – New charges involve a 4-year-old girl. Buy his creep a one-way ticket on the Wood Chipper Express.

> Pure Play Media: Enhanced Direct To Retail Distribution, IVD Exclusive Sales & Shipping Agent – Read the hype here:

> Louisville educator screened surveillance video of teen school sex – Just proves the only people you show respect to are cops because they have guns. Read the story here:

> Shay Lynn to perform @ the Exotic Erotic Ball; Busy Month of October – Read the hype here:

> Hot-to-Trot Student Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student, Also Kicked Out of College – Read the story here:

Sean’s Hot Teach Fuck Scale: 7…another young punk couldn’t keep his mouth shut

> Arrest made in slaying of exotic dancer – Read the story here:

> Preliminary hearing set for man accused of torture, murder of Felicia Lee – “Is the porn star label an effort by supporters of the defense to try to dehumanize her or somehow insinuate that she deserved to die if she was involved in pornography?” Read the story here:

> The Pornographer’s Payback: Gingrich Named Porn Fan of the Year by Scorned Dinner Date – Read the hype here:

> Joe Francis seeks “Underage” lawsuit dismissal – “Defendants filmed (one girl) engaged in sexually explicit conduct with a minor and then distributed the child pornography they created worldwide,” she wrote. Read the story here:

> Jason Sechrest to handle public relations, marketing for Chi Chi LaRue, C1R movies, and more – Read the hype here:

> Annette Schwarz: Most of the Porn Boys Are So Full of Themselves – Porn guys are usually worse than every girl – you need to tell them non stop how good they look…Read the story here:

> – Turn a chainsaw into a French tickler. Read the hype here:

> Smartphone, smart porn? – “You can’t carry a laptop into the bathroom with you, but you can carry a cellphone.” Read the story here:

> Officials in Auburn, Ala., checking legality of Kalli’s Love Stuff Because It’s Selling sex toys – Rednecks. Read the story here:

> Halloween Sex Toy Costume Contest Returns for the 2nd Year – Read the hype here:

> Another Mother Stealer From’er- Son of NYC Socialite Astor Could Get 25 Years – Took mom for about $200 million. Read the story here:

> Daisy Marie is having a baby – Don’t worry, you’re not the father. Read the hype here:

> Lethal Hardcore Presents Cash For Chunkers – Read the hype here:

> FSC Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction Over 2257 – Good luck with that. Read the story here:

> Herman Thomas Trial Scheduled to Begin Friday – Read the story here:

> More on NY State’s Prostie Bust – Read the story here:

Sean’s NY Hooker Fuck Scale: 8 … when you pay high prices you expect quality.

> DA: High-priced call-girl ring busted in NY burbs – Can’t even make a buck anymore. Read the story here:

> Dr. Phil Says — I Didn’t Touch Any Boobs! – “All of Shirley Rae Dieu’s claims are without merit.” Read the story here:

> Support Stephanie Swift’s Fight against Breast Cancer – Get the info here:

> Woman Sues Dr. Phil McGraw for Alleged Sexual Harassment, Brainwashing – Read the story here:

> Playboy, Citigroup, and Google’s Patent Problem – Read the story here:

> Girl Sues Phillies Over Homerun Ball – The world’s youngest extortionist. Read the story here:

> to Attend Venus International Trade Fair, October 15th through October 18th in Berlin – Read the hype here:

> All Media Play Hosts ‘Going to Hell’ Halloween Party –Tickets are $50 but members of the porn industry will get in for a special VIP price of $20. Read the hype here:

> Grand jury indicts craigslist suspect on Warwick charges – Markoff pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree murder and six other charges…Read the story here:

> Heidi Fleiss Exploits Horrific Car Crash for Reality TV – Read the story here:

> Picnicking with porn stars: [NightMoves] Paul Allen’s adults-only family business – Describes the FYI offices to a tee. Read the story here:

> See the Tape: Will Video prove Who’s the Jack Off in the Joe Francis-Jayde Nicole Niteclub Brawl? – This court rules in favor of Joe. Next case!

> In UK: porn maker Anna Span challenged British Board of Film Classification over a controversial sex act – Female ejaculation…I don’t want to be on the business end of one of those babies. Read the story here:

> Inside CBS, Disbelief at Robert Joel Halderman’s Arrest – Read the story here:

> Nadia Styles: “I Wanted to Be The Good Gonzo Girl They Wanted Me to Be” – The industry is blamed for everything except Swine Flu.

> “Busted another store selling bootlegs…”; An Angry Store Owner Fires Back [He Does Have a Point] – Read this store owner’s reality check here:

> Sex toy case doesn’t pique high court interest; Victory for Topco Sales – Bone up on your earth sciences before reading this story.

> IESB Interview with Rio Valentine – Nice ass. Read the hype here:

> CCV, City of Cincinnati Settle CityBeat’s First Amendment Lawsuit; Was About Running Adult Ads –

> Letterman had secret bedroom above Ed Sullivan Theater, sez ex-‘Late Show’ staffer – Doesn’t everybody have a stabbin’ cabin? Read the story here:

> Ore. man accused of Using Craigslist to arrange Gangbang sex assaults – Read the story here:

> Calvin O’Shay: Next week’s secret FSC meeting on the Cal-OSHA situation – I’m guessing they’ll discuss a new membership drive. Read the story here:

> Adult Film Star Sasha Grey to Keynote 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo – I’m sure she has the answers to all your problems. Read the hype here:

> FSC to Challenge 2257 from New Direction – Good luck with that. Read the story here:

> Like Father Like Son: Nick Nolte’s Kid Popped for DUI – Appears the scotch bottle doesn’t fall far from the tree. Read the story here:

> CNN Gave the Impression Exxxotica NY Was Slow, But Not This Press Release…. – Somebody is trying to put lipstick on a pig. Read the story here:

> Most Important Free Speech Case in 25 Years Goes Before High Court – If they say so. Read the story here:

> Ex-Lawyer Suing Facebook for $120 Million Because of Members’ Pranks – Another reason why the court system is overloaded. Read the story here:

> Jenna Jameson Gets in the Middle of Ortiz-Coleman War of Words – Not enough brain power here to light a candle. Read the story here:

> Playboy Settles Suit Over Christy Canyon’s Radio Sex Acts – Read the story here:

> FSC Plans to File Suit Today Over 2257 Regs – FSC jumping on the bandwagon again. Read the story here:

> Alabama Drops One Case Against the Anal Sex Judge – This case is quickly falling apart. Read the story here:

> “Pornography’s sick continuum”- a vacuum that sucks up the youngest looking models – Complete horse shit. Read it here:

> Becomes 1st Swinger Site To Go Viral – Read the hype here:

> Saudi Gets 5 Years and 1,000 Lashes for TV Sex Talk; a Banning on GFY would have Sufficed – Shouldn’t have mentioned the king’s camel. Read the story here:

> Pirates II Prompts Md. university system to Devise policy on student displays of porn films – Read the story here:

> Edgar Allan Poe Finally Getting Proper Funeral – Maybe I’ll have them bury my football picks next. Read the story here:

> Attorney for Robert Joel Halderman says he’ll present evidence implicating David Letterman – “I think it’s relevant because it’s actually part of the evidence that I think the district attorney will be admitting at the trial.” Read the story here:

> Prosecutor: Pediatrician molested male patients – Blankenburg’s twin brother, also a pediatrician, is charged with similar sex crimes involving children. Read the story here:

> This Ain’t Saved by the Bell XXX Hits Streets; See the Trailer – Read the hype here:

> Unzipped Magazine will Send a Porn Star To Your House – What’s first prize? Read the hype here:

> Update: Eolas Technologies’ Suit Also Targets Playboy, New Frontier Media – Read the story here:

> Dynasty Group to Release 30th Anniversary Edition of ‘Insatiable’ – Read the hype here:

> Judge in Herman Thomas Case Gives Rulings – Thomas will go to trial on charges for allegedly forcing prisoners to have sexual relations…Read the story here:

> From the AdultFYI Football Pool File: Raider Flagged for Thanking God? – ‘And, incidentally, it looks a lot more like Johnson is asking the heavens to praise him, rather than the other way around.’ Read the story here:

> DOJ: Internal Policies Irrelevant to Barry Goldman Obscenity Case – If convicted, Goldman faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 on each of the eight counts charged in the indictment. Read the story here:

> Desert Divas Photog Being Hit with Criminal Charges – Apparently the webmaster/photographer for that site has been charged with the same criminal charges as the owner of the escort service. Read the story here:

Sean: Webmasters are being hauled out of their mother’s basements as we speak.

> After beating Microsoft, Eolas sues everyone else – Eolas Technologies holds patents on technology that allows Web sites browsers to include embedded media and applications. Read the story here:

> ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’ Of Naked Athletes: Serena Williams, Adrian Peterson, More Pose Nude –

> CirTran Further Expands Distribution of Playboy Energy Drinks in Eastern Europe – Save your money and drink Red Bull. Read the hype here:

> KMFDM Club Nokia Ticket Giveaway at Club Fetish Nation – Read the hype here:

> German Magazine Ditches Stick Thin Models for ‘Real’ Women – “Because beauty has many faces, from now on we will use not models, but women like you and us.” Read the story here:

> The Verdict Is In: Busty Beauty Kagney Linn Karter Is RACKTASTIC – Read the hype here:

> Playboy promotes company insider Alex L. Vaickus to president – Playboy’s new sacrificial lamb. Read the story here:

> pdate: ‘Vader’ film causes porn mix-up – Read the story here:

> Launches Promotional Commercial – Read the hype here:

> Hollywood Panicking with Its Own DVD Sales Slump; $14 Billion Gone Like Magic – Hollywood sugar daddies telling them to piss off. Read the story here:

> U.S. Supreme Court Rejects 2257 Challenge in Connections V. Holder; Big Defeat for FSC – “It is outrageous it is unconstitutional and we are going to continue the fight.” Know when to say when. Read the story here:

> TLA Entertainment Launches TLA Sexology Institute – Read the hype here:

> Update: Free Speech Coalition Drops Utah Lawsuit – Read the story here:

> Video-X-Pix Parts Ways with Pure Play, But Picks Up Industry Veteran Rob Ragan to Head Sales – Read the hype here:

> CNN Report: Does sex still sell? Seka claims Her Site Gets 600 Million Hits a Year – Yeah, sure it does. Read the story here:

> Miss Nude Wisconsin Competition at Grand Daddy’s – ‘Miss Nude Wisconsin 2009 is generously sponsored by Budweiser.’ Not if they read that. Read the hype here:

> The Gloss is Off The Magazine Industry – “The business will come back as the economy starts to rebound, but certainly not to the levels it was once.” Sure is a lot of that talk going around. Read the story here:

> Ya Don’t Say: Recession Hits Porn Industry; Exxxotica NY Attendance Way Down – Put this story in the Captain Obvious file. Read it here:

> Casino Bosses Go After Joe Francis’ Assets – Back in the good old days of Vegas a lizard would be eating his guts by now. Read the story here:

> Getting a Taste of OJ Justice, Polanski Denied Request to Be Released From Prison – France and Poland urged Switzerland to free him on bail. Win a war first then we’ll talk. Read the story here:

> Arrow Productions Signs Licensing Deal with 24/7 Skins – Read the hype here:

> Erin Andrews Stalker Suspended from his Job – Read the story here:

> Penthouse to Launch HD Channels in Europe – Start counting the cash. Read the story here:

> Lawsuit dismissed that sought to block Utah Child Protection Registry – Read the story here:

> Now Official: New Sensations/Digital Sin Signs Amy Ried And Distro Deal With Riedemption – Read the hype here:

> The WICKED GIRLS Promise All Treats, No Tricks In October – Read the hype here:

> Exotic Erotic Ball’s “Ball Buck$” program is a complete sell-out! – Read the hype here:

> Egyptian Lawmakers to Ban Kit That Helps Women Fake Virginity- Even Easier, Just Turn Her Over – What will those wacky camel jockeys do next. Read the story here:

> ESPN’s Erin Andrews case: Tough questions for the hotel industry as Stalkers Run Wild – Read the story here:

> Vantage and ASG Partner-Up to Distribute Gay Content – Read the homo hype here:

> Sunny’s Slumber Party, the Hit of 2009 ’s Fall Movie Season, is Coming to VOD Soon – Read the hype here:

> The Letterman Can’t Keep It In His Pants Saga Continues: Stephanie Birkitt Edition – The old saying must be true: money makes women horny. Read the story here:

> Jimmy Flynt Sr. Ordered to Continue LFP Deposition; Sirkin will Continue as Counsel – What a cluster fuck. Read the story here:

> Sen. Al Franken gets serious on free speech, net neutrality – “Net neutrality doesn’t interfere with the free market — it protects the free market.” Read the story here:

> U.S. Supreme Court Denies Freedom of Speech by Refusing to Hear “Choose Life Illinois” Appeal – Read the hype here:

> TMZ Sat on the Erin Andrews Sex Tapes Story for Over Six Months? – Read the story here:

> After One Week GofuckGFY Continues to Grow – Read the hype here:

> Google Puts The Pirate Bay Back in Its Search Index After Complaint from Adult Site – Read the story here:

> Porn’s Final Days? – Last one out of Porn Valley turn out the lights. Read the blog post here:

> Hot Announces Partnership with Good Releasing – Read the hype here:

> Update: Wife Found Guilty in Pig Farmer Murder; Motion for a New Trial [Additional Info] – Read the story here:

> Erin Andrews ‘spy’ is called lookie-loser – Read the story here:

> Ben Roethlisberger Connected to Another Lawsuit- read the story here:

> Pornography a topic at General Conference – “This potent tool of Lucifer degrades the mind and heart and soul of any who use it.” Try a little decaf. Read the story here:

> Motions to dismiss Ben Roethlisberger Sex case denied – Big Ben denied at the goal line. Read the story here:


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